Aug 31, 2009

~Uppercase Living vinyl expression giveaway~

Congrats Paula H.
Paula H. said...
Never mind. I found it on your home page. I'm now a follower :) Blame it on the pain meds. LOL
Thanks to everyone that entered this giveaway!

Yep, I am still going GAGA over the birds.....

The cute bird on a branch above is a vinyl from Uppercase Living. I have it hanging in the living room right above one of the entrances. Everyone that comes inside our home is immediately drawn to it. It never fails though....
I always get asked the same thing, "Did you paint that on your wall?"
"Of course I did."
I do eventually tell them the truth.
They are often amazed and ask so many questions about vinyl.
I had no idea that there were so many people out there that had no clue about the wonders of VINYL.

A little about Uppercase Living :

Uppercase Living® was founded in 2006 with the vision of creating an inspiring decorative medium that would allow customers to transform their spaces into a reflection of themselves. This vision was delivered through beautiful decorative lettering and embellishments sold through in-home parties, called Open Houses. These expressions could be applied quickly and easily to walls, tiles, wood blocks, and other meaningful places, without enlisting the help of a professional decorator.

Uppercase Living® Idea Catalogs feature hundreds of beautiful UL Exclusive Expressions that have been professionally and exclusively designed by the Uppercase Living® design team. These expressions often feature an embellishment, a circular or rolling baseline, varying letter size, and other aspects of beautiful design. Whether you want a stunning Two-Part Expression for your formal living room or a playful border for the nursery, Uppercase Living® has just the right expression.
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
Uppercase Living expressions are perfect for me and my home.
WHY? Well, I will let you in on a lil secret.
I lack in the whole "decorating" department.
I can't come up with ideas on my own!
Most of our walls are unpainted.
Uh, they are LARGE and TALL and I can not paint a straight line to save my life.
No problemo---Slap a Uppercase Living vinyl on the wall and VOILA!

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
See what I mean?
Transform any wall into a piece of art.
Vinyls can also be placed on tiles, frames, plates....the possibilities are endless.
Choose your phrase, color and size.

BUY IT : Right now there is a fab promo going on. Buy 2 get 1 FREE! (until September 10th)

WIN IT : Would you like to win a vinyl saying from Uppercase Living?
My pal, Elizabeth (an independent demonstrator) has hooked us up with
this 10x10 expression, in brown.

This one is perfect for ANY mom!

Here's what you have to do:
Visit Uppercase Living and browse through the online catalog.
Find one other expression that you adore & let me know below in the comments section. (besides the one above)
That's it!
Extra entries
1 extra entry for following me on Twitter.
1 extra entry for tweeting this giveaway on Twitter (one tweet per day)
2 extra entries for following me via Google Friend Connect
3 extra entries for blogging about this giveaway
4 extra entries for adding my banner to your sidebar
*leave additional comments for each task completed*

This giveaway will end on Monday, September 7th.

overheard today

"If I die today.....YOU ARE IN BIG BIG TROUBLE!"

and NO, it wasn't yours truly that uttered those words

I'm not real sure what it was about either but I had to giggle.

Aug 30, 2009

It didn't suck eggs.

Well, the weekend didn't suck eggs!
It sucked cookies.
We all know that sucking cookies is much better than eggs.
Right, Sassy girl?
Thanks for all the comments....I feel the PUFFY HEART LOVE!
Anyhoo, we decided to take a little trip to the lake.
We walked the nature trail, something that we had not done before.


Follow the LEADER
Yep, that's an American flag in the hands of the BIG GIRL. I am not sure why she had it.
I don't even question her anymore.
See that pic above?
Well, that's when "NATURE" called for two of the three kidlets.
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
Nature also called out to Hunky Hubby but he probably wouldn't want me to tell y'all that so I won't.
Funny: Lil Princess was asking me for toilet paper because ya know....I always carry that in my pocket and stuff.
Hunky Hubby yelled out "USE A LEAF!"
Primitive, I know.

They had to stop HERE to inspect rocks.
Rocks in the NATURE are just so much more detailed than rocks in the yard.

"What was that?"
"A bear?"
"A Snake?"
City Slickers!
I thought this tree was pretty neat.
Check out the roots on that sucker.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Aug 28, 2009

It sucks eggs.

This day already SUCKS EGGS.
Last night SUCKED EGGS.

