May 31, 2009

Mama Likes

((No, I did not forget to post a "happenings around the blog-o-sphere" this week. I did not post it due to Mr Linky being a mess. Hopefully we can get it back up and running real soon.))

Without further ado, Here are my favorites from this past week
Does I really need to tell you WHY this is one of my favorites?
Candy cake by Lick The Bowl Good
aka the 5.5 lb cavity

This post by Nanny Deprived entitled MOMMY MATH

These BLOGGER tips and resources from The Diary of a Poshpreneur

Adorable tees from Lima Bean Kids

DIY Stamps
from One Crafty Mumma

Spread the love.
Feature some of your favorite blogs or posts.
Be sure to leave us a comment so we can check them out too!

May 29, 2009

just rambling, don't mind me

Woah Nelly...
It's finally Friday?
I honestly thought this week would N-E-VER end.
You see, I have been in this house with 3 (and two days 4) extra kids.
If you are keeping count then that makes a grand total of 7 kids.
I might just blow at any moment.
I can't keep the house clean.
I can't get the kids to be quiet.
I can't get the kids to stop fighting.
I can't keep shoes on the lil princess.
I can't keep food in the pantry.
Oh, and please PLEASE do not come visit this week.
I look A HOT MESS.
So, it's friday....finally.
I've been chilling.
Came across a few new blogs like this cute one, my itwins. I stalked her site for awhile today and noticed other blogs that I have never been to before like this one, Rolle Call.
Check out the word verification (hate those things) that popped up for me:

My kids would have giggled over that one.
Why do my kids giggle or ROFL at words such as POOP, BOOTY, TOOT, or FART?
They are so weird.
I kind of giggled at that word verification too.
Does that make me weird?
Oh, I also found this LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME site while visiting My ITWINS
Pink Sugar Desserts
And by GEORGE it made me wanna run out and buy some Duncan Hines brownie mix.

And once again, there is really no purpose for this post.
I'm a rambling kind of gal.
Visit some of the blogs up there though.
They really are cute and great and all that jazz.

May 28, 2009

Jon & Kate go to the beach

This cracks me up!

Kate minus Jon plus 8 and then some


Or Just.Plain.Crazy?

Yes, I got sucked in....
I got sucked in by the whole Jon & Kate chaos. I watch the show. Well, let me rephrase that . . .
I USED to watch the show. No, I didn't stop because I am boycotting the show. I stopped because our lovely Direct T.V. package doesn't allow me the TLC channel anymore.
(But I won't rant about Direct T.V., at least not in THIS post.)

Yep, the kids are adorable and I used to envy Kate. I mean she had 8 kids, allowed cameras in her home and still had more patience than me.
Of course, then I realized UMMMM she has HELP!
*Help and $$ CHA-CHING*
The first three seasons were decent. However, I noticed (before the BIG STINK in the tabloids) that things were changing. Kate was no longer wearing her gray sweat pants-the ones like I wear and she was sporting some pretty snazzy threads, she had a nice "glow", her hair was getting wilder.
Let me just pause for a minute and talk about the hair.
What is UP with that hair??
It's like a reverse mullet (long in the front and short in the back).
Anyway, I noticed in their interviews that it was a little more tense. They were not so chatty and playful. Jon seemed so uncomfortable.
I knew something was up.
I just KNEW.IT!
Now all you hear about it JON & KATE.
Kate does THAT.
Blah Blah Blah....
Jon wants out.
Kate wants in.
(Well, of course she wants has that affect on people.)
What about the kids?
The kids are 5 now. Don't you think it's time to pull the plug? I mean in all seriousness, the cuteness should be wearing off soon.
Oh, and what's up with Aunt Jodi? She is starting to creep me out a little. If you have issues with family then why are you going on TV and talking with the tabloids instead of confronting them face to face.
Me thinks : Aunt Jodi is looking to get a piece of the pie for herself.
But then again, she could really be concerned for the kids?
I just don't know why she couldn't have stated this privately.

P.S. Kate, at least give Jon $6 per day. He can't even supersize his meals for $5.

Whatcha' think?

Tweetin' on Twitter (Shout Outs)


SHOUT OUTS to my Twittering pals . . .
(or rather TWEETS that amuse me)
Click on the links and follow these *LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME* tweeters.
P.S. Follow me!
My twitter handle is @trendytykes

@queenvanna it's not funny when she says "i put marker on your cushion. we need a deep clean."

