Apr 30, 2010

Celebrity Baby Names....What were they drinking?

Because I am so random ....
Let's dish on baby names today.
Does that mean . . . . ? ! ? !

Uh NO!
It's just me being "RAN-DOM".
I do have bloggy friends that are expecting. Maybe we can come up with some great name ideas for them?
Like "Honey B" or "Poppy Honey"?
ok, maybe not
We are not talking about BORING EVERYDAY NORMAL names.....
We are talking about celebrity baby names.
ugly baby


Ok, I'll admit...Some of them are pretty creative but WHY would you do that to your child?
Poppy Honey
Yeah, that's a kid's real name. Ya know TV chef Jamie Oliver? Well, that is his kid's name.
He's also got a kiddo named Daisy Boo.
I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried.
What do you think of the name Speck Wildhorse?
Oh come on.
I know you had that one picked out for your lil munchkin.
You probably decided against it since John Mellencamp named his daughter that, right?

But wait there's even wilder names out there . . .

Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, and  Pixie, groovy eh?
They all belong to the same couple, Bob Geldof and Paula Yates.
This may sound harsh but they kind of sound like dog names.
crying baby

What do you think?
Do you know someone with a crazy sounding name?

I know there are some crazy names out there.
I can't even pronounce or spell some of them.
Heck, I don't even think the poor kids can spell them either.

Ok, here's another question.
Do you have a weird name? COME ON, we won't make fun of you (well, maybe).
Would you consider any of the names that I mentioned above? If so, WHY? 
Are you flippin' crazy or something? 

Come on....
Tell me some names of actual people that you know.
Give us some juicy story about them too.
or maybe I'm not?

Oh and if you are pregnant, Can I name your baby?

I saw a listing on ebay once where they were letting people bid and the highest bidder would actually name the baby.

Ok, that was my random thought for the day.
Carry on

KidsCraft cardboard playhouse ~Giveaway~

~This giveaway is now closed~

Congrats goes out to :

Amanda G said...

I follow on twitter as Pegasusfeathers.

It's the little one's birthday.
Thinking of something Ultra COOL and LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME to get him....
You have an idea and head to the store.
169.99 dollars later, you head home thinking "I'm gonna score some major COOL MOM points for this one."
He takes one look at the perfectly wrapped present (uh you know, the one that took 40 minutes to wrap).
RIPS into it like a lion devours a steak or someone's leg...

He takes one look at the ULTRA COOL and LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME toy, gives it a EH? and tosses it to the side much like that toy he got last year.

You're thinking....

err I mean You are thinking . . .
Oh, maybe the little sweetie just wants a piece of cake.
He jumps right inside the box.

Kids these days

Don't worry though. I have an idea for next year's birthday present. 
The kid really dug that box, right?
He also used it as a fort, huh?

Box/playhouse all in one??
KidsCraft comes to the rescue.


KidsCraft USA offers playhouses made of 100% recycled cardboard materials.
Not only are they cute and well received by the lil ones but they can also be drawn and doodled on!
Let the kiddos go wild....even crazy!

The one we chose?
the shuttle imagination cardboard playhouse

There is some assembly required. Of course, Hunky Hubby put ours together because....
I'm not good with directions.
It didn't take long to assemble. (Well, according to the kids it took FOR EVA but we all know kid time and adult time are two different things.)
It's pretty big!


The carboard pieces are very sturdy too.
No joke--before it was even put together, we both looked at each other and said  
"This should last all of 2 days in here."

My kids are rather rough, you see.
Guess what? It's still up after a whole month!

KidsCraft USA cardboard playhouses-A nifty gifty idea indeed



Would you like to win a KidsCraft Playhouse?
I have one to give away!

All you have to do is visit the KidsCraft USA website and tell me which house you would like to win.

For extra entries you can do the following:
(one extra entry for each task completed)

~Follow my blog publicly via Google friend Connect
~Follow me via twitter @trendytykes
~Tweet the following : KidsCraft USA playhouse g/way from @trendytykes @kidscraftusa http://tinyurl.com/2cauovj
~Post this giveaway on your blog or facebook account

~This giveaway will end on Friday, May 7th.
Good luck!

