Mar 31, 2009

I was tagged


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~ Parenting Style ~

1. Do you exercise full or minimal control over your child’s / children’s behavior?
I lost all control years ago . . .

2. Do you expect your child / children to obey 100% or let her / him / them do what pleases her / him / them?
No, I don't expect them to obey all of the time.

3. Do you welcome discussion or you simply set rules?
We have rules but we also welcome discussion.

4. Do you reprimand? sure, some of the time

5. Do you use spanking for punishment? Yes, we do.

6. Do you use some kind of a reward system for motivation? rewards, candy, money, keys to the car.....If it will motivate them to act decent I am all for it. (not ashamed to admit that either)

7. Do you enjoy being a parent? Ah, you asked at the perfect time....their bedtime! So I am going to have to say YES! Now come back tomorrow around 7:30 ish and I might just have a different answer. (kidding Kidding.....I love my lil rugrats and wouldn't trade them for anything.)

8. Are you a hands-on parent or do you have a full-time nanny? Well, the nanny must have shaked up with that no good personal trainer that was supposed to show up years ago. They never showed so I was forced to go at this by myself. I guess you could say I am "hands on". However, if you know of a nanny that would work cheap (as in FREE) please send her my way.

9. At what age would you let your child make simple decisions for himself / herself?
Oh wow, that was OUR decision?

10. Do you and your husband have the same parenting style?
I would say yes.

~ Wife Style ~

1. How long have you been married?
10 years

2. How do you feel about being a wife?
It's probably better than being the husband. (Bless my hubby!)

3. What has been your typical sleeping attire since you got married?
Oh, I wear lingerie everynight. I also wear those foo foo heels with my lingerie. I am SEX-AY!
bwhahahaha.....yeah he WISHES! I wear t-shirt and panties.

4. How do you show how appreciative you are of your husband?
I don't tell him as often as I should.....I need to work on that.

5. What do you do when your husband annoys you?
I annoy him back. (Hey, you get what ya dish BUDDY!)

6. You are buying or planning to buy your first house as Husband and Wife…
Bought our first home in 2001 and this one 2007

7. How does your house look like at the end of the day when Hubby gets home?
Depends on the day

8. How do you feel about running a household?
It's not what I was meant to do.

9. What is the sweetest gift you have given your husband so far?
Probably a special photo album that I made with our photos and the kids photos.

Now for the tagging part.
Eenie Meenie Minie Moe (never spelled that out before)
I am not going to pick out 7 of you because I have no clue who has done this. Instead, If you would like to participate please see the rules and run with it.

Uh Oh....Do I suffer from BLOG SMOG?



I was wondering why no one wanted to talk to me "IN REAL LIFE".

I better cure my BLOG SMOG with some Dentyne.

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Ok, why does it seem like I have been busy but nothing has been accomplished?
I worked on this house all day yesterday.....
Can you tell today?

Why do kids want to put their faces and hands all over clean glass/windows?
I mean seriously....
As soon as I walk away there they are with their noses pressed on my window. Is there something in Windex that kids can not resist? hmmm Maybe they add some sort of chemical that draws kids towards it. The more the kids put their noses on the window, the more we have to spray.....and if we spray it all then we are out and then when we are out we have to BUY MORE!
AHHH....I am SO onto you, Windex!

Speaking of windows, Our cat ran into one of the living room windows yesterday. She saw a bird and jumped from the loveseat right SMACK into the window. She hit so hard that it knocked her back onto the floor. I thought it was pretty funny!
*Dumb cat*

The kids found a baby turtle last week. They also LOST a baby turtle last week. Oh, and they lost it in my garage. Yep....there is a baby turtle wandering around in my garage. I sure hope that baby turtle doesn't grow up to be a huge man eating creature. Ya know, I saw something like that on SciFi once. It was not pretty either.
How's this for random?
Surely someone needs a nose shower gel dispenser.

Feeling rather RANDOM today? Head over to The Un Mom and link up.