I tossed and turned. I felt as if I was having one of those anxiety attacks again.
Heart Racing.

When I finally went to sleep the alarm clock went off.
This day SUCKS EGGS.

Ya know what else sucks eggs?
Those MAGIC sheets of paper that came in the kiddo's kids meal last night.
Ya know, They are blank until you add water and then the picture appears?
But when it dries ....the picture goes away.
Lil Princess just doesn't understand the Magic and I am too tired to explain it.
Say it with me....
This day

I have 3 or 4 giveaways for you guys. I just don't feel like posting them.
I suck eggs, huh?
Maybe I will put one up later today?
If not, you can tell me I SUCK EGGS.
I can take it.

Aug 27, 2009

This is how I roll

I haven't featured my peeps lately, Have I?
Shame is my name.
Let's take a looksie and see what's going on in the lives of a few of my FOLLOWERS.
(That has such a nice ring to it.)
you know you want to

Eh, nevermind.
I puffy heart all of my friends!

Click on the links below.

The Un-Organized Mom

A Nut in a Nutshell

Haus of Girls

Childhood Clothing

One of my newest followers
La Belle Mere

Visit them, leave them comments, tell them how much I rock....
Ya might just make a new blog buddy!

Aug 26, 2009

The post in which I may offend TONS of TOES


(My sweet nephew's toes....I can deal with these)

Ok, for anyone that knows know that this post is KILLING me to publish.
I actually kept going back and forth with myself over the issue.
A part of me feels icky just thinking about it but then again another part of me just can not shake it from my mind.
I have been doing this for a week now.
A WEEK, people!
:insert heebie jeebies here:
I am going to talk about F--------feet
:insert more heebie jeebies here:
Not just any feet though.
I am going to be bold.
I am going to be brave.
I am going to write about . . . .
"JACKED UP" feet
Jacked up as in "EWWW!"
Can you tell that I am not a foot person?
I mean I can deal with itty BITTY baby feet and even my cat's paws (well, unless she has been somewhere ummmm well.....NEVERMIND)
especially "JACKED UP" FEET!
Side note: I don't even know if JACKED UP is a real term. Just go with me on this one, OK?

Anyhoo, I was looking through someone's photos online.
There I was clicking, clicking, clicking UNTIL THAT ONE PICTURE popped up.
The feet.
The feet in this picture were not really THAT JACKED UP.
Well, ok...
To me they were.
I mean they were properly painted and all.
No hammer toe or anything.
So what was wrong, you ask?
Ok, ya know how your big toe is just that ....uh, BIG and then all the other toes go down in size ending with the smallest one, the pinkie toe?
The big toe was not so BIG against the other ones.
Let me see if I can find an example for you.

Oh, I found one.

See what I am talking about?
"Jacked up toes"
Now, I would never EVER make fun of anyone for this.
Of course, I will make fun of your toes though.
It's just NOT right.
Oh, I know for sure.
I mean I read it somewhere.....
When God made the toes he said "And THOU Big Toe shall always be bigger than the rest."
Oh, I know I read that somewhere.
I did.

Don't go.
I won't make fun of your toes again.
at least not in post form

Post update @ 7:56pm : I was sitting here viewing my blog and the kids were (OF COURSE) looking over my shoulder. They said "WHOSE FEET are THOSE?"
I had to laugh.
Big Girl replied "Take a picture of my feet"
Lil Man was trying to get the Princess to smell his feet.

pure joy, I tell ya.

Aug 25, 2009

I'm gonna sue mommy bloggers

I am disgusted.
I am angry.
I have been deceived.
I AM SUING someone's pants off.

You see, I was reading a MOMMY BLOG the other day and she was going on and on about how a certain brand of brownies were too die for yummy. She also mentioned that they were some of the BEST brownies that SHE had ever eaten.
What did I do?
I purchased the brownies.
Afterall, I am a brownie lover.
Now, I will admit that these brownies were pretty good but they were NOWHERE NEAR the best brownies that I had ever eaten.
I smell a lawsuit coming.....