KidsCraft USA sent us the Shuttle Imagination playhouse to be used for this review/feature. ~There was no other compensation received i.e.cash~

Apr 29, 2010


I know....I know....
It's been like a flippin' ghost town around here.


I have stuff to post but little to no motivation.
Ya dig?
Actually, I've been spending less time on the computer. Guess what? I'm still alive for doing so. 
Can you believe it? lol
I'm not sure if you noticed but I also haven't been on twitter that much :GASP:
Really....What is the world coming to?
(don't answer that) eeeeeek! 

I won't apologize for not posting because I read somewhere that people HATE when you do that.
Ya know, it's like on the 1,001 list of Blogging DON'TS.

I'll be back later today w/ a giveaway or two.
I've also been working on something NEW and picked up another hobby.
(Cross your fingers that this one sticks or hunky hubby will probably kill me.) 
Ok, he wouldn't KILL ME but he would probably force me to do something very very bad like exercise or something : )

K, Later taters!

Apr 26, 2010

But....Do I have to???

The answer is . . .

I do not have to blog.

I can do what I want to and you can't do a thing about it.

I've got a case of the monday's, y'all.

Apr 24, 2010

Mama Likes ~all things yellow~

It's been a pretty gloomy day (weather wise) around here today. I need to brighten it up.
Mama Likes YELLOW!
Check out my findings....
clicky click on the linky links
browse through their shoppes

Have a great weekend!

yellow rose necklace

Vintage Rose necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity


The BRIELLE dress from ZozoBugBaby

rosette headband

Rosette headband from ivyandmae

ruffle diaper cover

Lovely Showers ruffle diaper cover from Raegun

Apr 22, 2010

Sonic Peach Tea #fail

So, I've been hearing about Sonic's peach tea for some time now. I believe it was my neighbor that mentioned it last summer. I just shrugged it off because.....well, I have never been one to actually drink (and like) flavored teas other than the SUPER SWEET flavor.

Someone else mentioned Peach tea on twitter (my daily hangout) and I got to craving some of this tea. I was craving it so badly that I was actually smelling peaches. *I love peaches!

I mentioned (AHEM hinted) to the Hunky one that I would like to try this tea but of course it was too late that night for tea but it wasn't too late for Krystal cheeseburgers....mmmm!

Oh wait, back to the tea....
I did finally get that famous PEACH TEA (the next day). 
I will admit--The first two sips were kind of ehhh? I wasn't so sure about it but by the time I got to the middle....It was ALL GOOD!
peach tea

The wheels started spinning. I was thinking to myself "I could make this stuff and have it anytime I wanted it."
Afterall, it is hard for me to get to Sonic everyday with 3 kids in tow.

I started searching for Peach Tea recipes.
Weeding out the ones with too many ingredients...

I finally stumbled on two that sounded pretty easy and worth the effort (which was little to none).

 Simple enough, right? WRONG I couldn't find peach nectar in my little PODUNK town's Wal-Mart. The closest I could find was Guava. Let me just say Guava and Peach are two different flavors. 
Me no likey.

Ok, this one calls for Peach jello. 
Great idea OR SO I THOUGHT

When I told Hunky Hubby about this one he said "Yeah, but won't it turn into jello?"
I was all "Uhh NO!" 
"You have to like boil that stuff before it becomes jello."

I tried this one today. It smelled and tasted just like the Sonic tea.
Unless you want to gulp down that tea in a minute flat....
Forget about it.
Let's just say that the Hunky One was right.
lil sidenote: If I would have actually paid attention to uhh you know...the second step in the recipe, I would have known that this was for HOT peach tea. 

All I wanted was some peach tea that tastes just like Sonic's Peach Tea.

Can someone help me?

You are probably screaming "Just get the Lipton Peach tea."
That would be too easy, right?
Well, I heard that it wasn't that good but I swear if some Sonic carhop comes and tells me that is what they use....
I'll go out and buy it : )

Apr 21, 2010

Can't.Shut.My.Mouth. Wednesday

I snapped these pics of the neighborhood dogs a couple of weeks ago but just recently uploaded them to my computer.

