Mar 30, 2010

My thoughts are now your thoughts

I'm craving a Nathan's hotdog like no one's business.

I've been craving a Nathan's hotdog for a week now.

You would think if one were craving something THIS BADLY then surely it would have been added to the grocery list over the weekend, right?


There's a stray beagle/mutt dog running around the neighborhood. She is in heat. The two male dogs are fighting over her. It's quite interesting to watch. (Not the baw chicka waw waw part, they know better than to do that in front of me.) It's just interesting watching how each dog reacts around her. It's like watching humans "date".

I'm not weird.

Maybe I just need to get out more?

Ok, perhaps I am weird.

It's still interesting.

I tried to watch Dancing with the Stars last night.
I was horrified to say the least.
Brooke Burke as a host? uhhhhh...
That was like watching paint dry.
Kate Gosselin looked terrified.
Pamela Anderson?
I have no words.

3 different people searched for BIG STRAWS yesterday and landed on my blog.
(hehe SORRY!)

Ok, this pedigree commercial makes me giggle:
He's not just a GOOD pooper but an optimum one!

which leads me to my next "thought"


See that?
It's probably one of the best darn packages UPS has ever delivered to my house.
I blogged for that.
I did.
I have no shame.
I've already told ya that I would sell out for 3 things :
toilet paper

A mommy blogger's got to do what a mommy blogger's got to do.

Mar 29, 2010

Klutz Fashion Origami *giveaway*/CLOSED

This giveaway is now CLOSED.
Congrats goes out to :

Terri said...
The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes looks pretty cool.
March 27, 2010 7:25 PM

Origami! Yay!!


Now, I've never actually DONE Origami but it looks like fun.

Once....I learned how to make a cootie catcher! Those are Origami-ish, right?
But then again, I can't make a paper airplane.

But this is KLUTZ Fashion Origami and EVERYTHING Klutz pops out . . .
Well, it's amazing!

This book is pretty nifty.
It comes with the following:
80 sheets of patterned paper
sparkly sequins

Everything that you'll need to make rad fashion designs (origami fashion designs).

We had a blast working on these creations.
I do have to admit that some of mine turned out looking a little "Eh?" at first but in the end all was good and I was a RAD and ROCKIN' fashionista!
With a little flip here and a twist there....fold on the line and try it again . . .
You too can be a fashion savvy origami master.
Well, maybe not a MASTER but you know what I mean!

Recommended ages: 8 and up
Retail Value $19.95

You got skills? Try this tutorial : Klutz Design Challenge Coat tutorial

Wanna win a copy of Klutz Fashion Origami?
Here's what ya do :
Browse through their entire selection of "how to" books.
Come back here and tell me which one is your favorite
which one you would like to try with your kiddos.

This giveaway will end on Monday, March 29th

Mar 27, 2010

That just.....Well....It doesn't work for me

I'm about to get real.
and that's REAL, my friends

Remember when I told you that I started blogging with the every intention of ....
Well, I didn't have any intentions and I don't think I told anyone.

Just go with me, ok?
To be honest, I started blogging because all the COOL KIDS were doing it.
I'm not kidding.
I remember searching for something one day and landing on a blog.
It was Rocks in My Dryer to be exact.
(back when she did those Works for me Wednesday posts)
Anyway, I started reading and clicking and one thing led to another and then
I had a blog.
I was a copycat but not really.

What did I blog about?

There were no reviews, no giveaways, no "fluff".

There were also no readers.
There were no comments.
I didn't have statcounter or get clicky.
Google Ana---WHAT?

I would soon discover other blogs.
Folks would link to me. I would link to them.
I was diggin' this whole blogging thing.
I left the blah blah bland blogger template behind and got me a real SPIFFY LOOKIN' one.

Pumped out more content.
Ya know, something other than : "Here's your blog post for the day. Y'all come back now, ya hear?"
People were coming back.
Some of them actually liked me too.

I had STATS, YO.

Visited a few new blogs and THAT'S WHEN IT HAPPENED . . . .
The "I want that too." stage.
The "How the heck do I get THAT?" moment.
The "You got $20 just for posting about car oil?" stage.

AKA: The day mommy got all greedy.


connor money
 I could make money and receive STUFF just for blogging about it? SIGN ME UP!

Yep, that's when it started.
My Daddy said that quitters NEVER win and winners NEVER quit.