Oh, but that's not all.
I used to think that along with being generous that ALL mommy bloggers were RICH!
Well, they always host giveaways.
TONS OF GIVEAWAYS.....all the time!
Good stuff too.
Get this, companies actually send them products in exchange for something called a REVIEW.
Can you believe it?
If I had only known sooner....
Maybe there would not have been so many quarrels with Hunky Hubby over this.
Everytime we purchased something (ya know, like a microwave oven or Kitchen Aid mixer) I would ask to get an additional one to use as a giveaway.
Hunky Hubby told me "No".
Gee thanks BUB, there goes my dreams of being POPULAR.

The secret is out, mommy bloggers.
Word to the Wise, in the future when you REVIEW something you better make sure that YOUR opinions match MY opinions.
But for now, I will sue.

Do I dare ask "What next"?
Are you going to tell me that Beyonce doesn't stand over the kitchen sink dying her hair with Loreal hair color?
Red Bull doesn't give you wings?

I am too upset to continue....
I will give you more details tomorrow.

Aug 24, 2009


Boutique of the week :
My Princess Academy
Ok, first of all . . . .
CUTE CUTE CUTE is this site!
You can enroll in My Princess Academy and learn how to become a real princess. Once there, you will take all kinds of magical princess classes, play fantastic games, participate in wonderful activities and join forces in friendship with other princesses. With enough princesses like YOU the world can be a better place!

Not only do they have super sweet products but it's also an interactive site for your girly girl to roam around in.
I had so much fun navigating my way through My Princess Academy.
We signed up our very own LIL PRINCESS (she is a pixie princess). Once your princess get's her account established she can earn princess points to decorate her dorm room or purchase other PRINCESS PRETTIES!
Um, since my lil one is still just a PIXIE Princess I had to play around with everything for her.
Ya know, to test it out properly. (hee hee)
My Princess Academy instills generosity, intelligence, beauty and confidence.
Speaking of generosity....
They sent us this AMAZING pettiskirt.
This is her first pettiskirt and I will be honest, I was a little skeptical.
After looking at the price, I had assumed that this pettiskirt would not be as good as the more expensive ones that I have seen on other sites.
This pettiskirt is SUPER FULL and FLUFFY (that's the best way to describe it.)
oodles of ruffles and BOUNCE
And the colors couldn't be more perfect for my Lil Princess!
I definitely recommend My Princess Academy if you are in the market for a Petti Skirt.
All we need now is this shirt

it says "This is how I roll"
Check out all of their Princess inspired products HERE.

Back to School giveaway (Pillsbury, Totinos & Box Tops)

This giveaway has now ended.
Congrats to :

Elle's Mom
Elle's Mom said...
I follow your blog
August 24, 2009 9:33 PM

(sent you an email)
Special thanks to everyone that entered.

It's that time of the year . . .
Shopping for new clothes
Stuffing backpacks with glue and crayons
Searching all over the place for a certain writing tablet
I can hear that big yellow bus coming down the road now.
Chances are, you have seen this lil logo on the backs of some of your favorite products.

You can earn cash for YOUR school just by collecting box tops.
If you aren't collecting them already, I strongly urge you to give it a try.
Your school could use the cash to purchase items such as books, computers and even playground equipment.
Click HERE to see if Box Tops for education are on the products that you already purchase.

Also, there is a contest going on for a chance to win 5,000 box tops ($500 value)!
All you have to do is visit the Box Tops for Education website and enter.

My Blog Spark hooked us up once again.
I have a nifty back to school pack for one lucky reader.
1 coupon for FREE Totinos Pizza Rolls (yum)
1 coupon for FREE Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
various school supplies (glue sticks, highlighters and a 3 ring binder)
10 BONUS Box Tops

Wanna win?
All you have to do is leave me a comment below.
1 extra entry for following me on twitter.
1 extra entry for tweeting this giveaway.
2 extra entries for following my blog via google friend connect.
(up top under my profile)
3 extra entries for blogging about this giveaway.

This giveaway will end on Monday, August 31st.

Aug 22, 2009

ho hum


blogging from the bathroom again.....
Actually, I am in the living room right now but I did the "THINKING" in the bathroom.
So that still counts as bathroom blogging, right?
And I know you are thinking it.
But NO, I was not on the toilet deep in BLOGGY THOUGHTS.
I was actually in the bathtub.
come to think of it
I am not one of those "read in the bathroom" types.
Really, I'm not.
I need focus, concentration....that kind of stuff.
Oh, that probably falls in the TMI department, huh?
Oh well.