Mar 30, 2009

Born 2 Impress hair accessories

I am in girly girl heaven!!!
Born 2 Impress is your ONE STOP SHOP for hair accessories. They have hair bows, clippies and headbands for every age and size. (Infant, toddler and big girl)
We recently received this adorable pink flower headband and I instantly fell in love.
It's PINK afterall!!
See that lil stinker above?
Well, she usually doesn't wany anything in her hair. I will admit....
She does wear the occasional bow to church and special events but as soon as we enter the door she grabs it and tosses it.
Makes this accessory lovin' momma just a teeny bit sad.
However, she put this Born 2 Impress headband off and actually told me that she was going to keep it on.
She even went outside to play with it still in her hair.
Now, that is some progress people!
The quality of the headband is awesome!
Princess said the flower was "POOFY". It was indeed....the headband was shipped with care and nothing arrived flat or "Smooshy" as she likes to say.
That is an important factor for me. (former bow maker here!)
No one wants a "smooshy" bow.
A little about Born 2 Impress :
Mission Statement :Born 2 Impress is committed to hand-crafting unique designs with the highest quality materials and the utmost care, for any occasion, in a timely manner so that anyone can make their little one feel and look like a princess.
Vision: To show our appreciation for kids and childhood. To let kids be kids and look like kids. To let parents have a sense of pride and security.To create awareness that every kid was Born 2 Impress.
Safety: We are very concerned about children’s safety. Choking hazards are one of every parent’s main concerns. We hand-sew every appliqué, bead or little detail that can be sewn. Some pieces cannot be sewn and are either heat-sealed or industrial strength fabric adhesive is used.
As you can see from the photo, this headband works great on my 4 year old. However, it would also be great for an infant. Hopefully we will be able to pass it down to my sister soon. She is expecting her first baby and I am definately sending lots of PINK vibes her way!! he he
Hey, I need another reason to shop at Born 2 Impress.
If you have a little princess or diva in your household then head over to Born 2 Impress and grab a few headbands and clips.

Mar 29, 2009

Toddler Virtue Tees

If you walk into any department store or mall, I am pretty sure you will find children's shirts that say "Spoiled", "Princess", "High Maintenence" or even ones that just say "BRAT". Ok, yes I may say that my child is spoiled or even call her a princess but is that really something we want to be teaching our children?
I mean seriously.....Do you want your daughter walking around demanding to be treated like a princess? UM, Why wouldn't she? It says so on her shirt!
Virtues and Manners . . . Remember those? What if they were brought back on a t-shirt? How about letting your child display phrases and words like "Courage" and "Kindness". You have to instill virtues into your children at an early age and I have the perfect way to do that!!Photobucket
A little about Toddler Virtue Tees (taken from their website):
I feel that to make the world a better place, we need to start with our children. I propose that we bring back virtues. What if we instilled virtues like kindness, courage, tolerance, gratitude and patience into our toddlers? What if eventually these virtues became not only a word, but a way of life? What would happen if these virtuous toddlers became virtuous school aged children, young adults and our leaders of tomorrow? Maybe instead of seeing school shootings sprung by hatred, cowards for authority figures or wars arising from intolerance and impatience, we’ll see new and gracioius generations make decisions based on respect and virtues. Just imagine what a world that would be!
~Little Steps to make the future brighter . . .
Here's 5 easy steps to reinforce the message:
1. Read Virtue
2. Define Virtue
3. Tell a story relaying the virtue
4. Repeat when the tee is worn.
Toddler Virtue Tees will definately get noticed!
We have already received so many compliments on ours.
You can learn more about them by visiting

Mar 28, 2009

Family Game Night with Hasbro


We just started something new in our family.

Each week our family participates in our own "Family Game Night".

And now was a great time to begin something like this especially in the shape that the economy is in. Save money by staying in and enjoying quality time with the family.

It's nice to shut down the computer and turn off the tv at least one night each week. I'll admit, I have been enjoying myself and feel like a kid when the game is over!

Do you have Family Game Night at your house?

If not then I highly encourage you to start this tradition.

Hasbro has some great ideas and tips for hosting your own family game night.

Here's how we have been doing ours.

The day before the event we put every one's name on a piece of paper, fold it up and place it in a bowl. One person then draws from the bowl. The name that gets chosen gets to pick out the game for game night.

This ensures that there is no fighting!

*Of course, you have to make sure that the games are age appropriate.

Some of our favorites are:


Spongebob Squarepants Memory

*Memory has always been a classic and when you add Spongebob and all of his friends and it's definitely a party!


Connect 4: Spongebob Squarepants edition

SpongeBob SquarePants Edition is just like the classic four-in-a row game with a Bikini Bottom twist. Stack the yellow SpongeBob SquarePants on top of the pink Patrick checkers upwards, sideways or diagonally and be the first to yell CONNECT 4! But watch out, your opponent can block out holes or an entire column using the SpongeBob blocker


We actually played Pictureka for the very first time this past week and it was a HUGE hit! I must say that I have gotten quiet competitive at this game.

