Nov 30, 2009

Remember him?


more pics here

He's all grown up now....


He's the bald one in the middle.
not the other one
He isn't THAT grown yet.
geesh, people

Dear family, be nice to me.
You may just get "BLAWGED" about.
*that's how they say it around here....
not me

them who? them everyone

Right little boy?


Nov 29, 2009

The Swine really FLEW, Y'all

I haven't forgotten.
How can I?
I mean THIS happened to my girl, Paula Deen.

Because of this incident...

Ham has been banned here.

There will be no ham eaten in the "H" household.


I urge you to go on a HAM STRIKE with me.
We just can't let a ham hit Paula Deen in the face and GET AWAY WITH IT.

Just say NO to ham, Y'all.

Just to clarify...
Ham sandwiches are ok.

yeah yeah yeah....
BUT ham on a sandwich is still ham (you say)

We are just boycotting ham that is shaped like a HAM.
Ya know, Ham that can HURT SOMEONE.

It's all good.
If you are still uneasy about the packaged stuff.....
I can make up a ham sandwich and toss it at Hunky Hubby's head.
Ya know, to see if it hurts.
*testing purposes*

P to the S: Paula, I'm doing this for you, girlfriend.
follow me on twitter?
hint hint

Nov 27, 2009


on twitter?

Leave me your twitter handle (id) below.
I may just decide to stalk you.

I'm @trendytykes.

IMA Gobbled....

in other words :


Well, that saying could be used to describe something else today.


Just say NO to TURKEY, Y'all.


Nov 24, 2009


5 more days....
4 more days...

This is what I have been hearing every day for the past two weeks.
(blank) more days . . .

Except it's been said with a WHOLE LOTTA excitement.
What are they counting down?
Turkey Day aka Thanksgiving

Well, from what I hear they are excited (beyond control) over the food.

I swear.
I feed them.
I do.
But if you listen to the EXCITEMENT and the TONE of their voices over TURKEY DAY....
You would think NOT.

I mean,
Chicken Nuggets, Corn dogs and Pizza Pockets
That's still considered food, right?

Get your gobblin' on, YO!
Here's some (very last minute) crafty ideas.
If you are a good mom then you will get off this computer RIGHT.NOW. and do one of these.
Just sayin'

I dug these up in the archives:

Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats
(Great hostess gift idea)

Cereal box turkeys

Turkey Finger Puppets from Skip to My Lou

Turkey Bowling, anyone?
(from Makes and Takes)

Indian Dolls from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
these are cu-uuute!

Nov 23, 2009

Giveaway Alert!

I have another DVD giveaway up for grabs over on the review side.

Little Spirit : Christmas in New York
(click on that link above)

*Great family movie in time for the holidays*

I still have a few more giveaways to post.
(Ones that should have been up last week....ooops! I was in bit of a FUNK though.)

After all the giveaways, I can focus on some other fun things.

Have a nice night.
I am off to get my Benadryl fix and hopefully go zzzzz.....

I cried. SO WHAT?

We watched the movie UP last week.
I cried.
(Hey, it was a very touching movie.)
My family made fun of me.
yeah yeah....

Hunky Hubby said "It's a cartoon."
I was all "AND?"
I cry during lots of cartoons . . .

The Lion King
Finding Nemo
The Spongebob movie.
(Hey, you would cry too....if ya had to watch it OVER and OVER and OVER again.)

I am a very emotional soul.
I cry on flippin' Survivor when they get letters from home.

I cried.
I actually wanted to SOB but I controlled myself.
I thought no one had noticed because I was all "ooooh there is something in my eye."

Well, I don't feel so bad now.
My kiddos had friends over today and I asked how they liked the movie.
Both said "LOVED IT but it was kind of sad."

Big Girl was all "My mom cried."
Her friend : "My dad cried too."


See, it's a FLIPPIN' TOUCHING story.

Nov 22, 2009

Shake what yo momma gave ya ...

diggin' through the archives
originally posted Jan 31, 2009

While BLOG HOPPIN' yesterday, I saw this on my pal Angie's blog.
(and she actually found it from another blog....Blessed by 3 Miracles.)

A little backstory on the actual photo:
When asked to draw a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up, second-grader "Sarah" turned in the lovely drawing shown below.