Today I give you :
MY THOUGHTS from the bathtub
This is some DEEP stuff.
You have been warned.

Thought #1
The other night I was in the bathtub and noticed my cat's paw underneath the bathroom door. I started talking to her.....ya know, stuff like "Mommy loves MEW MEW" (her name said twice), "Mew is so pretty" and "Mommy loves her stinky cat." I was trying to get her to acknowledge me. She never did. When I opened the door, she was nowhere in sight.
I had been talking to a sock. Wanna know what's sad? I almost fell for that same trick tonight.
Come to think of it....Why hasn't anyone picked up that sock?

Thought #2
Lil Princess had a bike wreck this evening. I watched the entire ordeal. I saw her wobble to the left, wobble to right and then back to the left before she went down. She laid there for a minute SCREAMING (and I mean SCREAMING). When I reached her there was blood and guts everywhere. As I got closer, I could hear her saying that she was dying. She was also yelling "I love my daddy so much." I guess she wanted to say that one last time?
I scooped her up and ran to the nearest house. HELP ME! My kid is dying.....
Lil Princess was still screaming "I am going to die."
Oh, ok....half of that stuff I made up. However, she was screaming and saying that she was going to die.
I am thinking about putting her through auditions to be on a soap opera.
She could SOOO be on a soap.

the real injury : a barely scraped knee
barely scraped as in it wasn't scraped enough to draw blood

Speaking of guts....
I really hate that word.

Thought #3
If we ever have another kid, I would really like to name it Sookie.
Then I could say "Ahhhh, SOOKIE SOOKIE".
I like saying that.
I've never known anyone with the name SOOKIE (Well, except the one on tv).
When I was younger, I remember knowing a SNOOKIE. (Hey, I live in the SOUTH) but never a Sookie.

Thought #4
Don't ya hate it when you turn the tv on only to find that someone FAILED to turn the volume down.
Uhhhh kind of like visiting blogs that have music playing and you forgot that your speakers are on FULL BLAST?? Yeahhhhh

Ok, that's my thoughts.
They may be crazy but they are all mine.

Mama Likes

It's Saturday.
Saturday is my lazy (I sit here and do NOTHING) day.
A perfect time to do a little blog hoppin'.
Here's what I found :

somewhat simple (crafty fun!)
A forest frolic (more crafty eye candy)
better after (sharing the BEFORE & AFTER of projects)

Check out these shoes that Beki made! AWE-SOME

fun giveaways going on here

Dress-up Drawer SUPER giveaways
(click banner)

Also, check out this AMAZING baby nursery idea on Brassy Apple.
Megan's sister did an amazing job with Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market fabrics and Ginger Blossom fabrics.
I love it!
I am not one to go for the cutesy cartoony looking things so this was right up my alley.
Maybe someday?

Aug 21, 2009

Well . . . Well . . .Well . . .

Look who's riding a bike.
A bike WITHOUT the training wheels!



She got on the bike and peddled around the yard a few times and then OFF she went . . .
riding down the street
"It's the hair, momma."
Yes indeed, princess . . .
It must be the hair.

Aug 20, 2009


I thought this was pretty cool . . .
See the middle of the web?
It is so thick and in perfect spiral form.
(click on the pic to make it bigger)
That is...If you aren't scared and stuff

I hate spiders.
I still thought this was pretty cool.

Aug 19, 2009

Sid the Science Kid & Dive Olly Dive review/giveaway

And the winner is . . . .
Emilie said...

Sid lovers over here! Well, actually, we prefer Gerald.
And, I agree, cartoons these days stink. I've been buying dvd sets of all of the good stuff I used to watch as a kid to share with my younguns as they get older.
August 20, 2009 8:31 AM


Have you actually sat down and watched some of the cartoons that your kids watch everyday?
Yikes is all I have to say about that.
Cartoons back in my day were G rated. The cartoons on the tv today are more like PG.
My kids know a "BAD" cartoon from a "GOOD" one.
We don't watch BAD ones.....and I aint talking about BAD as in BORING.
It's just sad that I have to screen everything beforehand.

However, we were introduced to a couple of new & CUTE cartoons over the past couple of weeks.
Both of these are on PBS KIDS (I had no clue.)

Do your kids watch these?
Both are adorable and very educational.
I have become a fan of Sid. (love his voice)
We actually watch him every morning now on PBS.

