Apr 30, 2008


will be posted tonight! I am so behind (Kids and STUFF....I am sure most of you can relate??)
Just wanted to inform you guys about another giveaway!

Works for Me Wed (Mini May Day baskets)

I have been trying to come up with creative ideas for toilet paper tubes. We seem to have a nice collection seeing as how we go through toilet paper like CRAZY!
I have decided to make MINI MAY DAY BASKETS with a few of them.
You will need :
Toilet paper tubes/rolls
ribbon (1 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch)
Cut the toilet paper tube in half
Glue the 1 1/2 inch ribbon on this half
Now take the other half and cut a narrow piece off of the top. (This will be your handle)
Wrap with your 3/8 inch ribbon and allow to dry.
Now just assemble your basket with a little more glue. Allow to dry and then you will be able to stuff it with "Mini" items for the kiddos!

*If you do not have access to empty toilet paper rolls just give my three year old a call. I am sure she can unroll your toilet paper and even place it in the toilet for you. She's such a good HELPER like that!
My oldest daughter wants to give them to a few friends so I have decided to fill them with a small piece of tulle and then add a couple of flower clippies (and maybe a little strawberry one also!)
Have fun with your MINI MAY DAY baskets and if you want some bigger basket ideas look below.

Apr 29, 2008

A cyber baby shower

I have been attending a great deal of baby showers lately between family and friends. I must admit that I am one of those gals that just love those types of things! I love getting amongst other ladies, playing games, opening gifts and ooohing and ahhing over all the cute baby stuff. I usually ALWAYS see something that I wished I would have had when I was pregnant but alas.....we are perfectly content with 3 kiddos. BELIEVE ME!

When I found out about the CYBER baby shower I thought I would check it out. You can win some great prizes and meet some new mommy bloggers. You should really check it out for yourself or pass the info along to an expectant mom.

Here are my guesses for a couple of the GAMES!
#1- (Guess how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle)
My guess is: 63

#3-(Guess how many diapers were used to make the diaper cake)
My guess-98

Top Five prizes I would love to win:
Kaboodle Kids cargo print shorts
Good Thoughts Paper Company Personalized bow pad
Pillowcasegram pillowcase
See My designs blog makeover
Stuff for Sprouts 3 pack of lip stuff

If you would like to join the party just click on the banner for more info!

I really did see it coming

Everytime I turn the tv on or pick up a magazine there she is.....Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). I have heard and read OVER and OVER again how she is a real down to earth "GOOD GIRL". I honestly wanted to believe that she wanted to stay sweet and innocent, I REALLY DID! However, I had my doubts. I mean COME ON! She is living the Hollywood lifestyle and we all know how that one plays out ahem....Lindsay, Paris, Britney.
NO, that was NOT going to happen to Hannah Montana though, right?
I really did see this coming. As I watched all the Entertainment shows I would see her doing the "Pouty" face towards the camera while walking around in 4 inch heels.
Now we have the "Vanity Fair" photo shoot where she is posing half nude.
Where were her parents?
Oh, they were there.
Why were they allowing this?
me thinks: they are liking that Hannah Montana $$ and lifestyle so they are willing to do just about anything for exposure. HEY, Whatever it takes, right? @@-rolling my eyes
What are your thoughts?

Apr 28, 2008

MOMS! Win a Kodak 3 All in one printer


Another great giveaway from the ladies @ 5 Minutes for Mom.

Click HERE to enter!

Apr 27, 2008

*May Day baskets*

I am trying to come up with some cute MAY DAY basket ideas for some of the neighbors.
I can not believe May 1st is Thursday....WOW Time is zooming by.
Here are some great links I came across while searching.
Hopefully I can make up my mind before Thursday and post a photo of ours!

Apr 26, 2008

The "Cool" Mom

I was the "COOL MOM" yesterday! What an honor to finally be called the "COOL MOM". It took a long nine years but I am proud to say :
"Cool Mom" club....
You now have a NEW member!
All it took was a few cups and a whole lotta water.
The little neighbor kids told me "This was the best day EVER!"
Wow, I can only imagine what they will think when I actually offer them a popsicle next time.