@pamperingbeki 3 ply toilet paper is SOOOO much better than 2 ply, according to my 9 yr old. #I'vestoopedtotweetingabouttoiletpaper

@LilBirdChirps sometimes life is just nuts. that's all. I need more caffeine...yes, that will help.

@bjenna Treadmill time... Again?!? How did that happen so fast?

@dianamarie wishes she had the confidence to skip around the house nekked as the day she was born like her kids to. Just seems so ... free

May 27, 2009

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner *Review and Giveaway*

This giveaway is now closed....
Congrats to Katy
Katy said...
Hmm...I probably use about 5....pledge, glass cleaner, antibacterial cleaner, etc...etc....This stuff sounds great! Thanks for the chance! :)
May 29, 2009 6:19 AM

I remember not too long ago lugging around at least 4 different cleaning products to clean my home.
hmm...I think that was just last week as a matter of fact.
Wait a minute . . .
It was more like 3 different cleaners, I think?
Anyway, my point.
It was a HASSLE and I used to dream of having ONE cleaner for ALL areas in my home.
My dream has now come true.
NEW Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner does just that - It cleans multiple surfaces.
Sure, I have had other cleaners that "SAID" they cleaned multiple surfaces but when I read the back it said "cleans this, this and this but NOT this."
And usually that last THIS was what I needed to clean.

Pledge Multiple Surface Cleaner cleans the following surfaces:
wood laminate
stainless steel (ya hoo!)

Removes dirt, dust and smudges (ahem think KID FINGERPRINTS!) and the anti-static formula is great for use on electronics.
Anti-Static, huh?
Wonder if it works on hair?
I may just have to test that out for ya.

Ok, it claims to do all of this ?
I gotta put it to the test.
I cleaned my glass/wood table, my front door's windows, the mirror in my bathroom and my stainless steel fridge.
The results : It works. It really works!
I was just thrilled not having to lug around a bottle of glass cleaner, pledge and stainless steel cleaner.
One bottle cleaned it all.
Oh, and it smelled pretty good too.
(comes in lavendar fresh or rainshower)
Wanna try it for yourself?
I have one bottle of Pledge Multi Surface cleaner to give away.
All you have to do :
Tell me how many cleaning products you use to clean your home.
This giveaway will end on Wednesday, June 3 and a winner will be announced HERE.
Come back to see if you are a winner.

If you can't wait for the giveaway to end....
Visit for a coupon and then head to the store to purchase a bottle.

Wordless Wednesday *Hair yesterday, gone today


Wanna participate in Wordless Wednesday?
Visit here, here and even here.

May 26, 2009

Tighty Whitey's anyone? What about a GIANT Tighty Whitey?

Because we don't have enough underwear laying in the floor already . . .

giant undyrug
Can I get an EXTRA large sock while I'm at it?

Let's meet . . . Rhea from


Rhea's blog, mommy23monkeys, is one of my daily hangouts.
I like to visit and hear about her daily adventures with three boys.
I must say that again . . .
THREE boys!
Oh, and did I mention that two of them are TWINS.
oh, and I totally agree about the terrible twos vs threes.
If two is terrible then three is just TORTURE!!

Got Aspirin, Rhea?
So, let's take a little look and see what we can find over at
She's got giveaways.
She's got recipes.
She's got toots. Huh? :giggle: Oh, stop! It's not what you think.
Rhea also cracks me up with her nonsense (hey, that's what she calls it.)
She got bushwacked just recently.
Have you ever been bushwacked?

So, if you are looking for a new bloggy hangout then I suggest you head over to Rhea's site.
Leave her a comment while you are there.
Comments are what makes the world go round....just sayin'

BeautyName personalized necklace *Review*

Have you ever been approached by someone that you knew but just couldn't remember their name? This happens to my husband ALL.THE.TIME.
It can be pretty embarrassing, huh?
Well, I have a solution . . . .

BeautyName personalized necklaces

Yep, that's right. If everyone purchased one and wore their names right there on the neck then we would not have to suffer from
Oh, hush!
I know EVERYONE in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is not going to purchase one just for this reason but it would make my life a little easier.
Aren't you all for making MY life easier?
hee hee
In all seriousness, I did receive this beautiful handcrafted necklace with my name on it.
It's just plain AWESOME and I will never forget my name again.

