Jan 31, 2009

Qlubb- an easier way to get organized


Well, as most of you may know.....I have a lot going on. So much going on that I often lose track. For instance, I was supposed to post about this AWESOME organizing tool weeks ago but.....
Well......got sidetracked!
Imagine that.
However, I did remember with a little help from my pal Stephanie and now that I am using Qlubb I can keep track of all my activities.
What's Qlubb?
Qlubb is a web-based group utility that enables real-world groups to easily connect, share and get stuff done. Qlubb brings all aspects of group interaction to one simple and intuitive place. With event calendaring, sign-up sheets, photo sharing, member rosters, file sharing, task reminder service, and bulletin boards, Qlubb provides all the functions needed to easily and actively participate within a group.
Qlubb is perfect for all of you out there that run "groups" such as PTA clubs, Book Clubs, Playgroups, Sports teams and so on....

Everyone can be up to date with the latest activity or program with the Qlubb calendar. You can enter the date, time and event for each activity and when it is time for you to participate Qlubb will send you a reminder.
There is also a place to store photos and important files.
You can even post messages for everyone in your group to view when they log in.
I decided to use Qlubb for my "review" work. The calendar has been keeping me on track and I love the friendly reminders that come to my email box.
With Qlubb's help, I will definately be able to stay ON TRACK!
Visit Qlubb for information on how you can get started.

Jan 30, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

The other day while I was in the back of the house I could hear the LITTLE MAN shouting something. Of course, I was shouting back because that's how we communicate....ya know?
Anyhoo after a few shouts I could still not hear what he was saying so I came into the room in which he was in.
I asked him what all the shouting was about and he said:
"MOM, P-U-S was just here."
me: HUH? P-U-S??
"Yeah, *P-U-S*, and they left a box."

Say it Foward Friday


It's time for another "Say It Foward" post.
Who will I pick ?
I'm picking.....
AMY from Coffee with the Mrs. (aka- "THE Mrs.")
Sure, Amy enters my giveaways and we also participate in some of the same "memes" but she also leaves comments on my rather crazy posts and for that RIGHT THERE....
Amy gets featured in my SAY IT FOWARD post this week.
(Is my check in the mail, Amy??) haha I joke
Check out Amy's blog where she posts about her daily adventures, her CRAZY professor that obviously needs a V8 (lol), and life as a mom of a toddler.
Oh, and if you have an advice on how she can tame her hubby then I am sure she would be your BFF for life. *wink*
Head over to 5 minutes for mom and tell us who your loyal commenters are!

Jan 29, 2009

Manhattan Toy-Imaginations at Play!


Toy pro? Hmm....I dunno about that but I do know a thing or ten about toys! Having 3 kids ranging from age 4-10, We have toys and LOTS OF THEM!
Big toys, small toys, dolls, cars, toys that make noise, toys that teach.....We have them all. Which do my children prefer? Well they like the LOUD ONES! Which ones do I like? I LIKE THE QUIET ONES! LOL Don't we all ? Ok, I will admit that as long as it is teaching my kiddo something then I can overlook the LOUD factor, sometimes.
But let's face it, If you have kids then you are going to have to deal with toys NO MATTER how loud or annoying they may be.
Speaking of toys there are certain ones that OUTSHINE the others and a few of them come from Manhattan Toy.
Let me share a few of our NEW favorites with you . . .
Baby Stella

A little about Baby Stella:
Baby Stella is delightfully detailed, from her lifelike toes, belly button, and plump tummy, to her soft fleece hair and embroidered features. This beautiful doll comes with a removable diaper; a super-soft, two-piece sleeper outfit; and a pacifier that attaches magnetically to her mouth. Toddlers will love cradling, dressing, and caring for this baby.
**My princess has Baby Stella and sleeps with her every night. My favorite thing about Baby Stella other than her being SUPER SOFT is the pacifier. The pacifier is actually a magnet and will stay on Baby Stella. I get tired of searching for baby accessories all the time so that pacifier staying PUT was definately a plus in my book.
Retail price: $30
For ages 12m-up

Farm Puzzle Block Set
This 13-piece set is a puzzle and block set all in one! Match the characters to complete a puzzle or stack the blocks into fun and creative designs.
This one would definately be great for preschoolers. You can put it together as a puzzle or simply play with the pieces as blocks. There is no RIGHT or WRONG way this this toy.
Retail price: $24
For ages: 18m-and up

Another great series of dolls from Manhattan Toy is the GROOVY GIRLS collection. I am pretty sure most of you have seen a GROOVY GIRL doll before but have you seen all of the adorable accessories?
As soon as I opened our package from Mahhattan Toy, I knew exactly which ones my daughter would go for......Yep, GROOVY GIRLS!