Still with me?
All that up there...
Well, that was "fluff" aka my post before the post.
Here's the real reason for this post.
I keep getting these "pitches" in my email box. These pitches are from some pretty BIG & Popular PR firms too.
They keep telling me the same thing.
"Blog about THIS with THESE links and if you do THIS then you will be entered into a big drawing for THIS HERE gift card."

Let me get this straight.
You want me to blog and link and blog some more about your client's product.
Then you will give me a CHANCE to be compensated.
Your way of saying "Thanks Chump", right?



That's not gonna work for me.
You see, I know you are getting a pretty penny to push this product.
I want a piece of that pie too!
I blame blogging for making me greedy.
Heck, I don't even need money (although it's preferred).
I would be happy if you tossed me a package of hot dogs or a coupon.
I would.
It would also be nice for you to JUST BE HONEST with us.
Tell us...
"Hey, I was paid a good bit of money to pump out publicity for this BIG DEAL client. I don't want to sound greedy or anything but...I kind of want to keep all of this money for myself and my employees. In order to do that, I just used a teeny tiny portion of that money to buy a gift card. Now since I'm trying NOT to spend alot of this money, I only bought one gift card for all 2000 of you. Just pump out some content and I will toss your name into the hat for a CHANCE to win."
Just be Honest!
Of course, I'm still NOT going to post for you but I will give you props for the honesty.



Mar 24, 2010

"Oh look Mommy, It's that CRAZY CAT lady!"

Yeahhh....I think I'm right there on the border now.
(ok, maybe leaning a little more towards crazy)



There are way too many posts on this blog about the cat.

But isn't she cute??

30 is the new 15

30 is the new 15, obviously.
NO, I am not referring to perky breasts or skinny legs.
I'm talking about SKIN!
What is really going on? My skin today is alot like my skin back then. I tend to break out a lot.
Does anyone else have this issue?
I have seriously thought about seeking a professional's help.

Although, my skin is not the WORST in the world, it still annoys the booger out of me.

I've tried home remedies....
facial scrubs....
over the counter products...
Some may help but they don't clear the problem up completely.

So, I've been doing a little research online.
Did you know that there are all kinds of procedures that can be done to your skin? WOWZA!

For instance, I was browsing the Celibre website (Dermatology in Los Angeles California) and they offer a whole slew of treatments such as Acne treatments, Acne scar treatments, scar removals and you can even get a shot of botox while you're there : )
Of course, Celibre wouldn't do me any good unless I actually....ya know....moved to Los Angeles.
I did find a few more places closer but they didn't have a website.
However, if you are in Los Angeles you may want to look into Celibre. You can get a laser hair removal LOS ANGELES  style. HA!

Ok, back to the annoying zits. 
What to do?

WebMD says I can zap them with an iphone app. 
Not kidding
Those darn machines are going to take over the world popping one zit at a time.

Mar 23, 2010

They're back . . .

Re-opening the bow biz...

Etsy is temporary until I can get the site redesigned.
Take a peek?
(more to be listed tomorrow)
Pay for my groceries?? lol

---> my etsy shop


I'm on a quest to save money...I mean it!

Remember when I told y'all about my quest to be "frugal"?
Well, I've been pretty serious (maybe not THAT serious) about it.
We haven't been spending. (mainly because we don't have IT to spend)
I've been searching for coupons.
Hubby's been taking his lunch to work.....although he has said that when he gets some extra money he is going to hit up that chinese buffet near his new jobplace.
I've also been looking for ways to cut costs.
Is anyone familiar with BillShrink? I've been checking it out over the past few days and it's a website that is supposed to help you save money by comparing different services like cell phone plans.

For example: Are you paying way too much money for your cell phone coverage? Just answer a few questions such as How much you are currently paying, provider, how many minutes you use per month and where you use your phone. BillShrink will compare cell phone plans with your current one and find the cheapest rates for you. 

Groovy, huh?

Gas prices....Where can you get the best gas price? They can help you with that too!

Credit Cards....eek! We all have them, right? BillShrink even has a tool to help you find the lowest rate on those too. Yes, even business credit cards .

So, what do you think? Worth your time to save a buck or ten?

Going Frugal....because it's the new COOL





I'm serious about the "going frugal" part though.
Actually, I'm serious about all of it....
which is kind of weird

Frugal tips?
Frugal blogs?
Leave me a link!

And now that I think about it...
Maybe I'm not meant to be a nerd?
Maybe I'm just supposed to shower them with love.
Ya know?
I could totally be that chick on Can't Buy Me Love.
*fast forward to the part where she was actually nice to him though*
Yeah, she befriended that nerd Patrick Dempsey and he turned into a big deal.