I believe there were 6 pictures total.
I giggled as I uploaded these three (together in this order).




I giggled because these pictures could easily represent a man and a woman.

:AHEM: a specific man named "Hunky Hubby" and a specific woman named "ME".

Surely you can guess which one I am, right?
I'm the little one smacking the bigger one around.

Ok, I don't smack him around.
Nah, I don't do that anymore : )

But when I'm having one of THOSE days....Oh, you know the days.
One of those "I know you didn't just eat the last cookie" days...
Yeah, those.
This is what our typical argument looks like.

He's the calm one.
 I'm not.

He's the calm one.
It drives me insane.

He's still the calm one.
I bite him.

: )

I blame it on my genes.

Apr 20, 2010

lickin' my lips and smackin' those hips

This giveaway is now closed.
The extra calories (hehe) go out to :

Jennifer M.
Kathy Pease

Enjoy ladies!

I'm talking about yummy frozen desserts, people.
Actually, Edwards Singles Ala Mode (frozen desserts)

One word?

Four words?
Smack Your Momma Yummy!

Edwards singles

A little bit about Edwards Singles Ala Modes:
Edwards Singles Ala Modes combine cold and creamy ice cream with baked goodies such as apple crisp, cake, cookie and brownie.
All you do is microwave the dessert bake. (the dessert bake and ice cream come in separate containers)  
It takes less than a minute.
Once your cake/crisp is ready then you open the container of ice cream and dump it on top.
Did I tell you that this was a quick and EASY treat to make?
Well, consider yourself TOLD now!

So far, I have tried 2 of the 6 flavors...
Apple Crumb Cake and Molten Lava Chocolate Cake
Both are equally tasty but my favorite is the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake.

A little secret?
The "crumb cake" of the Apple Crumb Cake Ala Mode?
It's pretty awesome without being zapped in the microwave : )

Ok, I've told ya what I think but I want to know what YOU think of these Yummy Nummies!
Would you like to try one or FOUR?
Which flavor?

Leave me a comment below.

2 of yas will win coupons for some FREE frozen desserts
*Each winner will receive 2 coupons

I'll close comments on Thursday and then I'll choose the winners via Eenie Meenie Miney Moe.
That's just how I roll.

Here's another little tidbit that you may be interested in :

The first "Edwards Goes to" contest is going on right now. Become a fan of Edwards Desserts on facebook and nominate a deserving mom in your life to win a once in a lifetime trip to a red carpet event in Hollywood.
For more information visit the Edwards Desserts facebook fanpage.
Finalists will be announced on May 10, 2010.

FYI: Edwards sent me 8 coupons for free Singles Ala Modes to review for this post. I was not compensated in any other form. I kept 4 of the coupons and will be giving the remaining 4 away in this giveaway.

Science experiment for the day?

It's a freckle.
It's a mole.
It's a flippin' planet.

It's just a zit (make that two) on mommy's face.

uh huh

One right-----THERE on the cheek
and another right-----THERE on the chin


Is 30 (plus 1) like the new 15?

Maybe this should be our next science experiment?
Observing mommy's many zits
The size
The abnormality
The cause...

Ok, on second thought maybe we better nix this observation.
They may find out what the culprit is.
I'm not about to share those SWEET and OH SO HIDDEN goodies.

what chocolate?
You can't prove anything.

P to the S: Speaking of zits...I'm gonna give some CHOCOLATE pies from Edwards Desserts away tonight on twitter.
Be nice to me!

Apr 19, 2010


"I'm holding this with just 4 fingers and a thumb."

nerd connor

Uh, because....saying "hand"  is like so last week--
I guess?

Apr 17, 2010

Mama Likes ~The "I've got your sweet RIGHT HERE" edition~

So, yesterday I wasn't very sweet at all. Nope
I was pretty crabby.
I like to refer to those days as my "I just don't like people" days.

Today....I like people again.