Ya know?
Maybe I should have asked for one that says "Ms. My Trendy Tykes".
At least that's what some lovely PR reps refer to me as.
hint: my name is at the very top of this blog

A little about BeautyName personalized necklaces:

Beautyname is the place where a name turns into a unique piece of jewelry. Our family-owned company has worked in the jewelry and gold-smith industry for over 35 years in Jerusalem, Israel. We offer a beautiful selection of handmade, personalized gold and silver jewelry, high in quality and craftsmanship.

In our store you will find stylish, trendy jewelry in the latest fashion designs. These are great gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and many other special occasions, as well as, something special and symbolic for yourself. You will also find a lovely assortment of Judaica products, as well as, stunning antique silver rings and necklaces that combine rare and exotic silverware patterns.
Our goal is to build a quality store where our customers are very pleased about their purchases and share with others this unique selection of hand-crafted jewelry.

You can have your name designed in Silver or Gold. There are also a few different font choices to choose from.
Cool beans!
Order your BeautyName necklace through their etsy shoppe or their ebay store.

May 25, 2009

Super Mom in Training

Big Girl : "MOMMA, MOMMA.....I lost another tooth. It's my CANINE too."
Me: "Oh."
Big Girl : "I better put this under my pillow tonight for the toothfairy."
Me : (thinking Eeeeek!)......think fast.....think fast
Me : "Uh, why don't you wait until tomorrow night to put it under the pillow."
Big Girl: "Why?"
Me : "It's a holiday and everyone knows that the toothfairy doesn't deliver or pick-up on holidays."
( super mom IN TRAINING didn't have time to go to the ATM)

Don't mess with momma's babies ~Ezra~

If you stop by my blog, you will find me rambling on about the trials of raising three children. times they drive me bonkers, may cause me to lose sleep, or make me wanna pull out a few hairs but they are my LIFE.

Sure they bring chaos (OH THEY BRING IT ALRIGHT) but they also bring me so much JOY!
If something were to happen to one of them.....


Click HERE to read about little Ezra and then PRAY and PRAY some more.

When you are done reading, DONATE (if you are able) and then go hug your babies extra hard.

Psalm 46:1-2
God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.

He spent $7.00


to achieve THIS . . .

Can't live with them and ya can't shoot 'em back because YOU spent your money on a barbie.

Flea Market FOR REALZ

I went to a flea market over the weekend.
It was definitely a "FLEA" market. I counted 6 different booths with nothing but puppies.
It was not just one breed of dog in each little fenced off area but more like 7-8. There were all kinds of puppies....just about every CUTE breed out there. I was amazed. Not at the cuteness but rather that these people had so many breeds to sell.
I just couldn't wrap my mind around the whole ordeal.
Oh, and people were buying them up like crazy.

I also found out that you should never take a "crafter" to a flea market.
I probably annoyed the poop outta my sister.
Everytime she would pick something up, I would say
"Oh, I can just make one of those for you."
"OH.MY, They want that MUCH for such an easy project!"
Yeah, I was pretty obnoxious.

I was this close to running back to the car to grab my flip video camera. They had music blaring on the outside and a whole bunch of "older" peeps were getting their groove on.
I was SO gonna blog that!
Just didn't feel like walking back to the car.

Even though I didn't buy anything (other than a fudge bar), I did enjoy my day away.

May 24, 2009

Mama Likes

Here we go again . . .
My "favorites" from this past week. (Found throughout the blog-o-sphere)

Isn't this like TOTALLY AWESOME?
It would make a great gift for any teacher!
flower pencil vase by DesignBoxStudio

This dress from Grosgrain (for trendy momma)

You have to view her photos to fully go GAGA over it!
Oh, and if you are a size 2-8 then you just might be able to snag it.
She is giving it away!

Free Artwork from Feed Your Soul....the free art project
My favorite:

Just print, frame and hang!
I am going to hang this one in the lil one's bedroom.

Last but not least...
This video from Trisha @ Mom Dot

May 23, 2009

Happenings around the blog-o-sphere

Well, Hello there!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Guess What? This momma is G-O-N-E!
No, I haven't GONE crazy but rather I am gone.....
Not too far away but I am taking the day off.
A day to myself.
A day without kids at my feet.
A day without having to fix lunches.
A day . . .
Well, you get the point.
I told my wonderful man (AKA THE HUBSTER) that if I did not get out of this house soon then I may just pull out my hair.