The game consists of game board tiles in which you have to place them together on the table. Players then take turns rolling the dice, selecting mission cards and trying to find objects fast or first. Three different card decks keep the game exciting – players either have to find a matching image or objects that fall into a category like “things that can fly”. At times the game board may even rotate or change sides. This is a game of finders keepers and you must do it FAST FAST!!


Be on the lookout for the special EASTER edition of Pictureka. It's the perfect gift to go inside of any Easter basket.

All games mentioned are under $20, with the exception of Pictureka! (it is $22.99)

So as you can see....

With Hasbro games, You do not have to break the bank to have a good time!

Come back next week as I will be sharing some more game tips and great game ideas.

*There will also be a giveaway!!

Bright Star Kids wall stickers and graphics

Gone are the days of BORING PLAIN WALLS.
Gone are the days of sweating over a nice paint job.
Gone are the days of dealing with messy wallpaper.
I have discovered Bright Star Kids wall graphics!
They make decorating kid's rooms SIMPLE and FUN. I was never really a wallpaper lover and Painting gives me nightmares. (Let's just say we had a bad run-in with a gallon of BLUE paint.) However, I love decorating. And let's face it, If you have kids then you are probably going to change their rooms around a few times before it's all said and done.
I mean, they can't live with baby blocks on their wall when they are teenagers. It's just NOT COOL, MOM!
Bright Star Kids makes your transition run smoothly. They have a wide selection of wall graphics and applying them is the easiest part! You just peel and stick.
Guess what? If you ever get tired of them, Just remove them with a simple "peel".
These are so easy to apply even the kids will enjoy decorating their room.
A little about Bright Star Kids :
Bright Star Kids is a rapidly growing Australian business that loves to create premium removable Wall Graphics (perfect for decorating kids rooms) and fun Personalised Kids Labels (great for keeping track of your kids belongings). You might also like some of our other products, with our Wheelie Bin Labels and Bag Tags being really popular.
We love to give our customers fantastic service, making sure that every order exceeds our very high quality standards and is sent out from Bright Star Kids within 1-2 days of receiving your order. We've also re-designed our online store to make it even more fun and easy-to-use, so that you'll be able to get the products that you need in the least amount of time.
Besides wall graphics, they also offer stick on labels, iron on labels for clothing, bag tags and labels for your home.
I had a hard time deciding what I wanted. I really REALLY wanted one of their fancy wall graphic kits but decided to go with the Chalkboard dots instead.
We had been searching for the right chalkboard to go in the kid's playroom and kept coming up empty handed. I knew these would be perfect as soon as I saw them!!
We just stuck them on the wall and the kids started drawing on them. They could also be used in your kitchen (like above).
One more think I would like to add about our Chalkboard dots is that we have already moved them twice and they still stick like new!
*This is great because I am always changing things up.
Ok, I have told you about their amazing products but I would also like to tell you about the wonderful customer service that I received when working with Bright Star Kids.
They are very prompt and courteous in emails and if you have any questions DO NOT HESITATE to ask. They will definately get back with you.
Also, since these items were coming from Australia, I was expecting them to take a little longer than normal. BOY WAS I WRONG! My product was here in a snap.
I would definately recommend purchasing your wall graphics from Bright Star Kids.
~Right now purchase more than 2 kits and get up to 25% off.~
**This review made possible by the Family Review Network.