A little about Groovy Girls:
These posh playmates are the coolest dolls around. With funky outfits and awesome accessories, our Groovy Girls products encourage girls to celebrate their own unique personalities!
I must say their hair is pretty HIP looking and their style.....well, it's definately in a class of it's own.
Groovy Girls RSVP

To celebrate the 10th Birthday of the Groovy Girls brand, Manhattan Toy is introducing the Groovy Girls RSVP.com collection! Each doll comes with her own special code to a superfun and totally rad online party as well as fun activities for parents and their daughters to share.
The Groovy Girls RSVP collection was right up my bigger girl's alley. There are all kinds of activities for your GROOVY girl to enjoy!

You really should check out Manhattan Toy the next time you are buying for your kiddos. They really do have a nice selection to choose from. Toys for all ages too!
*Come back this weekend for info on some great baby toys.
Would you like to win something from Manhattan Toy?
I have a Farm Puzzle block set to give away!
All you have to do is visit Manhattan Toy, browse through all the different toys and then come back here and tell me which one your child would enjoy most.
*For one extra entry post this giveaway on twitter. Just come back here and leave your twitter link in the comments section.
**For two extra entries, Grab my button (located on the left sidebar) and display it on your blog.
Again...Just come back and leave your blog link in the comments section.
This giveaway will end on Thursday, February 5th and a winner will be emailed.

Jan 28, 2009

ribbedtee ~giveaway~ *3 Winners!!

This giveaway has now ended....
Congrats :
Jenni Jiggety
Chris (kissyjensen@....com)
Jennifer (knittingmomof3@....com)
Thanks to everyone else that entered!
Since we are in the middle of our Virtual Baby Shower, I figured this next product would tie in perfectly. It's not something for BABY this time but rather for MOMMA!

If you have been reading the blog then you know that I recently reviewed the awesome ribbedtee. You can click HERE for my review.

I am still loving my ribbedtees. They are so comfy and after being washed MANY times they still come out of the dryer looking great AND FORM FITTING.

One of my favorite things about these shirts is the fact that they are super long. They cover up your back side. Ever been shopping and bent over in the aisle for a can of peas only to notice your "Fanny" hanging out? I HAVE! It's not fun either.....especially when your kiddo makes it his job to point it out to others. FUN TIMES FUN TIMES!

Well, RibbedTee's are perfect for those growing bellies. They make for one great maternity shirt without feeling too "maternity-ish" (my own word).
Show off that baby BUMP with a ribbedtee!

Want to win some ribbedtees?
I have 3 packages to give away. *Each package contains 2 shirts*
All you have to do is visit ribbedtee.com and check out their tees then come back here and let me know which color/size you would choose.
Giveaway will end on Wednesday, February 4th and all winners will be notified.

Extra entries
~For one extra entry head over to MOM DOT and vote for ME!! (I am nominated for the "What the heck was THAT?" dottie. Just leave a comment letting me know.
~For two extra entries grab my button and display it on your blog's sidebar. Again, leave a comment with your blog's link as your entry.

Wordless Wednesday (Sibling love)

Almost wordless...

*Brings a tear to ME eye*
Note: photos were taken this past summer. I am CRAZY but not THAT crazy enough to let them wear shorts in 30 degree temps.

To view more Wordless Wed. photos click HERE, HERE and HERE.

If you have a big mouth like me and can not contain yourself visit HERE for Wordful Wed.

I think I have missed my calling . . .

Gosh I really need to update my profile pic.
Everytime I look at it, I think of those chicks on the Price of Right or even Vanna White as she makes those darn letters magically appear while rubbing her fingers on the screen.
Check it out....
I even have the "finger" thing down.

I mean seriously.....The folks at Canon should definately hire me.
I make you want to run right out and purchase that camera, right?

Jan 27, 2009

Psssst.....Hey Bloggy Pals! (yes all 3 of you)

I just noticed that I was nominated over @ Mom Dot for a "Dottie" award. How's about you swing on over there and toss a vote my way?!
Can ya guess which category I am in??
I was nominated for the "What the heck was THAT?!" Dottie.

Heck, I don't even know what it means BUT I WAS NOMINATED and that's all that matters well that and WINNING!!!

Oh shoot...Now I am getting all nervous. What if I don't win? What if I do win? What will I say? What's for dinner? What is she looking at? WHAT?????? (oooh sorry, got a little carried away)

Head over to MOM DOT and vote for ME!!!!