A little about Sid the Science Kid :
The main character in the show is Sid, an "inquisitive youngster" who uses comedy to tackle questions kids have about basic scientific principles and why things work the way they do.

He tries to answer questions and solve problems with the help of his classmates (Gabriella, Gerald, and May), Teacher Suzie, and his family (his mother Alice, his father Mort, his Grandma named Mark, and his baby brother Zeke).
The conceptual content of Sid is based in national science learning standards, cognitive learning theory, and on the preschool science curriculum, Preschool Pathways to Science.

About Dive Olly Dive:
Dive Olly Dive follows the adventures of Olly, a young submarine-in-training, and Beth, his best friend and fellow sub-in-training. Stationed at the Special Underwater Research Facility (S.U.R.F.) under the guidance of Diver Doug, the young subs explore their spectacular underwater world

Both cartoons capture my lil one's attention and as an added bonus, they learn something new.

Woo to the Hoo!

I can just call it a day, right?

Entertainment and Education.....what else do they need besides a little food every now and again.


Wanna win some SWAG?

I have copies of Sid the Science Guy, The Bug Club and Change Happens


Dive Olly Dive, Ship Shape Sub to give away.

All you have to do is leave me a comment below.
For an extra entry, you can follow my blog via Google Friend Connect.
Leave a separate comment stating that you follow.
This giveaway will end on Wednesday, August 26th.

A letter to the National Toothfairy Association

National Toothfairy Association,

We have issues.....You and ME.
(actually, I have issues with the toothfairy in our area)
See, I have been shrugging off his/her incompetence for years now.
That's right.
Our toothfairy has been late. (days late)
Our toothfairy has become lazy (making my daughter hang her tooth on the door knob instead of the pillow)
I overlooked that.
However, I can not "OVERLOOK" any longer.
You see, my daughter went to visit her grandmother a couple of weeks ago.
She lost a tooth.
She put the tooth on the door.
Toothfairy came to visit and let her $7.00!
Do you know what she has been getting in our area??
How do you explain this to a child?
I thought....
Ok, maybe you get MORE money on certain nights. So, we tried waiting until friday nights
(I assumed it was your payday or something.)
Guess what?
That was not the case.
I hate to do this.
I really do.
I believe that OUR toothfairy is pocketing the extra money around here.

I mean seriously,
How can you not have noticed this by now?
I am pretty sure toothfairy can not afford that TRICKED OUT wand on the salary that you offer but geesh.....does that mean he/she has to SHORT my daughter?
Why not another kid?
I do believe that you owe us BACK PAY.

If I do not hear back from you real soon then I will take matters into my own hands.
You do not want to tick me off.

Aug 18, 2009

From the mouths of kids

Hunky Hubby's hernia surgery has been the "BUZZ" around here for awhile now.

Of course, the kiddos were bound to pick up bits and pieces of each and every conversation.
Yesterday I heard the LIL MAN speaking with his two buddies.
(They were in the garage)
I put my ear up to the door and listened.
Oh, I do this all the time.
Uh Huh
Don't you dare give me that look.
I am nosey.
I never claimed to be anything else.
Back to my point . . .
You can also get some good blogging material this way. (Snooping)

Lil Man was telling his friends about Hunky Hubby's surgery.
Friend One says "Oh, they are probably going to take one of his bones out."
Friend Two asks "Are they going to sew him up?"
Lil Man "No, they are actually going to repair his guts."
"You know, put them back up where they are supposed to be."
Both friends said "OOOOH"
Then they went back to playing.

We were inside watching tv last night and THE PRINCESS asked "Daddy, are they going to cut your leg off?"


So, there is no telling what my kids have told everyone else.
Obviously his guts are hanging lower than they should be.

Aug 17, 2009

Delgo dvd giveaway winners ! ! !


When a rebellious boy forms a forbidden friendship with a spunky princess, hostilities between their two kingdoms escalate, setting the stage for an exiled Empress to exact her revenge in Delgo, debuting on DVD August 4 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
Starring a talented voice cast including Freddie Prinze Jr. (Scooby Doo), Jennifer Love Hewitt (“Ghost Whisperer”), Val Kilmer (The Doors), Chris Kattan (“Saturday Night Live”), Kelly Ripa (“Live with Regis and Kelly”), Anne Bancroft (The Graduate) in her final film appearance, Lou Gossett Jr. (An Officer and a Gentleman) and Burt Reynolds (Smokey and the Bandit) among others, Delgo takes place in a magical world where two civilizations, divided by fear, and two hearts, guided by love, have one chance to save their world.