Mama likes all things SWEET today!

eat cupcake

Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake tile necklace from Paper Pistol

Cupcake dress from Happy Hearts

cupcake dress

Melissa & Doug Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set


Sweet Jane Paper Doll set by thepoppytree

Have a SWEET weekend!

Apr 15, 2010

I put the "ER" in TEACH

Science chapter this week : Plants/Flowers

Science lesson for the day "Observe" different types of plants and flowers in your yard.

As I stand outside and stare (pretty blank, I might add) I notice....We have no plants. We also have no flowers.

What I did notice? weeds
We have weeds.
We have lots of weeds.

(Some even smell like big girl's armpits *onion-y-ish*) Hey, those were her words not mine.


Conclusion: Weeds are bad, kids. Weeds are very bad and prevent plants/flowers from growing.
Pull every weed that you can see.

.....while mom sits here and eats 1/2 of this package of bonbons.

Oh wait, I just came up with our math lesson for the day--Fractions!


Apr 14, 2010

Can you spot the difference? (Wordless Wed)




(Forever known as the day we wasted $21.)

Apr 13, 2010

I've flipped my channel

as seen on tv

Anyone catch Dancing with the Stars last night?

(insert blank stare here)

I'm glad that my kids were in another room when that chick was parading around on the dance floor in her bra and panties.

Why were all the ladies wearing sheets ?
 I'm still not diggin' Brooke Burke either.  
Poor Jack Bauer. He's has no luck when it comes to the ladies.
I never liked her anyway. 

Oh, look....
They're painting. Two oldies are painting together. So stinkin' sweet : ) OH WAIT...

because ya just never know when the mood will hit


I guess there will be a lot of painting in my future.
*You can call me granny goodtimes too!


I also have to get a couple of bathtubs.
Yes, a couple of bathtubs will be needed.
I'm going to place them out there in the backyard. 
Ya know, so we can lay there naked and stare off in space like all other old people do.
Yep,That's what you do when you get old.
It says so on the commercial.
I just hope no one sneaks up behind us.

Well, hold the phone...
That is, if I actually make it to that point.

With all these crazy side effects and meds these days.
Sure thing....
exploding "bowel movements", flesh eating bacteria, the urge to knaw your arm off on contact...
I can handle those!
Just take care of my pesky allergies.
The rest I will deal with.

I'll lose a couple of toes and my eye will be out of whack?
That's ok.
I can hang.
Just tend to my high cholesterol.


I still kind.of. want one of those. 

And there ya have it ladies and gents....
My random thoughts aka Mumbo Jumbo for the day (AS SEEN ON TV EDITION).

Don't mute me.

Apr 12, 2010

and it started with a hair ball

You must hum Alanis Morissette's song "Ironic" while reading this post.

Before I got out of the bed this morning, I was laying there thinking about how nice it would be to jump into the bathtub and just soak for awhile.
(My back has been hurting lately and that is the only thing that makes me feel better.) 
Then I realized that not only was hubby still sleeping but the kids would be up at any minute. 
No bath for momma.

I came in here and jumped on the computer for a few minutes. I'm sitting here browsing and I hear it.
There's no other sound quite like a cat hacking up a hair ball.
NOPE nothing compares.

I sit here and brew for a few minutes and then hear Kiddo number 1 coming down the stairs.
"AHEM: Clean up on step number 1", I yell.
Afterall, the cat is only MY cat when she's not puking.

As she is finished cleaning up I notice that she's making her way towards the garbage can in the kitchen.
"OH NO YOU DON'T", I said.
"Take that to the bathroom and flush it."

You know the music....the music that plays when something bad is about to happen.

Big Girl: "The toilet is stopped up."
Me: "GRRR!"


I rush in there and water is coming out and it's everywhere.
Not just a normal clog.
There is 3-4 inches of water in there.
I clean it up and try to flush again.
The floor is soaked
Towels are soaked.
I'm soaked.
Toilet is still clogged.

Did I mention that I was irritated?
Yeah, because I was.

I finally get it cleaned up for the second time.
I head to my bathroom.
I'm getting that bath that I longed for this morning.

