Jul 29, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub ! Fun without the TUB

What's this?

It kind of looks like a lemon meringue pie gone CRAZY!

It's actually a soap explosion. *Yep, just half a bar of soap in the microwave turns into THAT!

We are definitely going to be trying this over the weekend. I just have to run out and buy some Ivory Soap.

Check out the details over at Wendolonia.com


Jul 28, 2011

Cupcakes make me HAPPY!

I do believe that cupcakes make any day just a little better. Don't you??

Check out these CREATIVE and OH SO YUMMY-LOOKING cupcakes and cupcake themed products.


(Please don't lick the screen, mmkay?)

Cookie Monster cupcakes

Host a cupcake fondue party! So much fun : )

milkshake cupcakes by Bakerella

ice cream cupcakes via Sugar Derby

It would be so much fun to fill this cupcake box with a gift!

Cupcake in a jar...LOVE THIS : )

One more . . . 


Jul 27, 2011

Building your own website

If you see my head start to spin.....RUN! Run far far away. Building a website takes a lot of patience and understanding and neither of those have ever been in my vocabulary.

Ever heard the statement "If you want something done right, just do it yourself."?



Why does it frustrate me so much then?
I know I'm smart, darnit! lol

Even with all these super easy to follow tutorials and advice, I am still coming up frazzled but I will get this done. Oh YES....YES I WILL!

We will just overlook the fact that I accidentally put my pages in protected mode. (smile)
FTP Clients, HTML, CSS, Javascript Blocklist...Ay Yi Yi!

My head is spinning but I can do this.


Have you ever built your own website from scratch? Does it get easier?
Will I ever do this again?

One more question? Where are my local stored objects? lol

Don't mind me, I will be ok.

err I hope!

Jul 26, 2011

So much fun . . .

I've been getting a big kick out of all the "mustache" related products/crafts/fun ideas out there lately.

I often find myself playing around with my hair and putting it up over my lips like a mustache and then saying "Look at Me!". Everyone does that, right? hehe

Why have mustaches become so fun lately?

Check out these "mustache" related finds :

mustache cakes on funny plates by I am Momma-Hear Me Roar
(too fun!)

Mustache Disguise printables from Easy Makes me Happy

Jul 25, 2011

No ordinary rice krispies treats

I used to love Rice Krispies treats when I was a kid. Ok, I still do....

Check out these NOT SO ORDINARY rice krispy creations!

S'mores Rice Krispies treats by Glorious Treats

Cake Batter rice krispies by gimmesomeoven


Which would you like to try?

Jul 23, 2011

Bored? Make some hair bows this weekend

I just posted a new video tutorial up on Mommy Crafts A lot for the Surround a bow. Check it out !

Stacy has posted some new bow tutorial/features on the I like big bows blog as well.

Have a great weekend !

Jul 22, 2011

First Day of School fun

Here's something nice and FUN for the teachers . . .

First Day Survival gifts from bee in our bonnet

First Day of School treats by The Blackberry Vine

"O-Fish-ally' treat ideas by There's a First for everything

Oreo Apples by Cookies and Cups

How do you make the First day of School extra special?

Please share with us!

Jul 21, 2011

Learning is FUN!

Here's some fun learning activities that I have saved in one of my Pinterest boards.
They make great homeschooling resources.

Nuts and Bolts Spelling from Michelle's Charm World

Go on an Alphabet Hunt

Jul 20, 2011

Painting with Ice Cubes

What a great idea!

Painting with Ice Cubes from Share and Remember

Jul 17, 2011

Marketing your blog....GET OUT THERE!

How do you get your blog out there? I'm referring to online marketing. Do you post on message boards/forums? Do you include links in your emails? What do you do? It's very important to advertise your blog especially if you are making any type of income from it. I always try to include my links at the bottom of my emails and I also use facebook and twitter as a way to "get my site out there".

Of course, if this is just a hobby and you mainly do it for family and friends I don't guess it really matters as much. However, with the ever growing blogosphere and the amount of opportunities out there it is very important to market yourself. Word of Mouth, web site search engines, social media and commenting on other blogs is very important to bloggers who are in this to make a buck or two (or you may just want to work with other companies with reviews and such).

Whatever you are wanting to do, I highly suggest building up your audience and getting yourself OUT THERE!

Don't expect to throw up a blog with a few posts and then get something in return.

It doesn't work like that. It takes time....It takes work....It takes patience.


The good news is that if you build it, They will come!

Keep at it.

Start a newsletter, visit message boards and use social media. There are so many tools that will help you. They are not hard to find.

Make sure you have a great content management system  going.

Go all in or NOT AT ALL : )

Jul 16, 2011

Fairy doors

So magical and enchanting....

Did I mention Cute? Could you imagine the look on your kids face to find one of these in your home? 

Have a family of fairies move in!

Fairy treehouse door

You could have some real fun with these. Imagine a mini mailbox beside the door, place a mini note FROM the fairy family in there letting your child know that the fairy family has moved in.

Teeny tiny table sitting beside the door...

Oh a teeny tiny welcome mat!

The possibilities . . .

Jul 15, 2011

Got kids like THIS?


Jul 14, 2011

handprint, footprint, thumbprint....get creative!

Found these via Pinterest

handprint giraffe

handprint lion via Meet the Dubiens

footprint monkey via funhandprintart

thumbprint ladybugs

What can YOU make?

Jul 9, 2011

Stay at Home Parents :

Check out this NEW Channel on Youtube!

Please subscribe : )

for itty bitty tootsies

Aren't these just adorable?

Soft sandals for tiny toes!

via ZUZII on etsy

Jul 1, 2011

Winners ! ! (Zutano and My Baby Clothes)

Ok, here are the winners :

Congrats to :

Congrats to :

Melanie, You have won the $25 My Baby Clothes gift certificate.

Off to email you both...

Thanks to everyone else that entered !!


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