I guess he didn't want a bald wife.
Got a giveaway going on?
**If Mr. Linky is still acting up just leave your link in the comments section and I will get it entered when it comes back up.

May 22, 2009

Aloha Friday ....Pull the plug


For more information on Aloha Friday be sure to visit Kailani @ An Island Life.

My question :
What is one children's television show/cartoon that you would like to pull the plug on?
And when I mean pull the plug....I mean "POOF" "BE GONE" and "NEVER COME BACK!"

My answer: (I have a few)


May 21, 2009

Tweetin' on Twitter


Since I have become super addicted to Twitter here lately, I thought I would start a new weekly feature :
SHOUT OUTS to my Twittering pals . . .
(or rather TWEETS that amuse me)
Click on the links and follow these *LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME* tweeters.
P.S. Follow me!
My twitter handle is @trendytykes

@mommy_grrl Laundry has gone from sniggering to mocking me. Must extract myself from Twitter for a time!

@urbancrafter In my parallel universe I am lounging on a beach in Tahiti, frothy umbrella clad drink in hand.

@MommyNamedApril is wishing she had a nanny... or a sitter ... or a housekeeper.... or a house elf ... or SOMETHING.

@MrsLoulou Yikes. I'm totally teaching my son all the wrong things. How could I have done this? I'm such a dummy mommy! (check out the blog post too.)

@3B1M Wondering if the Imagination Movers will be on tour this summer... also wondering if there will be metal detectors at the gate.

May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Got Mud?)


For more wordless Wednesday posts visit The Wordless Wed. hub, 5 minutes for mom & Mom Dot.

May 19, 2009

Super Mom in training

ME: "Kids, it's time to come inside......bath time."
Lil Man: "It's NOT Saturday."


May 18, 2009

Yep, I'm a blogger


The lil man has not been feeling LIKE THE LIL MAN.
I think it's a cold.
He keeps reassuring me that it's not the swine flu.
He fell asleep before hubby got back home with his meds.
I figured that I would go ahead and get him back up so that he could take the medicine. Afterall, he was only in the bed for a mere 30 minutes.

We went in to wake him and he got up, started stirring a pot (an imaginary one) and then proceeded to taste whatever he was cooking. He also gave me a couple of growls.

I laughed and asked him if he was awake.
He then got up out of bed and RAN to the dining room. We were following him around laughing. It was pretty funny!

We finally made it to the kitchen for the medicine as he was trying to open the pantry
(I only assume that he forgot a special ingredient for whatever he was cooking.)
We tried to get him to stand still but he just kept stirring and growling.

Finally, my husband wiped him down with a cool cloth and he took his medicine.
After he was done he tried to run upstairs.

That's his big sister's room.
She growls too. (only not in her sleep)
So, after we finally got the sleepwalker back to bed. I sat down and thought ...
"MAN, I should have got that on video."
It would have made a great BLOG post!

May 17, 2009

Mama Likes

And here are my "favorites" from this past week . . .

Not sure about eating them (Ok, I am sure the big girl would at least try one) but I did think they would make for a fun activity.
PlumPudding tells us all about these SPAGHETTI DOGS on her blog.


I found a new blog to stalk (err I mean visit) :
*It's adorable and you just HAVE to check it out!

A craft that I WILL BE trying !
(I already have my mom searching for the perfect plates.)

Chalkboard plates from Tuesdays with Molly

Found this on Etsy from Paper Prayers

Giggled at this post from Confessions of a Mom....
Probably because I do the same thing
ONLY in the garage

What are some of your favorite finds from this week?
Go and post about them.
Be sure to leave your link in the comments section so we can visit.

May 16, 2009

Happenings around the blog-o-sphere


Support Military Moms Event at The Shopping Mama

What Dad Wants

Your turn . . .
Have a giveaway?
Enter it below on Mr Linky.

May 15, 2009

Vado Pocket Cam (LIVE GIVEAWAY)

Ay Yi Yi!
I counted TWICE.....
(Someone really needs to help me number my comments.) lol
Our winner:
quelleheure4 said...


May 15, 2009 6:28 PM

Since the winner never contacted me, The Vado will be awarded to someone else right here TONIGHT!
And it's happening LIVE folks.
More info?
Click HERE.
I am going to open the comments up and let you post until you can't post anymore.
**THE ONLY RULE : You can not post directly after yourself.
You must wait have another person's post before and after you.
Get it?
Let's go.....
The first person to reach 200 will get the Vado!