AFTER cleaning up the floor soaked with the water... by the girl with the paper towel....the paper towel that was puked on by the cat....the cat with the hair ball...

Let me also mention that after I was done with my soak, I realized that there were no clean towels.
*See above.

They say it's all about the journey.

FYI: One paper towel is flushable. Six paper towels, NOT SO MUCH.
I knew we should have bought that big brawny guy's papertowels.

P to the S: This is not the post that I was going to publish originally. I'll save that one for tomorrow.

Guess what? It involves bathtubs too.
How ironic.

Apr 9, 2010

I dig these (NERDY) t-shirts

I get sent links all the time. 
Links to other blogs
Links to giveaways
Links to cool products
Which kind of links do I get most often?

It's quite amusing. Really, it is.
They find a star trek t-shirt....they send me the link.
They hear about some new OFFICE fansite, I get the link.
Someone even told me about a star trek cologne coming out : )

So, when I was referred to this website nerdyshirts.com....
Well, I HAD to check it out.
I'm glad that I did too.
There are some funny t-shirts on that site and I love them!

Check this one out:


Do you remember doing this to your Nintendo games? hehe I actually taught my kids to do that with their gameboy advance games.

They also have an I love google t-shirt. I would totally wear that one this week seeing as how Google finally gave me back my PR 4! Rock on Google.

There's a few t-shirts that I wouldn't mind getting Hunky Hubby like the Bruce Campbell one or the McLovin tee. HA!

Check this site out. They have some great tees.

If you are a tee addict then you might get a kick out of this blog too...Taddict T-Shirt blog.

Psst....I'm not really a nerd I just play one on the internet.


I've got jiggle in my wiggle....Let's Party!

~This is a sticky post and will remain at the top for a few days.~
~To view all other posts please see below.~

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Hello party goers!
I am so glad that you decided to stop by.
Make yourself comfy and feel free to check out the "blawg". Go ahead. I don't mind people coming into my home and raiding my fridge.....No, I don't.

What's my blog about?
I guess you could call me the Seinfeld of blogs.
It's about nothing much.
Just call me Niche McNicher-less.
I blog about this and that but mostly this.

I'm pretty much an open book.
I don't hold back much....
Check out some of my confessions here.

You can also follow my trials and tribulations of becoming a supermom.
I'm still in training right now.

I hope you guys are enjoying the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party!
I donated one of the prizes.
Yeppers, I did.
 It's # 22, the Ribbon Rockstar hair bows

Y'all come back and visit me real soon!
I've got to get off here and crack the whip.
connor school1 copy
"homeschooling time"
There's a little box over there to the side. I would love to have you become a blog follower.
You can also find me on twitter.
My twitter handle is @trendytykes.

Prizes are involved, Y'all.
Because I gotta get my "GREED ON" :snicker:
Here's what I would choose (ya know...If I won)

11 – A $100 gift eCertificate to Restaurant.com, immediately redeemable online at over 13,000 restaurants nationwide.
40- One winner will receive a 3 day 2 night stay from Holiday Inn Main Gate East in Kissimmee, FL (less than 2 miles from Disney World) a value of $250.
39 -Be My Guest certificate ($250 value) for one lucky winner, (2 night stay for a family of four) at any Hilton Garden Inn.
112 – $50 Amazon Gift card
USC 15 – $50 Target gift card to one winner
1 – Win a $150 shopping spree at Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles.
6 – Hand Stamped Personalized Necklace valued at $48 The Double Stacked A Lot Of Love.
19 – Prize package of preschool toys! KOTA & PALS HATCHLINGS from Hasbro
USC 11 –  $50 gift certificate good towards any purchase from Priddy Creations

Apr 8, 2010

Mama Likes

Teal Ruffle Scarf from Sevi Designs

I could have used one of these for all 3 of my pregnancies. 
EVERY ONE (even people that I did not know) wanted to rub the belly.

don't touch
Don't Touch maternity shirt from mamamiaapparel

handstamped necklace Angels Sang  from The Rusted Chain

Stumble across something FAB and FANCY this week?
Leave me a link!
I would love to check it out.