Strolling through the blog-o-sphere

Sit back and relax today......You deserve it (wink)!
Enter some giveaways, read some cool NEW blogs and enjoy your weekend.
Here's some great reads that I found while browsing this week :
Sara at Ohana Mama discusses Bullies and her thoughts on how to handle it.
The whole topic makes me cringe. I was never bullied as a child so I don't understand it the same way as my husband does. However, as a mom I never want my children to be bullied but I know deep down that it WILL go on at some point. How will we handle it? It's hard to say ....
Do I tell them to fight back? Do I tell them to walk away?
What are your thoughts on Bullies and how to deal with them? Head over to Ohana Mama and give your input.
MomDot discussed baby bikinis this week. EEEEEEEEK! Ok, these were not just any BABY BIKINI these bikinis were made to look like ADULT bikinis. I said it over there and I will say it here.....
Yep, at some point both of my girls wore bikinis (when they were much younger). However, the bikini's they wore had ruffles on their tail (booty) and the top definately covered their tata's.
The bikini's were CUTE and NOT ADULT themed. UGH....the whole kid clothing thing just baffles me. Why are these clothing companies trying to make our children GROWN before their time? Why can't I go into a store and find a decent pair of shorts for my girls now days? Have you seen some of this stuff they are selling?
I know a lot of moms that have taken up sewing just to make decent clothes for their kids to wear.
Blog events:
 Blog Popz Blogger Recognition, find out who has the most popular blog, cute blog, your favorite blog and who are great blog friends with blog awards
Blog Popz twitter party - April 1st @ 9:00 use hashtag #blogpopz to join the fun
(Have you lost your PREmommy body?)
Join Cat from 3 Kids and Us every Monday for MOM FIT MONDAYS.
Giveaways :
Be sure to check out my NEW giveaways. These can be found over on my sidebar.
Do you have a giveaway going on?
Add it to Mr. Linky below and we will visit!

Mar 27, 2009

Aloha Friday


Happy Friday!

Here's a fairly simple question for you.


How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled, hardboiled, over get the point.

My answer: I like my eggs over easy. I want the white fully cooked but the yolk a little runny. YUM YUM!

Oh, and then I actually cut my egg up really fine and add lots of salt (bad for ya!) and pepper. Then all you have to do is grab your toast or biscuit and scoop that egg up.

That's some good eating, my friends!

P.S. If you like your eggs cooked into an omelet, try the omelet in a bag. They are made in ziploc bags.


Have a question for us? Join Aloha Friday and ask away.

Mar 26, 2009

writer's workshop....Somebody I'm praying for

I'm participating in Mama Kat's writer's workshop again.
Oh, this was the perfect one for me today.
My prompt:
Somebody I'm praying for
Today I am praying for my dear hubby. He is having a rough day at work. Actually, he has been having a rough time at work for awhile. I know that he has a lot on his shoulders and I wish I could do something about it. I wish I could make his problems go away.....I wish I could just DO SOMETHING. It's so easy for me to say "Well, I would not deal with that if it was happening to me." My husband is not the type to make a scene, he is not the type to get angry at anyone UNLIKE myself. (I really need to work on that.) Oh, I wish I could make this all go away for him.
So, today I pray for my husband and his job. I also pray for those people who have "wronged" him. I pray that they can change their ways.
I also pray that I don't have to go up there and get all crazy on them.
I am also praying for this lil guy. I am also praying for his momma, daddy and brothers and sisters. I wish I could give them all a great big hug. If you haven't read lil Stellan's story then you must do that now. He IS a miracle and I would love to see another miracle. I would love for lil Stellan to be healed.
Join the Writer's Workshop. Visit Mama's Losin It and link up!

Thursday 13 (One Hit Wonders)


For today's 13 I have decided to share some One Hit Wonders with you. I am a little embarrassed to say that these are 13 One Hit Wonders that I actually liked at one time or another.

HEY, Don't judge! hee hee
**they are in no particular order**

1. Wiggle It by 2 in a Room
(Ok, actually I only liked this one because of the "Wiggle It....Just a little bit" part.)
2. Achy Breaky Heart Yes, at one time I actually liked this song. It's probably the only country song that I ever did like. *I gag now.*
3. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A lot ....My theme song! hardy har har
psst...check out that link I included. I love that one!
4. Rump Shaker by Wreckx-N-Effect (hmm I sense a theme here)
5. I'm too Sexy by Right Said Fred
6. What's Up by 4 Non Blondes
7. Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
8. the freshman by The Verve Pipe
*I also liked Bittersweet Symphony by them too.
9. Tub Thumping by Chumbawamba (eeek!)
10. Hemorrhage (In My hands) by Fuel
11. Butterfly by Crazytown
12. Southside by Moby
13. The Reason by Hoobastank

WOW, I did not know that I liked so many one hit wonders.
And this was just from the 90's and part of 2000.
Hubby always said I had terrible taste in music. Maybe he was right? lol
For more Thursday Thirteen visit

It's the EASTER BEAGLE ! ! ! (giveaway)


Ah, who doesn't love Snoopy?

I grew up watching The Peanuts as a kid and I absolutely love it when the holidays come around so I can share my love of Snoopy with my own children.

They watched the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials this past year however, they have never seen an Easter episode until now.

Cute Cute Cute!!