Now what comes to mind when you look at it?
You are probably thinking Momma works at the
"Shakey Shakey" place

Needless to say, the teacher was a bit surprised -- Mrs. Smith had always seemed like such a conservative woman. So she sent a note home to the girl's mother asking for clarification as to the picture's meaning.

Mom's response:
Dear Mrs. Jones,
I wish to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer. I work at Home Depot and I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit. I told her we sold out every single shovel we had, and then I found one more in the back room, and that several people were fighting over who would get it. Her picture doesn't show me dancing around a pole. It's supposed to depict me selling the last snow shovel we had at Home Depot.From now on I will remember to check her homework more thoroughly before she turns it in.
Sincerely,Mrs. Smith

ROFL.....This actually reminds me of the time my son went to church telling his sunday school teacher that I made him drink beer.

Yep, BEER!

Only it wasn't BEER but rather ROOT BEER.

A Million Reasons to Believe with Macy's ~giveaway~

This giveaway is now closed....


tesashel said...
here it is...
November 22, 2009 7:56 PM

Send me an email with your mailing info, please


I think this is a wonderful campaign.
Macy's will be donating $1 for every letter to Santa and donating up to $1,000,000 to the Make a Wish Foundation.
(Click the banner above)

A Million Reasons to Believe . . .

Just have your kiddos write their letters, address them to santa (with proper postage) and then visit your nearest Macy's.
Macy's will have a mailbox just for Santa's letters.
Drop them in and Macy's will do the rest.
$1.00 or more will be donated.

But wait,
There's more!
Tell Macy's why YOU believe and YOU and YOUR family could just win a trip to New York in 2010 for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
Click here for more details.


Jumpstart your holiday shopping with a little $$!
I am giving away (1) $25 Macy's gift card.

Here's what I want you to do :
Visit the special Macy's "Believe" site.
Up at the top you should see Macy's Santa Tour, click it.
Then come back here and tell me a city/state that will host Santa's tour.

You must do this in order to enter the giveaway.
Once you have told me a city/state then you are free to comment as often as you would like.
*Please make sure your comment is directly above/below someone else....

Comment #315 will win the gift card.

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to endorse this campaign. I was also not PAID in cash or product to post about this campaign. M80 (on behalf of Macy's) did supply a $25 gift card to be used as a giveaway to one reader.

Nov 21, 2009

They're like LITTLE RATS.....LITTLE RATS, people

Let's talk Zhu Zhu pets.

The toy fad of the year.

Everyone's gotta have one......

errr until next month and then it will be something totally different.

Anyway, my kids aren't into these.
(Thank Goodness)
They are sold out EVERYWHERE.
I'm not sure what happened?

Did one of those Jonas Bros endorse them?
Did Miley Cyrus touch each one herself?
I don't get it.

Just a couple of months ago, we passed them up in the toy aisle. I remember asking my daughter about them.
"Ehhhh......Nahhhhh I would rather have the Littlest Pet Shop instead".
I REMEMBER SEEING TONS of them on that shelve.

Not so much.
Why am I even paying attention?

Have you seen what these things are going for on ebay??
There was an auction on there the other day that was already at $66 with 3 days to go.
with 3 days to go!

On Craigs List there was someone selling 3 hamsters and 2 tunnel looking thing-a-ma-jigs for

Uh huh

One word for any MOMMA or DADDY that shells out this kind of money . . .
Ok, that wasn't so nice.
How about

Oh, and if you are a really good parent then you would just buy Junior a REAL HAMSTER.

Just sayin'

Nov 20, 2009

It's tough

Being a Stay at Home mom is tough some days (Ok, most days).

Ever have those days where you just need a grown-up/adult/other parent/ANYONE over the age of 11 to talk to?

To cry with?
To scream at?
A grown-up that will make you laugh....
A grown-up that will laugh at your corny jokes....
A grown-up that will tell ya "You so crazy." but in a FRIENDLY KIND OF way....
A grown up that will tell you when you have something in your teeth....

A grown-up to tell you that you are over reacting.....
A grown-up to listen.....
A grown-up to tell you that IT WILL BE OK....

A grown-up that will sit in silence with you when you don't feel like talking.

I need that grown-up today.


Ya don't call....
Ya don't write....