How do you feel about school fundraisers?


I remember...
being ushered into the gym
seated with all the other school kids
feeling giddy
"Yay! We get out of doing math!"
"Uh, why are we here again?"
Oh wait...
I see a man.
I see a man and a table.
I see a man and a table with candy and wrapping paper.
I see a t.v., boom box, handheld calculators, guitar and a mini pool table!

Then the man starts speaking. He rambles on and on about something like our school in shambles and we need a new roof but no one perks up until we hear "YOU WANT THIS?"
I'm all "Heck yeah, you have not arrived at COOL-DOM until you get one of those fancy mini pool tables."
(ya know the pool tables only your itty bitty fingers can play)

The he mumbles something else about how to raise money and then something else and then he says:
"Here kid, take this book and sell everything in it." 
"When you are done give the form back to your teacher WITH MONEY (make sure there is MONEY) and a prize will be shipped out in 10-12 weeks."

I would take that magic book and knock on every door in my neighborhood only to get 
"ehhh...I dunno kid. I don't really need another coffee mug filled with peanuts."
Mom and grandma always bought something though.
*the cheapest thing*


So, when I was sitting at the NOT COOL table during lunch. I blamed them.
If they would have bought all that wrapping paper then I could have had the mini pool table.
I could have.

pool table

 Yeah, that pretty much sums up my fundraising experience as a kid.

Actually, I could put part of that blame on the (yawn) boring items being offered up. I mean who wants a seashell coffee mug with peanuts anyway?

They could have come up with better fundraising ideas for sure.

Brownies, discounted toilet paper, babysitting services...
now those are some great ideas!

Cookie dough fundraising, that was a good one too.
One of the neighbor kids sold tubs of cookie dough once. It rocked!
Oh, and many years ago I remember a kid selling pizza kits. That was a nice one too.

Of course back in my day the only thing we had to worry about was getting someone to actually buy.
We didn't really think about the whole "safety issue".
Now days, well....that is another story.

Do you allow your kids to participate in these fundraisers?
Do you feel pressured?
If they do participate do they sell within the family or do you allow them to go door to door?

Last question...
Do you actually use the items that you purchase?
I'm willing to bet someone has a seashell coffee mug in their cabinet.

Apr 7, 2010

It's me again...

I won't even begin to apologize for being a bad blogger.
Nah, you come....You see....
I don't post. You leave.
I'm kind of like the lady that runs and hides in another room when UPS shows up only to pounce on the package as soon as he has cleared the driveway.
Oh wait....

now you see me...
now ya don't!

I'd tell you that it (I) would get better but hmmm I'm bound to keep losing my mojo.
Heck, maybe I never had it to begin with?

Anyhoo, tell me something.
Tell me anything!
What have you been up to?

Let's see...
On April Fools Day, we discovered that our attic was infested with red wasps.
Hubby is allergic to them.
We had to shell out $90 for some dude to come and spray them DEAD.

The pollen has arrived.
It's driving my poor Hunky Hubby nuts.

We visited with my parents on Good Friday. We hunted a few eggs and got our grub on.
(I hope that means eating....heard someone say it once and found it amusing but it could mean something totally different.)

My sister was there with her lil one too. 
I told her to bring him outside with an egg so we could snap some pics.

Of course, I didn't specify plastic or real & DYED egg . . .

She brought a dyed one.


And after... 5 maybe 6 pics? We wondered "Is this safe?"


So, we took the egg away and he ate dirt instead. 
(Hey! God made dirt and dirt won't hurt....unless...Oh nevermind. He is fine.)

Silly sister, Don't you know that first born babies are not supposed to eat dirt or slather blue dye all over their clothes?
You save all of that for the 3rd one.

Look! See this tulip?

It's the only tulip in my mom's yard. They planted 20. Go figure.
I took a pic.
Then my mom shoved a plastic egg in it.
I was worried for her only tulip.

Remember when I told you about our first easter w/o the Easter Bunny?
In the post below this one
Well, I thought it went over pretty well.
The next day....The princess asked me if the bunny was coming.
Hunky Hubby bought them some chocolate bunnies on Clearance.
Cheap chocolate tastes the same as full price chocolate too!