As Easter is approaching everyone is rushing around with Easter prep but good ole Linus is trying to convince everyone that the EASTER BEAGLE will take care of everything. They shouldn't worry about it, right? Well.....Of course no one believes him except for sweet Sally.

The episode is filled with egg coloring by Peppermint Patty and Marcie, (My kids got a kick out of that!) egg hunts, and of course Lucy getting upset. It wouldn't be a complete Peanuts episode without a little irritation on Lucy's part.

You'll have to watch the DVD with your kids to see if the Easter Beagle actually shows up.


Will Charlie Brown get any Easter eggs?


Would you like to win a Easter Beagle prize pack?


I have two Easter Beagle prize packs to give away.

Prize Pack contains:

1 Easter Beagle Plush (Snoopy dressed as the Easter Bunny err Beagle)

1 It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown dvd

1 Easter Beagle egghunt book

All you have to do is answer this question for me :

Snoopy likes to juggle his Easter eggs while he’s on a unicycle (which we don’t recommend you try, of course!)--what does your family do with eggs after they’ve been found?

This giveway will end on Thursday, April 2 and the winners will be notified.

Mar 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Need I say more?
For more Wordless Wednesday photos visit the main WORDLESS WEDNESDAY site, 5 Minutes for Mom and Mom Dot.
Now for the "WORDFUL" edition.
Don't ya just love laundry? WHAT? You mean you despise it as much as I do.
All of that laundry above is from sometime this week. It's folded up and placed in various spots in the house. For instance, when you open my front door you will see the towels.
Say Hi to them if you decide to stop by......
because they may still be there in a few days
that is
unless we actually need one.
If we happen to need to dry off then someone will either come and pick a towel up or they will stand at the bathroom door naked and yell for someone to bring them a towel.
(Some people around here are LAZY like that.....but I won't mention any names.)
Just keepin' it REAL !
~Oh, and to all you weirdos out there.....don't bother enlarging the photos. My panties are nowhere to be found however, you may find a hole-y sock or three.
For more WORDFUL WEDNESDAY posts be sure to visit Angie over at 7 Clown Circus.

Mar 24, 2009


I know that I usually post these on Saturday but these "happenings" just can't wait until then....
(Are the . . . .'s getting on your nerves yet? Sorry! I can not help myself)
First and MOST important :
MckMama's lil Stellan is in the hospital and having a lot of trouble. They could definately use your prayers. Click HERE for the updates. Gosh, MckMama amazes me and I mean
A--MA--ZES me. Just go read this post and be amazed at her strength.
Update: Click HERE to find out how you can help this family. Also CLICK HERE for a few more updates.
There's a gigantic giveaway going on at Be Thou a Knight.
There are some AWESOME prizes to be won. All $$ raised will go towards their infertility treatments. (Insurance is not covering all of it and you can only imagine how expensive it is.)
Let's help them reach their goal and hopefully we will get to see them welcome an itty bitty baby into this world. How exciting!!
And last but certainly not least....
*Another giveaway ALERT*
It involves handbags and books, what a great combo!!
Sak's "Book in a Bag" giveaway is being held through April 15th. Click HERE for a chance to win a Cambria Medium Round Tote in Beach Stripe and 4 books from Harper Collins .
* The Scent of Sake, The Ladies Lending Library, The Miracles of Prato and A Dangerous Affair*
I can just picture taking this bag to the beach and reading one of these books while relaxing!

DaBib....a bib that's got your baby covered

Giveaway is now over.
Our winner is JENN!! (Congrats)
Thanks to everyone that entered!