Ya must be a-slackn' ? <----see that

(I did that for PrairieMama 'cuz *giggle* it bugs her.)

It's just been one of those weeks.
I promise to get a post or twelve (ok maybe not 12) up today.
(later today)

mmmmmm K??

Nov 18, 2009

~A Week of Thanks Giveaway #2~ K'NEX Sesame Street building set


Congrats Jennette

Alrighty folks!
This is it.
The first person to leave a comment on THIS post will win the following :

(1) Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection building set (Police Car) from K'NEX

Great stocking stuffer!! (Or gift)

sesame street knex

To read my full review on the above product clicky click -----> here.

Get Set

Fastest fingers win!

pssst.... (another THANKFUL giveaway)

I'm going to be giving something away tonight.

WHAT? The third item pictured in -----> this post.

There's a catch.
You have to get to the post first to win.
Yep, whoever leaves the VERY FIRST comment will win!

WHEN? Uhhhh.....I'm not going to give you an EXACT TIME but the post will go live somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00 pm. (CST)

~This is NOT the post.~

Oh, this giveaway will go to someone on GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT.
If you are NOT following via GFC, then please do so before posting your comment OR IT WILL NOT COUNT.
*google friend connect is at the very bottom*

Nov 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!


Those clothes....
Ya know, the ones in the washing machine?


Well, I didn't forget about them today.

I also didn't forget about them TWICE yesterday.
Not Me!

Those same clothes....
been washed three times (soon to be four).

I mean, think of all the water that would have been wasted.
Not to mention ...the detergent.

NO, Little Princess...
I did not buy your Barbie doll a shirt just like the one you own.
uh m m m
That IS your shirt.
It used to be----- LIKE YESTERDAY.

I mean


P to the S: I also didn't just shove colors in with whites.
Oh Wait...
I did do that.
Yeah, I always do that.
What? I never said that I was June Cleaver around here.

~A week of THANKS~ Adorable Kinders rag doll

This giveaway is now CLOSED.
The winner is . . .

Lindsey said... 32
Okay, these are just too cute! I think I would go with the Rena doll because she has red hair like my daughter. Or orange, I guess. But close enough. lol Thanks for the great giveaway!

November 18, 2009 6:12 PM

Congrats Lindsey and Thanks for following my blog!!
Y'all be sure to visit her blog sometime too : A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts


I've got an adorable doll for one of YOU!

Adorable Kinders

About Adorable Kinders dolls : Each 18” Adorable Kinders Rag Doll is made in the USA, and stuffed with non-allergenic 100% polyester. Dolls come in a colorful, removable outfit with separate underwear, socks and shoes with super-soft yarn hair. All Adorable Kinders Rag Dolls and their outfits are washable. Dolls come with an internet key-code that can be used to register for the Adorable Kinders eSchool. Choose from 26 different styles, one doll for each letter of the alphabet. Ages 2+.

Here's the one that we have . . .

Adorable Kinders

I really wanted to get the R doll since my lil one's name begins with R but Kathy looked more like my princess than any of the other dolls.
Of course, you don't have to choose the doll with the same initial as your lil one.
Each doll starting with A and ending with Z is cute cute cute!


You can see my full review on Adorable Kinders ----> right here.

Now for the good stuff....
One of my my LOVELY & WONDERFUL friends will be walking away with an Adorable Kinders doll.
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This giveaway will end on Monday, November 23rd.

Nov 15, 2009

Mama Likes

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted a MAMA LIKES post, huh?

Ok, here we go . . .

~Crafty St-uuuf~
Advent Calendars from Oh Amanda
(the best ones E-VER!)

Fabric Flowers from Hope Studios
(check out the one on the shoes....HAWT!)

gift cans from The Idea Room

~School St-uuuf~
Math Nook (games for the math wiz....or math challenged)
Moving Picture Books (for the lil reader)
Worksheet Universe

~New (to me) blogs to stalk~

Buzzings of a Queen Bee

(click the banners to visit)
Don't forget to leave 'em some comment love.

Got something on your blog that I may like??
Leave your link below:
*giveaways, fab posts, recipes...share them all!

Nov 14, 2009


Remember when I posted THIS about being one of THOSE bloggers ?
Those same bloggers that I used to make fun of.....
Well, I have slowly turned into one.
You know, the ones that change or tweak their template more than they change their own undies??
I am one.