I ate way too many peeps, peanut butter eggs and JUNK.
I got sick.
Just between you and me...
I think they put poison in them.
The one called F-A-T.

~in other news~

The cat found a lizard.


WE are starting on the garden. We as in HE (hunky hubby) and garden as in (tomatoes only).


Check out that arm.
Is it getting HAWT in here?

Apr 6, 2010

Saving is smart!

So, if you can recall I mentioned something about going "frugal" in my previous posts. Afterall, saving a buck or ten makes momma pretty smart. 
I dig a big brain. Actually, I dig a big brain over brawn. 
Eh....maybe not but it sure sounds good.
Saving money, though....Well, it's more of a necessity right now.

I've been searching high and low for coupons, promo codes and savings sites. I took my search to twitter and received many wonderful links. I would like to thank those of you that mentioned your favorite sites. I will be sharing those with everyone a bit later.

There is a tremendous outpouring of savings/coupon sites on the web. WOW!
One of the sites that I came across is Savings.com. 
Have you heard of it?
Just about every store you can think of is listed. Stores such as Sears, Payless Shoes, Home Depot and even Wal-Mart. Click on their link and find out what sales they have going on, coupon codes and even become notified when you can get free shipping on online sales.
Free shipping is always good since I do the majority of my shopping online these days!
Do you guys use these types of sites?
Have you had any luck tracking down sales?
I want to know!

Psst...Now would be a great time to check on the Home Depot promo codes!
(Need new patio furniture?)

Apr 4, 2010

Remember that ONE Easter....

This morning I wasn't awaken by fighting over peeps, arguments over nasty flavored jelly beans....

I wasn't bothered with "Can I eat my chocolate bunny before church?"

I didn't have to listen to whining because I would have said "NO!" "You will get chocolate on your brand new Easter dress."

I didn't have to get on to the kids for playing with the toys in the easter basket instead of getting ready for church.


Well, we didn't rush out and buy brand new frilly dresses this year for one.
The 12 or so in the closet? They are perfectly fine.

There were no fights over candy in the easter baskets because...
Well, there are no baskets.
That's right.
I sat the kids down yesterday and told them that there was NO bunny hopping around outside with easter baskets in hand.

They looked at me and said "Is it a man dressed up as a bunny?"
uhh, although that is pretty creepy....NO!
There is NO SUCH THING, I told them.
Of course, I could sense a teeny bit of disappointment but it would soon fade.

*actually, I think I was disappointed more than they were....not because he was FAKE but because I had to tell them. 
Ugh! Parenting is not fun sometimes . . .

My kids know the real meaning of Easter.
If you ask them they will tell you that Jesus died on the cross, was tossed into the cave (tomb) on Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday. 
They will also tell you that he lives forever and EVER....amen!

See, they know.
We no longer have to keep the charade going.

Easter is not about bunnies and eggs....
chocolate or frilly dresses....
It's not even about peeps. (sigh)
It's about him.

Of course, I would never deprive myself err I mean my kids of a chocolate bunny or 12.
We will munch on a bunny if I decide to buy one.
Heck, we will even hunt a few eggs. (as we did)

egg hunt3

JESUS will be the one thanked and not some fluffy oversized rabbit with huge feet.

Don't worry...
I also told the kids to keep this (Easter Bunny not being real) to themselves.
I would never want them to rain on their friend's parade...
That's a job best suited for a PARENT!

psst...This is the very first Easter in a VERY LONG TIME that we are not in church.
*Sick kiddo and hubby is working*

I feel odd.
I feel... just like... I am supposed to be doing something MAJORLY MAJOR (wink)  but I overslept or something.
Imagine that!

Happy Easter, Y'all!


P to the S: Much to my surprise, they didn't even ask about the toothfairy or Santa.
hmmm....maybe they were scared to ask.
Ya know, kind of like.....Don't ask Don't tell---- (plug the ears) BLAHHHH WE CAN"T HEAR YOU
we still get the goodies!!

That time is coming though....
Baby steps


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