Boogie Wipes *Snot your average wipe


Ever been in the grocery store and had that blurted out where everyone can hear?
I have! I have! (Imagine that.)
I will admit that I am a "wiper". I do not like to see the "boogies" or anything else for that matter. IT DRIVES ME NUTS!
As soon as I see it, I attack.
Usually I will grab a tissue from my purse.....that is if I can actually find one in there. (It's a mess, Y'all!)
After wiping those little faces with that tissue (or paper towel, baby wipe HEY, I have even used the bottoms of their shirt and don't you dare tell me you haven't.) I notice that the face is all red and blotchy.
The two main reasons for this :
1. the tissue is so rough against their little skin
2. my kids have very VERY sensitive skin

Of course, then we have to make it up to the cash register and get those "Weird" looks from the cashier because now it looks like someone has been smacking them in the face as it is so darn red.

My solution?
Boogie Wipes are the latest innovation in a moist wipe product for busy moms, dads and kids. With added saline, they offer quick, gentle, effective relief of stuck on Boogies (mucus) caused by common colds & allergies.
  • Made with Natural Saline to Dissolve Mucus
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Alcohol Free
  • Moisturize with Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile
  • Lightly Scented
  • Gentle Enough for All Ages
  • Phthalate & Paraben Free
Yes my friends, Boogie Wipes now saves me from the hassle that comes with wiping noses
(you know....the OW! MOMMY that HURTS)....Hey, I told ya I was a "WIPER" which means getting the job done no matter how many noses I take out in the process. *joking, joking!

Did I mention the great smell some of their wipes have?
We recently tested the GREAT GRAPE SCENTED ones and boy do they smell good.
They smelled so good that my kids wanted to lick them.....of course I told them that these were made for boogers and it kind of turned them off for a few minutes and then they just wanted to lick them again.
(Hey, whatever floats your boat??)

Would you like to try some BOOGIE WIPES?
I have one package to give away.
All you need to do is visit the BOOGIE WIPES website, browse through all the different products and come back here to let me know which you would like to try.

This giveaway will end on Tuesday, February 3rd and a winner will be notified.

Jan 26, 2009


Well, It's Monday.
hmm....what can I say about Monday?
Eh, Not much because they stink!
Join me for NOT ME! MONDAY....Let's (NOT) enjoy Monday together.
Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
For starters:
I can tell you that I am NOT sitting here thinking of something clever to say. Nah, Clever is my middle name along with cool, awesome, smart and funny. I am sure you already knew that though. hardy har har!

Oh, I can also tell you that I am NOT going to be embarrassed by my BIG GIRL today when we go to the dentist. NOPE! She is NOT going to act all crazy when they clean her teeth and she is definately not going to ask them if they are choking her AGAIN!
My kids would NEVER embarrass me like that. NOOOOO

Speaking of my kids NOT embarrassing me....
My son did NOT tell the lady in church yesterday that her breath "stunk".
(while holding his nose with his fingers)
Now why on earth would he do a thing like that especially since I was standing there TALKING TO HER!
He does NOT tell it like it is.
Oh, and her breath.....
*it actually smelled like sausage which actually meant she had a better breakfast than I did.

Of course I did NOT come up with some CRAZY excuse as to why he would say something like that.
Nope, I did NOT tell her that he thinks everyone's breath stinks.
HEY! It was early and that was the only thing I could come up with........
and then I walked away NOT feeling all dumb and stuff.

I'm gonna pull a "Benjamin Button" on you all ....


Yep, that's right. One day you are gonna come and visit and not even notice me. WHY? Because I am turning back time. You all are going to be SOOO jealous of my wrinkle free skin and baby soft tushie. (Oh wait! I am not going back that far.)
Hee Hee!
All joking aside for a moment because I have to tell you about Regeneration's anti-aging whole food bars.

And info about their anti-aging whole food bars:
Regeneration's Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar™ contains some of natures most powerful properties that can combat aging, using super levels of key nutrients with healthy inflammation response (Vitamin C-Ester and Omega 3, 6, 9). Powerful fruit flavonoids and low-glycemic organic ingredients allow Regenerations Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar™ to achieve 7,800 ORAC units per bar. These ingredients nourish the body from the inside out to give the skin, body, and mind the food it needs to promote healthy aging.