I thought I would share some of the sources for templates and "stuff" that I have come across.

I've been having so much fun supporting my fellow template designers.
(Probably too much fun!)

Free Cutesy (that's what I call 'em) templates:

*Probably my favorites....not only do you get the background and extra buttons be she also includes the banner

Adori Graphics

The Cutest Blog on the Block

Smitten Blog Designs

Leelou Blogs

Shabby Blogs

Background Fairy

Now onto the FREE Premium blog templates.
Premium blogs are considered a little more "professional".
Magazine Style templates are very popular.

Free Blogger Template

Premium Blogger templates

Templates Novo Blogger

Mint Blogger

These are just a sampling of my favorites. (FREE TEMPLATES)
There are literally thousands of other sites out there.
Ya just gotta do a little diggin'.

Share your resources!
I will be sure to update this list if I happen to come across some more "favs".

The templates above are mainly for BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT blogs.
I'm not sure about Wordpress templates but if you know of a great site feel free to post it in the comments section.

I'm Thankful . . .

Thankful for blog reading pals LIKE YOU!

Come back next week (beginning on Monday) for a week filled with giveaways.
These giveaways are for my subscribers/google friend connect friends ONLY!
But, it's never too late to make a new friend.
Feel free to subscribe at anytime before then or during the giveaways.

A little sneak peek of what's to come :

Adorable Kinders

hanna flat iron

sesame street knex


Plus more . . .

Nov 13, 2009

Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaucer review/giveaway

Update: Monday, Nov. 23rd
Heather C. please return my email soon.
If I do not hear back within 24 hours then I will have to award this awesome prize to someone else.

This giveaway is now closed...

Congrats Heather C.

Heather C. said
besides the exersaucer I would probably choose the Majestic HighChair.
thanks for the chance!

I was recently contacted to review the Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaucer.
As soon as that email came through, I was all "HECK YEAHS!"

No, I didn't have intentions on stuffing the Lil Princess in it.
(although that does sound tempting!!)
I was jumping up and down because I just knew it would make a great addition to my very small home daycare.

Let me tell you WHY . . .
The Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaucer is for ages 0-24 months.
Daycare Boy #1 (We will call him BUBBA) is 15 months old.
(walking, talking, and having a grand time!)
Daycare Boy #2 (We'll call him smaller Bubba) is barely 5 months old.
(cooing, laying around, smiling)

It is a 3 stage activity center.
*Stage 1- a playmat (perfect for smaller Bubba) He can lay on the mat, under the toy bar and stare. He may even smile or toss up a little COO.


*Stage 2- the exersaucer (ages 4 mo-walking age) Once smaller BUBBA get's to be a little bit bigger he can use the Exersaucer portion.

Sitting there....sometimes bouncing ....having a great time with all the toy bars and accessories.

*Stage 3- the activity table (walking age-24 months) Now this is perfect for BUBBA since he is already in the walking stage. Let's face it, he would not like to be trapped in the exersaucer part very long so the activity table is right up his alley.

You might very well find him pressing buttons, chewing on toy bars and walking around and around just to pop another monkey around.
PERFECT, once again!


Transforming the Triple Fun Exersaucer is super simple.
It mainly requires a little push or tug on one of the main pieces.
All can be taken apart just as easy too.

I am very impressed with the Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaucer. I only wish they would have had something like this when my kids were younger.

The ONLY thing that did bother me . . .
Each toy needed it's own batteries.
We haven't even put batteries in any of the toys yet and the BUBBA'S still have a blast.
*no batteries=no headaches for Miss Linda*

**Attached are 11 age-appropriate toys, a variety of songs, sounds, & phrases, plus 10 developmental milestones.

Would you like to own the Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaucer too?
I have one to give away.
All you need to do is visit
Browse around....
Then come back here and let me know which item(s) you would most like to have for your lil one. (besides the Triple Fun Exersaucer)

*Extra Entries*
(1) extra entry for tweeting this g/way on Twitter
(2) extra entries for subscribing to my blog via feedburner
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This giveaway will end on Friday, November 20th.

Disclosure: I did receive the Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaucer to review.
I was not compensated in any other way (not paid).
The "review" is entirely my own and I was not paid to say any of the above.