I have found my purpose! 

I accept paypal. My id is the same as my email addy.
what? Isn't that how it worked in the movie?

or maybe not?
Where is that chick now?

Mar 22, 2010


That's what I've been telling the kids about pulling their teeth.
The Stinky Princess lost one tooth a couple of weeks ago. Lil Man had to trump that so he pulled one of his own.
Then the princess loses another one this past week. What did he do? Starts yanking on another tooth!
At this rate, I'm not even sure if these are baby teeth that he's pulling.

All he sees ....DOLLAR SIGNS

I better not tell them that they pay money for plasma.

Oh yeah, the toothfairy?
Well he/she was a day late picking up the lil man's tooth.
I believe he/she swiped a dollar off of my counter to pay for the tooth belonging to the princess.
(It was her dollar....THE ONE SHE GOT FOR THE FIRST TOOTH.)
Reagan tooth

Mar 18, 2010

Appreciation and Sorrow


Here's a momma that could use some prayers and virtual hugs :

Please retweet this if you get a chance.

Pinch me!

So, I was a bit of a rebel yesterday.
That's just how I roll.

No green...

But today
I bring you lots of GREEN!


Green THE DAY AFTER St. Patrick's day is just . . .

In the Kitchen series prints from LuckyBluebirdArt


Custom Argyle Camera Strap Slipcover from PriddyCreations

handpainted shoes
handpainted Maryjanes (Froggy) by JLPerillo

Mar 17, 2010

One of those top ten lists . . .

Here's my Top Ten "Favorite Keyword Searches" of the week :
(I always get a giggle out of these.) 
~click to see what page they landed on~

10. Chesters Drawers / Chester Drawers
*It's actually Chest OF Drawers....if you're old. :snicker:

9. son has a large head
*Mine has the biggest so I feel your pain. I do. 


8. scared of bathroom airplanes
*Poop is a scary thing, man.

7. kids smell like onions
*Ah, that armpit smell.

6. my mommy is naked dot com
*I don't even know what to say.

5. abbreviation for toots
*There's an abbreviation for that? 

4. smelling my feet
*Just do that AWAY from me, ok?

3. rip is on line toot
*This one get's WAY TOO many hits. 
Or maybe I just talk about "toots" alot?

2. your toes are jacked up
*Please OH PLEASE....Keep them away from me!

1. booty clapping rump shaker

Every time I do one of these posts someone asks me WHERE to get this info.
 Google Analytics
Get Clicky

There are others out there but these are the ones that I use.

Now, please excuse me because I need a few of these :


Is this time change kicking anyone else in the booty?
Talk about a RUMP SHAKER!

Mar 12, 2010

Scooby Doo Movie Mystery Sweepstakes *Giveaway*


I could just be helping one of you win a pretty SNAZZY lil vacation.
You see that big banner up there?
Click it!
Enter the Zoinks Points Scooby Movie Mystery Sweepstakes for your chance to win a 3 day trip to L.A.
That's right ONE winner and 3 guests will visit the Scooby Doo Movie set.
How amazing would that be?


That's not all, 10 fans will also have the opportunity to win Scooby Doo prize packs.
Each prize pack consists of :

Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins on DVD
a Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS version of the Scooby-Doo! First Frights game

Scooby Doo nintendo ds

BUT WAIT, There's more . . .

I have one Scooby Doo prize pack to give away also!
(to one of my Fan-tab-u-lous readers)

That's YOU.

Here's what ya have to do:

Tell me who your favorite Scooby Doo character is.
Tell me about your favorite Scooby Doo episode.


Want extra entries?
*Follow me via Google Friend Connect
*Tweet about this giveaway
*Post this giveaway on your blog or facebook account.
(You must send me the link if you tweet or post the giveaway anywhere)

You are more than welcome to do all 3. Just be sure to leave separate comments for each task completed.

Giveaway ends on Thursday, March 25th @ 12:00pm CST

Warner Bros. PR will be supplying the giveaway items for this giveaway. No monetary compensation was received for posting this information.

Friday *FUN*



Mar 11, 2010


This one was pretty hard for me.
There's not a lot of "QUIET" around here.

Calgon? I'm still waiting.



Both of the pics above were taken last summer during one of our "nature" walks.


This pic was snapped the day my nephew came home from the hospital.

Shhhh !

How did you interpret this week's "Quiet" challenge?