Apr 25, 2008

Teacher's Appreciation gifts

Special Teacher
Thank you special teacher For helping me to know
The things I need to learnTo live my life and grow.
I feel good with you
because Your teaching makes me see,If I work at it, I can do it.
Thanks for showing me!
By Joanna Fuchs

It's almost that time of year again. Hopefully your little one had a great teacher this year! My kids had the best teacher E----VER! hee hee that would be ME
If so then you may be searching for a great appreciation gift. I have come across many AWESOME crafty ideas from fellow bloggers......
Post-It note keychains by Elaine's Creations
Altered Clipboard by AimeeAustin
Days of the week "pill box" idea (Super COOL) by Skip to my Lou
Since my kiddos are homeschooled I just may have to make one of these for myself. What do you think?

One of the best "KID" inventions EVER!

The DripStik
Let's face it ICE CREAM and KIDS= ONE BIG MESS!
My kids love to eat popsicles and ice cream but it drives me crazy because I am always trying to catch the drips and wipe their faces before any gets on the clothes.
The DripStik is my new favorite kid gadget.
You can use it with popsicles and ice cream cones. Just insert the cone and VOILA no more mess because anything that "Drips" is automatically caught in the little cup. Your lil one will not have to worry about freezing fingers either since they will not even be touching the popsicle.
I LOVE THIS and can not believe I have went all these years without one.
Would you like to purchase one or a few?
Visit Little Piddles right NOW!

Apr 24, 2008

StoryBook Studio

Creating inspiration for Happy Ever Afters....
Storybook Studio is a wonderful website filled with items to spark your child's creativity.
As soon as I landed on the front page I got all giddy! The website is designed so incredibly well.
What do they offer? Well, I am glad you asked!
You can find an assortment of goodies perfect for any child or child at heart.
Every item in the shop would be perfect as activities for birthday parties.
Just check out the fabric creativity kids:

Each kit contains themed stencil designs, fabric paints, glitter, brushes and materials to create up to 20 different projects on clothing or fabric.
You could decorate t-shirts at the next birthday party!
You can also find the cutest birthday invitations and thank you notes at Storybook Studio.

Looking for something to keep the little one busy at home? Order one of their Color Your Own tees. Each tee comes with 8 fabric markers. This would keep your kiddo happy and content!
So instead of the same old party games why not liven up the party with some creativity?
Place your Storybook Studio order today!
From now until May 22nd if you type in the code : MTTBLOG08 you will receive 20% off of your purchase.
Also be sure to sign up for the NEWSLETTER for a chance to win one of their Fabric Creativity Kits.


One kid is upstairs finishing a reading assignment and two other kids are watching the TRACTOR plow some grass in the big field behind us.

I do believe that means I have a little "Blog browsing" time.

I found some GREAT ideas too!

While visiting one of my favorite blogs Blissfully Domestic, I came across another wonderful blog : Makes and Takes and she posted a great idea "Ice Cube Tub Time."

Be sure to check that one out! It will have your kiddos WANTING to take a bath.

I also came across this neat-o-idea:

(Wouldn't you enjoy getting a birthday card like that?)

Visit For the Love of Paper for more info on that one.

Ok, my break is OVER because I hear the lil princess screaming at her big brother.

Ay Yi Yi!

In the Motherhood

I love watching these "In the Motherhood" sketches. Have you ever sat down and watched? They will definately make you giggle!

Apr 23, 2008

Rainy Day fun


We had a good little spring rain come through yesterday afternoon while the kids were out riding their bikes. Just as it was about to pass us by the kids decided they wanted to jump in a few puddles before going inside.
I told them it was fine as long as I did not have to get wet. :snicker:

It is supposed to rain a good bit this week so I thought now would be a great time to make that "Rainy Day" box that I had been meaning to do for some time.