Dear Anonymous and Spammer

Anonymous :
I get it. You don't want anyone to uncover your super secret identity.

I get it....I really do.
Sometimes, I like to remain anonymous when I am prank calling folks. I use that super secret code and type it in on the cell phone where my number doesn't show up.

So, as you can see I get it.

However, what I do NOT get is . . . .
Why do you enter giveaways under "Anonymous"?
NO, I am not referring to ALL of you "ANONYMOUS" folks.
I know that some of you do not have your own blog.
That's fine.
You always leave me an email address so I can contact you.
I am talking to the ones that come here and leave nothing but . . .
"Would really love to win!"

Does that make sense?
I mean...
If I were to say "ANONYMOUS", You are the winner.
Who would answer me?

Oh, but thanks for the comment!
I do love me some comments.
Anonymous or not


It stinks.
Doesn't it?
(leaving a comment on a blog where they go into moderation)
You can keep trying.....
Really, I don't mind.
Your spam will never make it's way to my blog.
I love the "Reject" button.

(smooooches and hugs)


Sorry guys, I woke up with the crud again today.


So I will apologize in advance.
I am definitely not going to be spitting lollipops and tootin' rainbows today.

I do have a giveaway scheduled to post later this afternoon.


So, come back later and enter.
Also, next week I will be hosting a series of giveaways.
However, these will only be given away to my "subscribers" and "Google Friend Connect" pals.
It's just my way of saying "THANKS FOR READING!"

Don't fret.
It's never too late to become one of my pals.
Just subscribe at the top left corner or via google friend connect.

Nov 12, 2009

Gimme lip . . .

The Prompt:
1.) Describe the best/most creative punishment you have ever given your children or received yourself.

Well, I've already told you guys about my new form of punishment.
If you missed it, then clicky click this linky link.

Now, I give you the results :
Things are going pretty good (for momma).
They gimme LIP and I give them a chore or three
*I love to hear them whine now.
It brings me PURE JOY!

Check out what's going on . . .


and this

is making momma like THIS

And then I can do THIS

While watching THIS


Join Mama Kat's Writers Workshop.
Click HERE for more details.

Dance with me

I stumbled upon this pic just now....

prom pic
Prom pics are cheesy....

Even cheesier was that hair.
I think it took me two days to get the hairspray out.
Speaking of hair, Hunky Hubby (Hunky DUDE back then) sure had a lot.

But the first thing that I thought when looking at this pic:
I miss those tata's.
I haven't seen THOSE in awhile.
Geesh, I can't even find them now.
Oh wait....
That's ok, someone gave me a clue on where to look for them.

Why are they way down there?


(prom pic from 1997)


Nov 11, 2009

Kind.of Sort.of Odd ?


Is it odd to receive a CUTE PUPPIES calendar from a funeral home?



I was browsing through a calendar filled w/cute puppies earlier.
Noticed that it had the local funeral home's info stamped on the back...


Come Visit Us REAL SOON!
(ok, I made that part up.)

That would have been even more ODD and a little creepy too.
I mean, I'm sure they are real nice people and stuff . . .
I don't feel like visiting anytime soon.
Ya know what I mean?

But I'm serious about the Cute Puppies.
She also has a Cute Kittens one from the same funeral home.
They send these to my grandmother through the mail.....
Which, Come to think of it . . .
Is odd.
OK, kind.of. CREEPY



Talk about killing 'em with cute-ness.
Ok, I'll stop.
I promise.

Nov 10, 2009

Wow Wow Wubbzy dvd giveaway

Need another dvd?
Check out the giveaway

Win Wubbzy's Christmas Adventure
(3 copies)


Nov 9, 2009

Do pilgrims wear heels?

Quite possibly the weirdest text message that I have ever sent :
(ok quite possibly....NOT but go with me, ok)

my text to hunky hubby:

Can I order a pilgrim costume? (for myself)

his text: HUH?

Ahhhh.....he has to love me.

I'll tell you the "WHY" later (because I know you wanna ask, right?)
psst....and it's not REALLY for Thanksgiving but you better bet your bottom dollar that I am gonna get my $25 worth and wear it on that day too!

Stay tuned . . .

And the TWO of YOU that know about this??

I am ROFL!
I did not realize it at the time but my title makes this all seem pretty
"baw chicka baw waw"
hee hee
It's not one of THOSE kinds of costumes.