This was the perfect movie for my children. They are very much into the "fantasy" tales. Of course, any movie with a PRINCESS is tops w/my lil princess too.
Delgo features a ton of talent.
Val Kilmer?
I mean .... COME ON!
He was BATMAN.
Kelly Ripa....awesome! (If only Regis could have joined her :sigh:)
Burt Reynolds, people.
Surely you know who Burt Reynolds is.
Gosh, I sure hope so.
I would hate for him to lay the smackdown on ya.
Please tell me someone saw him SMACK that reporter that didn't have a clue as to who he was.
(Funny Stuff!)

Anyhoo, Check out Delgo.
It's a great movie to watch with the entire family.
AS PROMISED, 3 of my LOVELY followers will be walking away (actually clicking away) with a copy of this movie.

Holly from The Work at Home Woman
"The Single Girl"
Kacee from Life in My Ark

Congrats ladies and please send me your mailing info!
email addy is over there (at the top)

Someone got a hair cut

Someone got a hair cut

Oh, Yes! It's true.

Someone got a hair cut . . .
Can you guess who?


It looked really cute yesterday when it was styled.
She looks a couple of years older which kind of made me sad : (
But BOY OH BOY did I get tired of fighting her over washing that LONG STUFF!
Oh, and I think the wrinkled up nose is her trademark.

Aug 15, 2009

Here's all you need to know about ME

I found this over at Confessions of a Moody Momma and thought it would be fun.
Won't you join me?
It's the "What does Google know about me" meme.

Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search

Linda needs mental help. (No comment)

"[your name] looks like"
Linda looks like Ronald McDonald. (Ok, my feet are not THAT big.)


"[your name] wants"
Linda wants to be alone. (so true)

"[your name] does"
I won't even post it.
AND BELIEVE ME it didn't say dishes.

"[your name] hates"
Linda hates to see you go. *weekend special*.
(I suppose it's ok to GO during the week though. I don't hate that.)

"[your name] asks"
Linda asks questions. (a lot of them too!)

"[your name] likes"
Linda likes to paint native animals and plants.
( ? ) that cool or something?
Cuz if it is cool then I SURE DO IT!
If you wanna hang with the cool crowd then you will paint them too.

"[your name] eats"
Linda eats Popeyes for the first time.
Ok, I was cracking up over this one!
I love me some Popeyes FRIED chicken.

"[your name] wears"
Linda wears facebook.
(Obviously, it is possible and I am pretty sure it comes with matching farmville earrings or other useless requests and suggestions.)

"[your name] was arrested for"
Linda was arrested for alleged drug violations.
(It was just Benadryl....why won't they believe me?)

"[your name] loves"
Linda loves life.
(UH HUH, sure do.)
Fun stuff, huh?

Hippos and Rhinos

This giveaway is now CLOSED.
Thanks for entering!!
Our winner is :

noreen said... I am already a follower and have been
August 18, 2009 1:56 AM

Hippos & Rhinos = FUN TIMES!
My TYKES had the opportunity to view this fun dvd over the past couple of weeks.
All I could hear coming from their bedroom was giggles and full blow laughter!
I could hear them saying "REWIND IT" . . ."Let's see that again."
They loved it.
Of course, I knew that the BIG GIRL would enjoy it as she watches pretty much anything that Animal Planet puts out.
The smaller tykes enjoyed the funny parts and I do believe that one of them heard a TOOT or two from one of the Rhinos. Of course, y'all know that anything in that category is gonna cause a little laughing.
Come to think of it, that may have been the part they kept rewinding to watch.

A little about Hippos & Rhinos :
Massive mammals provide an enormous amount of entertainment when Hippos And Rhinos arrives on DVD August 4 from Genius Products and Animal Planet.
Comprised of four kid-friendly programs - Jessica The Hippo, There’s A Rhino In My House, Saba And The Rhino’s Secret and That’s My Baby: Cleo The Hippo.
Each show features a different super-sized animal and their unique story.
Tipping the scales at well over a ton, Hippos And Rhinos provides a playful, unprecedented look at the heavyweight herbivores and the unlikely bonds they can form with humans.