I'm the good neighbor

babysitting neighbor's lil boy
he brought chocolate milk
he drank chocolate milk
he drank chocolate milk fast
he had to potty
missed toilet

(insert your own ending here)

May 14, 2009

She has HAPPY FEET thanks to Nowali !

Congrats to our winner : The Mom Jen
The Mom Jen said...
I like the pink block stripes pattern best for my youngest! Thanks for the chance!
May 14, 2009 9:31 PM

The lil princess is all smiles today thanks to Nowali.
She received these SUPER CUTE moccasins the other day and hasn't taken them off yet!

They are pretty cute, huh?
I think she needs more.
Heck, I think I need some!
A little bit about Nowali Moccasins :
Nowali moccasins are a cozy sock-in-a-soft-shoe that stay on kids’ feet. The one piece design makes them super easy to put on, and the double elastic at the top helps to keep them on. Because they are soft and have fun designs, kids want to wear them all the time.
Nowali moccasins are especially popular with children who are starting to walk and run around the house. The non-skid soles really help prevent slips and falls on hardwood and tile floors. As parents know, pediatricians generally recommend footwear with flexible soles to help the foot muscles and arches develop naturally.

As soon as I took these out of the packaging, I handed them over to my 4 year old. She slipped them on with ease and went right back to what she was doing. I LOVE IT!
She can put them on by herself. There is no tying laces or fastening straps.
She can wear them inside or outside.
They will be perfect during the winter months. I have such a hard time getting this child to keep socks on her feet, it is not even funny.

The Nowali Moccasins that are pictured above are part of their new SPRING collection. They have so many adorable designs that it was nearly impossible to narrow down our favorites.
Pretty soon (July) they will be releasing their NEW FALL/WINTER designs. I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of those!
By then it will be time for tights too....
Nowali has a huge selection of girl's tights.
Patterns and Prints OH.MY!

Would you like to win a pair of Nowali Moccasins?
Nowali has generously donated ONE pair for a bloggy pal.
All you have to do is visit Nowali's website.
Browse through all the different styles of moccasins.
Come back here and let me know which is your favorite.
This giveaway will end on Thursday, May 21 and a winner will be announced.

Coupon Code (for those that simply can not wait for the giveaway to end)
Enter HAPPYFEET upon checkout to enjoy an additional 10% off your purchase AND free shipping.
for all purchases of $40 and above

May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday LIVE LONG & PROSPER


Guess what he saw over the weekend?
For more Wordless Wed. visit Wordless-Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Mom Dot.

May 12, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday


So, I went back to sleep this morning.
Probably not a good idea since I had a nightmare about snakes.
I hate snakes.
Oh wait, I take that back.
I haaaaaaate snakes with a passion.
Even though I have never actually been around them (I am not counting the ones at the zoo because they are in glass cases and can't get me.)
It's kind of like tornadoes. I have never been IN one of those but as soon as the sirens go off.....
Umm, never mind. I won't tell you how I act.
Just don't ask my hubby.
He would tell you all about it.
It might embarrass me.
Anyway, back to the dream . . .

There were TWO snakes (identical twins or something) and they were both in my ditch under a little water.
I was only a few feet away and could see their mouth's open and their fangs hanging out.
I probably would have fainted but then I woke up.
I had the shakes.
Everyone say EWWW!

The lil man got on my nerves yesterday.
He got on my nerves A LOT!
(meaning he was a bad boy)
I made him go to bed at 8:00 instead of 8:30.
He was upset.
Mainly because the sun was still up.
Ya know what I told him ?
I told him to pull the covers over his head for awhile.
He would not be able to see the sun that way.
Problem solved?
Well, he was the last one to rise this morning.
He must have kept the covers over his head.
You should try it.
*Well, ya know.....
If you don't want to win that SUPER MOM OF THE YEAR award.

I think I am already out of the running.

Did anyone get their FREE chicken from KFC?
I heard that a lot of places were turning people away.
I am always scared to use those coupons.
I just don't want to get up there and have someone say "Um, we don't accept these."
That's probably why I always send the coupons with my hubby!
hee hee

Ok, I am done.
Must clean kitchen....
Which really means, I shall sit here and surf the net until the kids start complaining that they are HUNGRY.
Then I will remember about the kitchen!

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