Let's face it . . .
Babies are MESSY! From the spit up to the sweet peas and everything in between, your baby is bound to let something slip.
Some of you are saying "No Problem, I have bibs."
Do your bibs cover the baby completely?
I am willing to bet NO will be your answer. Yes, they make a wide variety of bibs these days but do they actually help prevent stains on your babies clothing?
Most of the bibs that my children had were either too small (Yes, cute.....but small), most did not stay around the neck (they would manage to get twisted and end up in the back instead of the front.) or most of the bibs would simply not STAY PUT.
I had to toss many outfits due to stains not coming out.
If I would have had a nice BIG bib then that would not have happened though.
However, YOU can prevent this because of DaBib!
*Where were you when I had itty bitty babies, DaBib?*
A bit about the company:
DaBib is the newest and best innovation in baby bibs. With its patented Scrunch Neck and flexible, functional design, this "baby" is a must-have for your baby. Let's face it, feeding your little Prince or Princess can be a royal mess. But when it comes to catching every drip, drop and dribble, regular bibs fall short - literally! DaBib's scrunch neck minimizes leakage of liquids and solid foods onto the baby's clothing, reducing stains and the hassle of frequent changing. With both the super absorbent micro fiber terry face and the waterproof backing, DaBib's innovative design doesn't just raise the neckline, it raises the bar, providing the ultimate in coverage, comfort, durability and versatility, for infants through toddlers.
Now while I don't have a sweet itty bitty baby anymore, I do babysit a very messy eatin' 6 month old so I couldn't wait to put our DaBib to good use.
You see, I usually just take lil one's shirt off when he eats his lunch which can be a hassle because when he is HUNGRY he is HUNGRY.
Let's just say he doesn't like to wait for me to do all that!
Well, I am proud to say that he does not have to wait any longer. With DaBib I can just slip it on and not have to worry about carrots getting on his cute outfit. NOW, carrots on ME.....that is another story!
DaBib offers two different styles...
(cute names!)
They are both super absorbent, waterproof and have fold-out crumb catchers. The only difference in the two is that DaHugs is made with a microfiber terry cloth material and the DaGiggles is made with a wipe-off polyester material.
DaBib would make a great baby shower gift. I can't wait to purchase one for my new NIECE or NEPHEW. (making a debut in September!)

Would you like to win a DaBib?
I have ONE to give away to some lucky momma out there!
All you have to do is visit DaBib. Browse around and then come back here and let me know which DaBib is your favorite (style and color).
This giveaway will close on Tuesday, March 31 and a winner will be notified.
**Special thanks to The Family Review Network for this review opportunity.

Random Thoughts Tuesday



So, I thought I was having a nightmare this morning.....

I heard chainsaws, grinders, yelling and for a very slight second I could envision a ugly man with no teeth and tons of scars on his face chasing after me.

Oh wait.....
It was only my neighbor (he has teeth) getting his trees trimmed.
Yes, the tree trimmers pulled up in VERY LOUD trucks at 7:15 am. They have been going at those trees for 3 hours now.
I have been sitting here "thinking" or actually "wondering".
I wonder if you have to have some sort of fancy certificate to trim trees? Are there special classes on tree trimming?
I mean, I sure wouldn't want JUST ANYONE trimming my trees.
I have been peeking out the window and watching the limbs fall. They are only falling in one direction so that is why I assume there is some sort of training involved.
Lord knows, if I were to trim some trees they would be falling just about everywhere.

Also, tree trimmers yell a lot.

Heck....they yell more than me AND THAT IS A LOT.
I keep hearing "HEY!" "WAIT!" "NOOOOO!" and my favorite one "WOAHHH THERE MAN!"
Did I tell you that I won the brittish lottery again? Yep, I sure did!
Well, LINDA didn't actually win it but Ms. MY TRENDY TYKES did.
I assume it is really for me since they emailed me 4 times.
They only ask for my social security number, checking acct info WITH routing number and first born child. As soon as I give that to them I AM RICH!!!!!!!
I ate a milky way candybar for breakfast this morning. I don't feel one bit guilty but I do feel guilty for eating the two pieces of toast right after.

Ok, whatcha' got today? I would love to hear your RANDOM thoughts. Visit The Un Mom and link up!

Mar 23, 2009

Windex Outdoor All-In-One cleaner (Giveaway)


This giveaway has ended....

Our winner is :Think about it (Just emailed you!)

Thanks for all the entries.

I sit in this same spot everyday (well, not all the time) and stare at one HUGE nasty window. Why do I stare at the huge nasty window and do NOTHING? Well, because the window is too tall for me to reach and clean. I have tried spraying it with the waterhose but the "FUNK" will not come off. It definately needed a little scrubbing.


That's where Windex Outdoor All-In-One cleaner comes to the rescue.All I had to do was take everything out of the box, assemble the cleaning tool, place the special windex treated pad onto the pool and head outside to tackle the DIRTY window.

I first sprayed the window with my water hose and then started cleaning. The cleaning tool can reach up to 11 feet so there was definately no problem reaching the window.
I wiped the window down a couple of times, sprayed one more time with the hose and then stood back......
I waited . . .
and waited . . .
What was I waiting on ?
However, much to my amazement there were no streaks! I had a perfectly clean window.

I wasn't done though.