Psst.. Photo Lovers,
Don't forget to check out the Priddy Creations camera strap slipcover giveaway!!

Mar 10, 2010

Mama Likes : Nowali moccasins *giveaway*

Congrats #51

The Allen Family said...
Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase.

March 10, 2010 10:50 PM

We had the opportunity to review a pair of Nowali moccasins last year and fell head over heels in love with them.

(Click that link to see the ones we chose. They are adorable!)

Not only are they adorable but they are easy to put on and pull off....which works wonders when you are dealing with a cranky kiddo that doesn't want you helping her because she thinks she's way too BIG for help these days.

uh huh

So, when Lisa emailed me about checking out their new Spring collection I jumped at the opportunity.

Which pair to pick this time?

But instead of being the greedy mommy blogger that I am, I decided to pick out a pair for my nephew.

Poor kid...
Everytime I see him he is naked.
I don't know what his mom is doing with all his clothes but she sure isn't putting them on him.
She likes to use the excuse that he doesn't like wearing them.
Yeah, like I believe that one.


She may refuse to put clothes on him but how could ANYONE refuse these Nowali Moccasins?

We chose these:

Nowali Moccasins

Swell, eh?

Instead of being known as "That Naked Kid"....
He will now be known as "That Naked Kid with the uber cute moccasins"

: )~



Want to win a pair?
Nowali has generously donated one pair (winner's choice) of moccasins from their new Spring Collection for one lucky reader!

All you have to do is visit their website.
Browse through the entire collection and then come back here and tell me which pair you would choose if selected.

*this is required*

Now onto the fun part . . .

I am making this a LIVE giveaway which means once you have completed the required entry you are free to come back here and post as many comments as you see fit.

*Your comments MUST be before and after someone else.
You CAN NOT have two comments back to back.

This giveaway is now CLOSED.

US only, please

Comment #51 will win
That's as high as I can count.

the cat's meow

This is not weird.







Is it?

(She's the only one that doesn't run the other way when the camera comes out.)

Mar 9, 2010

Razor Burn on Hwy 51

Woman crashes car while shaving . . .


I'm sure there is a logical explanation for this crash.
She probably just nixed herself with the razor.

That hurts.
Ya know?

My momma always told me to wear clean underwear when I went out.
*Ya always wanted to prepared just in case an accident occurred. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if you had to be taken to the hospital with dirty undies?

Maybe her mom told her mom told her something different?

Mar 8, 2010

Blog Hopping? You need 3 things.

3 things needed while while traveling through the blogosphere...

a dictionary
a compass

a pair of secret decoder glasses

The dictionary is for all the BIG words you will come across.
Yep, mommy bloggers have been known to talk about things other than temper tantrums and poopy diapers.


A compass for navigating your way around the blog.

blog compass

Have you ever found yourself lost in a sea of reviews?
Did you take a right turn when you meant to take a left just looking for the comments section?
I always blame the distraction on the scrolly sidebars.


Can't understand the blogger?
as if they are speaking in another language

A lot of isms, osms and odd looking symbols...

babbling without pausing
(woah nelly-slow that roll)

yellow font on top of a black background?

Yeah, you need secret decoder glasses for that.



Optional but highly recommended:

Why boots? Well, you are going to need those for all the bull cr-------

Just get the boots.

Mar 7, 2010

Can I be frank?

Diggin' through the archives day

Wanna join me?
Just dig through your archives and post one of your older posts.
Got something still sitting in "Draft Mode"? Dig it out and finish it!
Leave your link in the comments section so we can visit.

Originally published on October 21, 2009
I want to direct this post to YOU.
The one(s) who comes here each and every day.
The one(s) that leave a comment on each and every one of my fab posts.

I think it's TOTALLY awesome and stuff.
I would return the favor. I really would.

Oh, it's not that I don't like YOU or your blog.
I am sure it is loaded with PURE AWESOME-NESS.
just not as awesome as mine, obviously
You see, I just can't.
I'm busy.
Just look at my followers.
Just look at my 400+ comments on each post.
You can't just expect me to visit all of EVER.....Can you?

I mean, Seriously.
I have to worry about other things.
posting my FAB blog all over the place
to get
Wait for it.....

I am so gonna rule the blog-o-sphere one day.
SOOOOOO gonna do it

Plus more followers....more page views....more page views....higher alexa rating.....higher alexa rating.....bigger page rank....bigger pagerank means more money (or bigger goodies sent to me)

So, I am sure you understand why I just can't drop everything and leave you a

It's all about Priorities.
However, when I do finally make it big (WAY BIG) I am going to have my assistant(that's how big I will be) email all of you to say thanks.
Of course, the email will be mass because I just don't have the time to learn each of your names.
I adore YOU!
I really do.
(Which one of my 8,900 followers are you again?)