I'm begging her to whine . . .


I've been searching online for a USED copy of the "Parenting Manual/Handbook".
Ya know, the one I was talking about here?
I haven't found one yet.
Geesh, I guess I'll just have to have another kid in order to get a NEW one.
:shrugging shoulders:

I am still working on the attitude.
Now I have another issue.
One that's probably more annoying than the whole attitude problem.


Whining grates on my last nerve.
Ok, let me rephrase that . . .
Whining grates on my 2,006th last nerve.
uh yeah
That "last" nerve......well it was grated on many moons ago.

I think I can nip the whining in the bud though.
Starting today, if you whine in the "H" house . . . .
You get a chore.
Whine once, you get one chore.
Whine 5 times . . . You get 5 chores.

I'm almost begging someone to whine.
I have lots and LOTS of work that needs to be done.

Where's my bon bons?
Turn the soaps on.
This momma is about to CHILL-LAX while the kids do my dirty work.


Nov 8, 2009

You have a candycorn nose and your momma dresses you funny


Let the good times roll...

Check out these fun scarecrow cookies from Skip to My Lou.

Did ya have a great weekend??
Did ya?
Chat tomorrow!

Nov 7, 2009

and TODAY....I confess

When I am going down the road in my car

I will pick the cell phone up and put it on my ear

Pretend to talk
(sometimes I will even laugh)

Ya know
Just to look cool and stuff.

Oh, and sometimes
When I pull up next to someone and they are staring at me.
I feel awkward.
So, what do I do?
I put the cellphone up to my ear.
Pretend to talk
even let out a giggle

Wanna know something that is NOT COOL....
When the cell phone actually rings
ya know,
When I am pretending to talk

It scares me.

Nov 6, 2009

It's de-lurking day

It's that time again.
You came....You saw....
Now be willing to bare it all.
(uh, ok maybe not)
But I do want you to DE-LURK.
Let me know that you were here by leaving your blog link below.

You can leave your links too.
Hip and Happenin' giveaways are welcome but I would love to see what you have been up to.
Got something JUICY?
Leave it.....I'll read those first!


Today is also my HAPPY HAPPY anniversary.
This is our 11th one.
Can you believe that Hunky Hubby has put up with me for this long??
Well, actually he's been putting up with me for 15 years.
(Legally married for 11)
Have a great weekend!!

Nov 5, 2009

If I could shake it....I would but I I won't


The Year : 1994 or was it 1993?
The Place: Homeroom *9th grade*

Sitting in my desk, chatting it up with a few other girls.....Someone said something funny and we began to laugh.

Maybe even a few snorts in between a giggle and a laugh

And then IT happened.....

Uh huh

Giggle/Laugh/Giggle/Snort/Laugh . . . .

----> toot <---- Honestly, it could have been the toot heard around the world (or at least the classroom) because as soon as it happened - - - -SILENCE! And then one of the "MORE POPULAR" girls said (while giggling) "WHO DID THAT?" As fast as fast can be, I said "ME!" Why did I answer? AND SO FAST? I still don't know. I mean I could have just sat there with that "look"
(ohhhh you know the look and don't even tell me that you don't....toot? what toot?)

I didn't.
Everyone laughed some more but this time it was at my expense.

That was when I became known as the girl that tooted in 9th homeroom.
Ok, not really.
It was quiet embarrassing.

(that photo up there? well, it has nothing to do with the story. I like it though.)
Join Mama Kat's Writers Workshop. Clicky Click here for more details.

H to the E -L-P


Can someone please help me out?
Will you grab your "How to raise a child" handbook??

When you get it out, find the section on "Smart-Mouthed 11 years olds".
Please tell me what it says.

What do I need to do??

The hospital forgot to send a copy of this book home with us.


baby teethingparenting

Well, flap my flipper

I've turned into one of "THOSE" bloggers.

Yep, I have.

Maybe I'll tell you about it later.


Nov 4, 2009

the other word for pooooooop

Ah, the conversations that are carried on in this household . . .

Big girl : "Momma?"
Me: "Huh?"

Big Girl: "What's that other word for poop? "
Me: "HUH??"

Big Girl: "Ya know, the other word for poop."