I also went and cleaned my other two LARGE windows.
(One pad cleans up to 20 windows)
ALL CLEAN NOW thanks to Windex Outdoor All-In-One.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has large windows.
Each starter-kit comes with the following:

1 cleaning head

1 handle

4 pole sections

1 cleaning pad which cleans 20 windows

**If you buy the starter-kit, you can also download a coupon for a FREE refill pack.
Click HERE for that coupon.
Would you like to win a Windex Outdoor All-In-One starter kit?
I have one to give away!
All you have to do is leave me a comment below. (Making it easy for ya today!)
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Mar 22, 2009

Crafty round-up *GET YO CRAFT ON!

Looking for something new to keep ya busy?
I came across a few "Crafty" crafts today while browsing.
Be sure to visit each site for the tutorials.
peg doll necklaces from Grace Violet
too cute, huh?
rainbow lollipops from Little Momma and Company
I love making these ribbon headbands. Fabric Family Fun will show you how to make them reversible.
Here's one that I am going to try for sure. My girls are ROUGH on their jeans.
Poppies at Play shows us how to transform beat up jeans into CUTE capris.
I just had to mention this AWESOME party idea too.
My Insanity shares her Chocolate themed dinner ideas...

Mar 21, 2009

Small Talk Six *SPRING has SPRUNG* achoo!

Spring is here....
6 things I LOVE or HATE about Spring:
1. I HATE that my allergies go haywire. I can just sneeze at the thought of SPRING.
2. I LOVE the semi-warmer temps. (not too cold not too hot...just right!)
3. I HATE the smell of those ONION-Y weeds that grow in the yard.
~I am pretty sure ONION-Y is not a word but this is MY blog and I can use it if I want to.
4. I LOVE shopping for new clothes!
**Cute Easter dresses too
5. I HATE that the mosquitos will soon be out again. DARN BLOOD SUCKERS!
6. I LOVE that I can LOCK MY KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE and make them play in the yard again!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with spring?

Visit Mom Dot and join us for Small Talk Six.

UMI Shoes ....A Little Love for Little Feet



Shoes Shoes Shoes

I love shoes!!

I've always been a shoe-lover. I can remember prancing around the house in those cheap-o plastic heels when I was a small tyke. I also remember raiding my mom's closet and wearing her heels. I thought I was HOT STUFF!!

My girls both loves shoes.

The lil man.....not so much.

However, when I presented him with a new pair of "RILEY" shoes from UMI he said "OH, COOL MOM!"

You see the RILEY style shoes resemble some of those shoes that the skateboarding "dudes" (his words) are wearing.

He likes them!

He wants to wear them ALL.THE.TIME.


Here's the scoop on UMI SHOES:

At Umi, we build real children's shoes. Not floppy leather slipper socks. And not miniature grown-up shoes. We know a lot about growing feet. Front to back. Side to side. Top to bottom. Umi shoes are designed with children's feet in mind. Around here we have some pretty high standards. We craft our shoes from the highest quality nappa and nubuck leather, with carefully constructed lasts. Our manufacturing process includes more than twenty quality control checks to ensure that every pair of shoes meets our standards. The result: Umi shoes are flexible, supportive, built to fit, and go the distance.

Ok, so we already know why the Lil Man likes UMI SHOES....Style!

Why do I like them?

One word: QUALITY

These shoes are made remarkably well.

They are flexible for growing feet and fit like a glove!

They are definately made tough which means they can take a beating.

Moms of boys, you know how rough and tough boys are on their shoes, right??

I would definately recommend purchasing a pair of UMI SHOES for your little one.

Check out their new SPRING LINE.


Also, connect with Umi Shoes on facebook. Click HERE to be taken to their facebook page.

A little stroll through the blog-o-sphere

Would you like to win an IPhone?
The Play with Pictures blog is hosting their final PWP blog contest and the prize(s):
2 Apple IPhones
Click HERE for more information on how to enter.
Play With Pictures is fun and easy imaging software that allows you to create an imaginative collage or “sticker” effect for photos. Put butterfly wings on a snapshot of your little girl, or turn the family dog into the winner of the Westminster Dog Show! After digitally cutting out an unlimited number of people and props from photographs, they can be layered onto a background of choice along with captions, dialogue bubbles, and more. The resulting compositions can be used in scrapbooks, albums, personalized greeting cards, – they can even bring school projects to life! The tools are simple and straightforward for any user of any age, and an entire composition can be created in just a few minutes.
Don't forget about the 5m4m Ultimate Blog Party. It's still going strong!
Click on the banner below for details . . .
Ultimate Blog Party 2009
That's all I have for you today.....If you have something "happening" or if you are hosting a cool giveaway please leave your link below.