*Grab a large box

*Have the kids paint and decorate the box

Go through the kids toy boxes and find OLD toys that may have forgotten about, place them in the Rainy Day box

*Visit the DOLLAR STORE for more great ideas such as a deck of cards, paint, playdough, craft supplies....

*Add everything to the box and then put it up for a RAINY DAY!

(Since the kids will only be using the RAINY DAY box when it rains, they won't get bored with the contents.)

Another great idea:


Find a rather LARGE bag and fill it with all kinds of objects (Nothing too sharp or pointy)

Then have the kids reach in and feel something.

Can they tell you what it is??

Apr 22, 2008

Look Mama Made it (giveaway!)

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED....Winner notified
I bet you have never heard that one before, huh?
Today's featured shop is "Look Mama Made it".
Look Mama Made it sells the CUTEST felt creations I have ever laid my eyes upon.
Each one resembles something YUMMY like cookies, birthday cake and lollipops!
Your little ones will have a blast playing with these sweet treats.

We were lucky enough to receive the felt sugar cookies and a sweet lollipop. Not only were they lovingly created but the packaging was top knotch. They came in a cute little bakery style box all wrapped up with a cute ribbon.

My youngest daughter squealed when I opened the package. (At first she thought they were real cookies!)

She scooped them up and ran to her room. She then placed them on top of her Dora Kitchen for her dolls to enjoy.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea then Look Mama Made it is your shop!

~NOW you can have your own YUMMY felt creation~

Look Mama Made it is offering one lucky person a chance to win one of their felt birthday cakes.

All you have to do is:
*Browse through all the cute creations
*Come back HERE and leave a comment telling me which is your favorite.
GIVEAWAY will close on Monday April 28th @12:00AM
A winner will be announced and notified soon after.

I love a great party!


Connor's First Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday Connor!!! (No, not my Connor....but another CUTIE PIE)

Head over to Seven Dogs and a Baby to celebrate Connor's bday! (click on the banner above)

You could win some really cool prizes.

Apr 21, 2008

~Game Giveaway~ ! ! ! (connect four)

It's time for another giveaway!
"Bloggy Giveaways" is hosting their bloggy giveaway carnival and we are joining the fun.
Be sure to head over and check out all the wonderful giveaways. You could win something GREAT!
Ok, now for our giveaway...
All you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section to be entered.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER TO ENTER just be sure to leave an email addy so we can reach you at the end of the giveaway.
Giveaway will end Saturday April 26th @ 12:00AM
Winner will be contacted via email
"Connect Four" board game


Water fun!

If your kids are anything like mine then they LOVE water activities.
We may not have a pool but we can still get wet on those HOT SUMMER DAYS!
Some things we do:
Water balloon fights

Squirt gun challenges ( I set up a line of cans and each kid has to knock them down with a squirt gun.)
NO squirt guns available? Not a problem...

Save your dishwashing liquid bottles and old spray bottles and let the kids use them instead.

Another great activity to try is "Sink or Float"
Grab a large rubbermaid storage bin

Fill it with water

Gather various items (some that will sink and some that will float)
Have the children guess which items do what before adding them to the water.

Hey Batter Batter

It's that time of the year again....
Here are some fun baseball themed activities along with a couple of SNACK ideas.

Apr 3, 2008

Imaginary Friends


Well, the princess informed me that "Jack" would be joining us for breakfast this morning. She also stated that "Jack" likes waffles and not poptarts. I begin to ask a little more about "Jack" and she told me he has black hair, plays nintendo and likes to shop at Wal-Mart. What an interesting little fellow this "JACK" is.

After breakfast, I heard the lil princess going upstairs and she told Jack to hurry up. (She even bosses the imaginary friends!)

She is my first child to have an imaginary friend. Am I concerned? Nah...
It's not like she is lacking REAL friends. I am sure this is just a phase that most 3 year olds go through. Maybe she saw an "imaginary" friend on one of her cartoons.
So, does your child have an imaginary pal?
If so jump in and share with us!

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