Me: (scratching head)
Me thinking . . . Surely she is not talking about THAT word.
Me: noooooo not THAT word
And right before I was about to say *CR@P*, she says "Ya know, we talked about during school work a few weeks ago."


ME: "ooooooooooooooooooh"
"You mean feces."

Big Girl: "Yeah, Feces."
(we learned about the digestive system)

Me: "What about it?"
Big Girl: "What does it mean when one of your FECES floats and the other one sinks?"

Me: (blank)

P to the S: Hunky Hubby said I shouldn't blog this.
I have to document it.
I mean, I would hate to forget about this when she becomes an unruly teenager.
Payback, ya know?

And before you report me to the bad mommy association....
We do not go around saying CR@P.
It's the first thing that came to mind.
The second thing
We don't go around saying THAT other word either.

I need help.

I know, What's new?

I need some techy help.
I want to purchase another domain name but I want and the new domain name to come to the same place (HERE).

HOW ? ? (do I do this)
WHERE ? ? (do I do this)
WHAT ? ? (do I need to look for)

Nov 3, 2009


Someone had a birthday . . .
The day November 2
The Year 1998
The time 8:02 AM




Yep, she's definitely MY kid . . .


My hips don't lie

I hear about it every year . . .
Moms all over the country (ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little) talking about how they make their children trade their halloween candy for a toy.

Reasons: Candy is unhealthy.
Candy rots the teeth.
Candy contains too much sugar.
Candy makes your hips wider than wide.
(I had to add that one)

Yep, Candy does all of the above.

Question ??

If you don't plan to give your kid the candy. WHY GO TRICK or TREATING?
That's like waving candy in front of a kid's face.
Uh, really

Ok, Ok...
Maybe you go trick or treating for the "FUN".
If that is the case, I have another solution.
When you get home PUT THE CANDY AWAY instead of sitting it right there in front of Junior's face.

A little tip:
If the candy sits in the cabinet long enough, Junior will forget all about it.
Which is a good thing around here......


What Candy?

Where did the candy go?

Hey, don't look at me.


I've also heard that people do this with candy that comes in their kid's stockings and Easter baskets.

:shaking head:
Just don't buy it.

But seriously....
Do you do this?
Take kid trick or treating only to have him trade candy for something else
Leave me a comment.
I'm curious.

Nov 2, 2009

El Tacodor (Old El Paso giveaway) CLOSED

Alright, Emmy...
You won some tacos girlie!

Emmy said...
and now!!
November 2, 2009 10:31 PM


Taco . . Taco . . Night....
It's going to be a Ta--co Night!
(ya gotta sing that in your best Village People voice-think Macho Man)

Here in the "H" household, we have taco night at least one time per week.
My oldest love love loves her tacos!
Do you have taco night?
Want to liven the part-ay up?
Play El Tacodor.
El Tacodor, the world´s only Family Taco Night Game, is a fun and easy way to keep your family laughing at the dinner table.

To play El Tacodor, all ya need are Old El Paso taco fixings and the El Tacodor Pack which includes instructions, a scorecard and a challenge sheet. (FREE) Download your pack at

Some examples of the challenges include:
Crunch Time: Name at least 10 animated movies within 1 minute

Meat-N-Greet: Name 5 things that you´d bring home from your favorite vacation place and let the table guess where you traveled

Lettuce Play: Act out different animals - no noises! Your partner must guess 3

Lime Light: Cheer, "We love tacos, yes we do! We love tacos, how `bout you?"

Say Cheese: Pronounce the name of everyone at the table backwards!

Get your family talking at the dinner table.
Enjoy FAMILY TIME with El Tacodor.

Wanna win something??
Oh, I know you do!
I have a El Tacodor prize pack for one lucky winner.

Prize Pack contents:
(2) two coupons to purchase Old El Paso dinner kits and a $10 gift card to purchase any additional meal needs (i.e. meat, cheese, lettuce, etc).

Leave a comment below.
Since this is a LIVE giveaway, you are allowed to post as many times as you would like however your posts can not be directly after one another.

**Comment # 236 will win this prize.
Win the prize pack, download the El Tacodor game and create some fun times with the family!
It's that simple.
Create a video and snap some photos while you're at it.
Videos and Photos can be uploaded on the El Tacodor Flickr page as well as their Youtube page.