Mar 20, 2009

Aloha Friday.....Reality T.V.


I hope you are enjoying your FRIDAY!

My question for today is :

If you could be on ONE REALITY show, Which one would you participate in?

I must say that I am a REALITY TV JUNKIE.

But if I had to choose one it would probably be Big Brother.

I don't think I could hang with Survivor (Heck, I nearly went crazy without my computer for one day.)

Amazing Race is great but I am too chicken to do some of that stuff they do.

Hell's Kitchen would be awesome but I can't cook Risotta and that is one of the things they always have trouble with. Gordon Ramsay would rip me a new one for sure!

Mar 19, 2009

Yes, the comments are HERE

If you do not see your comment pop up, don't worry!
My laptop battery pack completely DIED on me last night.......of course it had to die when I had 0 life left too. (NEW COMPUTER......What's up DELL?? HUH??)
Anyhoo....a new one should arrive tomorrow and I will be back to normal.
*I am on hubby's computer for now but he is giving me the "evil eye". I better get off here and whip some tail. hee hee

Go ahead and comment, I will get them out of moderation tomorrow!
I will also announce winners for the giveaways that have ended.


Mar 18, 2009

Great baby shower gift for DAD!


Have I told you guys that I am going to be an AUNT!!
(First-time aunt over here)
I am so happy!
(mainly because someone else is having the babies around here!)
All joking aside, I am beyond thrilled for my sister. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with the BEST baby shower gifts. I mean....I HAVE to have the coolest gift there.

Yes, I am THAT person!
I have a few things in mind but when the Daddy Diaper Changing toolbox was presented to me I just KNEW it would be the perfect gift for the DADDY TO BE.
This is great!
As I was going through the contents I could not help but laugh.
My kids kept asking me what was so funny.
Read what is included and you will get a good laugh too.

"The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox is a fun way to include dad in all of the excitement that comes with preparing for a new baby".
A fun gift for New Dad's and Baby Showers.
Optional Step by Step Dad Humor Directions included with Inventory item checklist:
Mask --toxic fume filter for when it doesn't smell like roses.
* Goggles --for protection against your own mini version of Old Faithful.
* Patent Pending Poop Poncho --need we say more???
* Tongs --Several inches of steel separation between you and the little warm wrapped gift.
* Turkey Baster --for precision hiney washing.
* Ear/Nose Plugs --use with care.
* Pacifier -- scream plug.
* Baby Wipes -- for cleaning baby bottom and various parts.
* Diaper for newborn -- cute as a kitten until it gets wet then it looks and smells like a sewer
* Bio Hazard bag and rubber gloves
--for quarantine containment of the nuclear

* Emergency Formula Container-- doubles as a PeePee cover for WeWe.
* Hand Wipes-- to clean up afterward. (For Dad's use only).
* Picture Frame -- this is your badge of honor.

Isn't it a HOOT? I can definately see a daddy using the turkey baster!
(Heck, If I would have thought about it I would have used one. LOL!)
This would make a great gift for any DAD TO BE and I can not wait to present it to my sister and her hubby. It will definately be the best baby shower gift there.
*pat on my back*

Special thanks to Julie and Chris for coming up with such a great gift.
For more information on the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox visit
Before you head over there and purchase your own Daddy Diaper Changing toolbox, I have one to give away !
All you have to do is tell me what you think of the Daddy Diaper Changing toolbox. Also Who would you give it to?
This giveaway will end on Thursday, March 26th and a winner will be announced.

Slide Shows made easy with Muvee

Have you seen those photo slide shows on other blogs and wondered "How in the world can I get one on my blog or website?"
The answer is Muvee.
Muvee Reveal makes it SUPER SIMPLE. I made the slideshow below in about 5 minutes
(that included locating photos and uploading it to shwup.)
You can customize everything from your colors to the music and even add captions to tell a story.
I love this new software!
I have already made slideshows/home videos for my mom and mother in law.
*Both got a big kick out of seeing my kiddos on the computer.
Visit Muvee now and dowload the free 15 day trial.
You will love it so much after 15 days that I am pretty sure you will wind up purchasing the full version!

This review opportunity made possible by The Family Review Network and Muvee Reveal.

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