P to the S... Don't forget to leave me a comment.
Ya know, so I can TOTALLY ignore it again.


Most of you will get this.
Some of you won't.
Ya know what, It's ok.

Mar 6, 2010

A few of my favorite things . . .

knee socks
sweet tea with a zip of lemon (only the fake stuff never a real lemon)
the edges of a brownie
chicken fingers from Huey's
cheeseburgers from The Dip
Reality t.v.
high heels
Dr. Pepper
crushed ice not cubed
dancing like a fool
hearing the princess call me "HONEYBUNS"
laughing out loud
The Office


funky jewelry
funky as in cool not funky as in EWW
grape juice
licking the bowl
and the spoon (think cake batter)

cake batter

watching star trek w/hunky hubby
only Deep Space Nine though
Not too Nerdy
Actually I lean more torwards FUNNY Nerdy
not "dress up as a Klingon and duel to the death nerdy"
the color Yellow
NOT tornadoes
Hunky Hubby in his black workout pants and white t-shirt
Hearing the lil man call me the most beautiful mommy in the WORLD
BC headache powders
BIGGER girl's laugh
Obsession perfume


Dark rooms
Bright rooms
*Yeah, I'm odd
texting on the phone
not talking

fav things

What are some of your favorite things?

Mar 4, 2010



Mama's Losin' It

One of the prompts this week for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop is :

Who blind-sided you? Write about a time someone caught you totally off guard.

This happens to me a lot.
too much

When BIGGER girl was around 5, we attended a birthday party.
It was a great party. We ate cute mini pizzas, decorated cookies and had cake.
Games were played, treat bags were given out....
You know, Normal birthday party stuff

We got ready to leave and the birthday girl's mom asked BIGGER GIRL for a hug.
BIGGER GIRL jumped up and threw her arm around the mom's neck.
As she was coming down, SHE SPOKE (uh oh)
She asked the lady "Did you brush your teeth today?"

Being a mom means we have to THINK FAST and that's exactly what I did.

I said :
"Tee Hee...She's going through a phase where brushing is very important."
"She just can't get enough!"

I kept on babbling about how BIGGER GIRL thinks everyone has to brush like 50 times a day...blah blah blah

Bigger Girl was tugging at my pants leg trying to tell me that was NOT the reason.
(At least she's honest, huh)

I kept trying to SHOO her away and make her STOP but she kept on.
So, I started coughing.
I coughed a lot.
*we left*

I know my face was red.
and the fake coughing made it even redder


Another story that comes to mind is about the Lil Man.
He was about 3 (nearly 4) at the time.
We were sitting down acting silly when all of a sudden he says :
in an upbeat way-kind of like a song

Gimme 5
Up High
Down Low
Gimme a hug
Gimme a kiss
Now Let me touch your boob

:insert blank stare from me here:




hope·ful (hōp'fəl)

1.Having or manifesting hope.
2.Inspiring hope; promising.

n. A person who aspires to success or who shows promise of succeeding, especially as a political candidate: a group of presidential hopefuls.
hope'ful·ness n.


Each and everyday....I am hopeful.

Hopeful that this pencil will need to be sharpened at least 5 times ...
Hopeful that this pencil's eraser will be so worn down that we will need to use an additional eraser...
Because that would would mean that this pencil has jotted down many spelling words, math problems, dates, names, paragraphs, scripture, doodles and so on . . .

*Ah, the "HOPE" of a homeschooling momma*


This spider was also hopeful last summer.

Hopeful that the spot on this bush (right outside of my door) would be the perfect place to lay her eggs...
Hopeful that because the web was created right under my porch, she would not have to worry about the elements of rain ruining her home...

Yeah, she had a lot of HOPE there for awhile.
The web got huge.
She caught a lot of goodies in that web.
This momma (AKA ME) eyeballed a huge nest of baby spiders right there in that bush.
Oh, she tried to hide them.
I just happen to be the champ of Hide and Seek though.

This momma (aka ME) relocated the "babies".
I guess you could say that I helped them find a new place to live.
*Right in the neighbor's ditch*
via a nice loooong stick

I hear the view is lovely from there.

I had HOPE of not seeing spiders in my home last summer.

I do not dig spiders.

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