Disclaimer: This giveaway is made possible by My Blog Spark. Everything you see above (prize pack) was sent to me as part of this review opportunity. No other form of payment was received.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures Vol 1 (giveaway) CLOSED


justicecw said... 60
I love iron man!
November 2, 2009 9:35 PM

judybrittle said... 134
We could watch this all together. That would be fun.
November 2, 2009 10:26 PM

The Allen Family said... 215
So close to it
November 2, 2009 11:05 PM

Iron Man: Armored Adventures Volume 1

"Finally" . . .
"Something for me to watch."

This is what the lil man said to me the day this dvd showed up in our mailbox.
He had a "happy moment" right there in the doorway.
Yep, he did.

A little bit about this dvd:
Tony Stark is not the typical teenager… he’s a billionaire, brilliant inventor… and Iron Man! “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” follows Tony Stark, 16-year-old genius and heir to the billion-dollar corporation Stark International, as he battles the enemies of world peace with his revolutionary power armor technology. Growing up, Tony had always lived a life of luxury, but everything went horribly wrong when a tragic plane accident robbed him of his father and nearly cost him his own life. Eager to honor the memory of his dad, Tony now uses his suit of invincible armor and technical know-how to protect those who would also fall prey to tragedy, corruption and conspiracy. With help from his friends Jim Rhodes and Pepper Potts, Tony’s activities as Iron Man usually result in high-speed flight, high-tech battles and high-octane quests for justice.

Now, we have all seen Iron Man (the movie) so I believe that the Lil Man assumed it would be something like that.
But After watching this dvd, he came running into the kitchen and said "Momma, Tony Stark is a REAL BIG KID and not a GROWN UP."
Of course, he threw in a couple of "Cools" and "Awesomes" too.
His lil buddy from down the road came over that same night and they watched it all over again.
I also overheard them playing "Tony Stark" the next day outside.

Got boys?
Get Iron Man: Armored Adventures Volume 1

Before you buy it you can try to win it.
I have (3) copies to give away.
All ya have to do is leave me a comment below.

This is a LIVE giveaway.
Comments number 60, 134 and 215 will WIN!
You can enter as many times as you would like HOWEVER please only post directly after someone else has posted.
Do not post under your own comment.

disclosure: Bender Helper Impact did supply this dvd for review. No payment was received. The "review" you see up there?? Well, that was entirely my own opinion.
Bender Helper Impact also supplied the 3 dvd's that I am giving away.
Once again, I was not paid to POST my OPINIONS on this dvd.
I post them because ....
It's my blog.
Plain and Simple.

I just licked the screen.


the end.

just kidding
about the "THE END" part
not the "I don't like to cook" part

Ok, I also like to flip through recipe books and food magazines.
oooh ohhhh
I love watching all those cooking shows on Food Network.
My favs:
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
(Guy Rocks!)
Deen....Paula Deen
(said in my best James Bond voice)

You made my blog.
Don't forget to follow me on twitter, Paula!
mmm k?

Anyhoo, back to the point of this post.
FOODIE blogs
Here's some to ch-ch-check out . . .

two words-CAKE POPS

Pioneer Woman
three words-LAWD HAVE MERCY!

Make Life Delicious
one word-EASY

Smitten Kitchen

two words- EYE CANDY

My First Kitchen
two words-DROOL WORTHY

Sippity Sup
one word-FUN

I love sandwiches
three words-I LOVE SANDWICHES! a foodie blog?
*Show some Love and leave their link in the comments section.

Nov 1, 2009

Things that annoy me #348

Waiting....Waiting.....Waiting in line to be checked out WHILE cashier carries on a conversation with her next door neighbor/aunt/uncle/momma's second cousin.

Well, you get the point.


I must say that tonight my cashier did ring my groceries up while JIBBER-JABBERING however, her pal didn't seem to get the hint to move.

I mean, all the clues were right there in front of him

My basket slowly moving into his leg.
My grocery bags just sitting there waiting on me to grab them.
The cashier handing me the receipt.
The cashier saying ....
(Oh wait, she didn't actually say anything to me *THE CUSTOMER*)

Crazy lady glaring at you....


He just stood there.

Oh, I asked him to toss my bags in the cart.
It's the least he could do, right?

He did.
We left.

That is freakin' rude.
just sayin'

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