Would your lil ones like to view this fun dvd?
I have three (3) to give away.
All you have to do is leave me a comment below.
*UH HUH, that's really all you have to do.*
Of course, if you WANNA add me as a follower then I might just give you an extra entry.
be sure to let me know if you follow by leaving an additional comment
Giveaway will end on Wednesday, August 19th.

P to the S : I have another giveaway coming tomorrow but it's only for followers.
Are you following???
3 of you could just win a BRAND spankin' NEW dvd. (THIS ONE)
COME ON, all the big kids are doing it...

(Google friend connect is over on the right side bar under my profile pic)

Aug 14, 2009

Why is it so hard?

The whole "If you don't have anything nice to say.....Just keep your mouth shut."
(or something to that nature)

It's just so hard for me.

Anyone else have this issue??

P to the S . . .This is totally one of those "I have nothing else to talk about" posts.
The more I think about it.
This could be one of those "I have a lot to talk about posts" but I am just too lazy to do it.
You understand.
Oh, I know you do.

photo has nothing to do with
but I like it.
It's my blog and all.


Aug 12, 2009

The Activity Bus from Plan Toys (Ebeanstalk review)

A toy website called ebeanstalk has a group of child experts that help select great learning toys and toys for kids of all ages, from baby toys, toys for 1 year olds, toys for 2 year olds, etc. I received the Activity Bus from Plan Toys, who makes green developmental toys, and this is what I think of the toy.....

I must say that this was our first GREEN TOY (I know....we are stepping up and out, huh?).

Can I be honest? When I heard the word "Wooden", I was not expecting what I received.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The Activity Bus from Plan Toys is adorable not to mention durable and made From All Natural Organic Recycled Rubber Wood.

I would say that it is best for ages 3 and up due to the smaller pieces included.

As soon as I opened the box, my two younger children went at it (Playing).

They played for a couple of hours with no arguments (Woot!)

I could hear the chatter....

"Let's pretend this."


"Let's pretend that."


I love toys that make them use their imaginations.

The Activity Bus stimulated a whole lot of creativity!

I can definitely see adding other collections to our toy box.

Would you like more info on this toy?

Visit Plan Toys or Ebeanstalk today.

Come on with me

I say "SMILE" and this is what I get :




It happens ALL.THE.TIME
Why can't they be normal?
Wait, you better not answer that one.

P to the S : Notice that I DID NOT title this post "Wordless Wednesday".
By now, Y'all know that I am not a "WORDLESS" type of gal.
in other words....I can't keep my trap shut.

Check 'em out

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I thought I would SHARE them with you.
(Sharing is Caring, ya know?)

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Aug 11, 2009

ALL I wanted to do was make BROWNIES

(Well, actually they were Blondies)
Blondies with Brown Sugar frosting!

I dusted off the KitchenAid.
Oh, and I also had to unravel the cord as it was in a million knots.
Yep, another piece of equipment that I just HAD TO HAVE that sits around collecting dust.
I'm just not into baking or cooking.
LOVE TO EAT though!
ANYHOO . . .
I dusted off the mixer and noticed something.
The Princess
See us?

HERE get a little closer
lol check out that look she is giving me
YEP, she thinks I am crazy too.
I didn't actually stand there and snap like a dozen photos of myself in the mixer.
It was more like 8 or so.
I have that "Look at Me" syndrome.
Can't help it.
I bet you are waiting on some fancy schmancy photos of all my ingredients and cooking steps, right?
This Isn't The Pioneer Woman's blog or Bakerella.
But I will give you this.
That's my finger.
That's my finger after I cut it.
The picture just doesn't show how bad IT REALLY WAS.
Hey, I am serious and stuff.
Told ya, it was BAAAAAAAAD.

Of course, I was out of band-aids.
The kids said : "Just wrap it up with a paper towel."
"Aren't you gonna finish the Brownies?"
"Like NOW?"
Yeah, they were real concerned.
end result
Brownies (BLONDIES actually) w/brown sugar frosting
one side with nuts
one side without nuts
Do you see what I did?
I made the kids eat from the middle.
The edges/sides, they are all mine!
(my favorite part)
HEY, at least I shared.......

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