I have always been one to worry about my skin (or maybe obsess over it). It started when I was a teenager dealing with the dreadful zit on the forehead but now my worries have went from pimples to wrinkles.
Although I have just hit the big 30, I notice laugh lines and fine wrinkles around my eyes more than I used to.
Now I would love to tell you that I am going to grow older gracefully....
Gray Hair - BRING IT!
Wrinkles- I can take a few!
Aches and Pains- I have three kids ENOUGH SAID!
But I won't because I would be telling you a little fib. YES, I often worry about getting older. I wonder what I will look like *Yes, I am vain like that.
I am not liking the ideas of wrinkles because let's face : Makeup will NOT cover all of those wrinkles without making you look like a clown.
So hats off to Regeneration USA for coming up with their Anti-aging whole food bars. The bars contain high levels of antioxidants (7,800 ORAC units per bar!).
We actually need around 5,000 ORAC units per day but most of us only get around 1200 or even less.
They also contain the CORRECT ingredients needed for healthy aging.
I went to their site and read about each individual ingredient and their benefits. I was amazed....
For instance did you know that the Acai Berry helps with weight loss and Blueberries help the brain function.
The anti-aging bars come in two different flavors :Cocoa Brownie and Goji.
Retail price: $47.88 (12 day supply)
visit Regeneration USA for more information

*This campaign is brought to you by Family Review Network and Regeneration USA.

Hammer Toes....a great way to start my morning


So, it's MONDAY. I stumble out of the bed at 6:30 just like every other Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday oh and we can not forget Thursday and Friday too! Anyhoo.....I turn on the tv for my minute of "Smartness".....you know.....The NEWS. What is going on today?
Well, apparently one of the "special investigators" is trying to get to the bottom line regarding his "HAMMER TOES"?
YES, I said HAMMER TOES and I will say it again ....
Honestly, I can not believe I typed anything with the letters T-O-E-S on my blog. BUT PEOPLE WE NEED TO GET ANSWERS! I mean we are talking about HAMMER TOES.
The product they were testing :
Pampered Toes
(yes, I had to come to my computer and check the product out because I am all about being just a tad bit SMARTER! Afterall, it it's on the NEWS then it must be important, right?)

They want us to tune in tomorrow. DRATS! That's how they lure people in.

Actually, this may be BREAKING NEWS. I am pretty sure when they get the answer they will just run it along the bottom of my screen.
I am waiting in suspense!

**I did learn something this morning. I had no clue what a "Hammer Toe" was until I did a search. Let's just say......They are not toes that belong to MC HAMMER!

Jan 25, 2009

Tutor Me Girl ....The digital world made easy

Oh! you guys.....
I have been having a blast this weekend with my digital scrapbooks.
YES, I finally dusted the photo discs off and installed them back on the computer.
MY DIGI SCRAPBOOKS were looking somewhat BARE! (Do yours??)
I will be honest...YES, I got busy with LIFE but that wasn't the only reason why my scrapbooking was put on hold. You see, I got BORED! Yes, B-O-R-E-D with the same layouts, the same embellishments and the same frames.
I NEED VARIETY PEOPLE!!! (and a little help couldn't hurt)
TA DAH..... Someone out there heard my cries.
Tutor Me Girl and Memory Mixer came to my rescue.

What? You haven't heard of Tutor Me Girl? Well, it's just the most awesome site that does what it says......TUTOR!
A little about Tutor Me Girl! :

Tutor Me GiRL! is a one stop solution for your digital projects!

Our video eLibrary is constantly growing with online video tutorials that teach you

  • Digital Scrappbooking
  • Photo Editing
  • Blogging
  • Internet searches and settings
  • Email accounts
  • Chat applications like MSN, AIM and Yahoo
  • Skype - free calling anywhere anytime
  • And tons of other fun tutorials on FREE and low cost services offered online and through digital applications

Our goal is to eliminate your fears of the digital world. You can do it! Finally, conquer all those skills you would like to learn, but have always been intimidated or afraid of trying.

With the simple click of a button you will be learning the things you always wanted to learn.

And to start things off at Tutor Me Girl and Memory Mixer have combined their efforts to help us with all things scrapbooking (digi scrapbooking). Between the two, all your scrapbooking problems can be solved too!

Yeah, that's right DON'T BE SCARED OF THE "D" word any longer.

Want to be in the "KNOW"? I highly suggest purchasing their Digital Scrapbook StarterKit.

Click HERE to see what all is included with the kit.

Retail price: $39.95 but if you purchase it by clicking the paypal button below you will receive an additional $10 off your purchase.

Jan 24, 2009

Spreading the Love through a comment or two

I am going to be honest with you......I LOVE GETTING COMMENTS!
(They make me feel all warm and mushy- gushy!)
If you check the blog on any given day then you will notice that I run tons of giveaways.
YES, I like getting comments on those because it means more LINKY LOVE for my sponsors, however....
I LOOOOVE LOOOVE LOVE getting comments on my regular posts even more.
It actually shows that someone is reading my lil ole blog.
and maybe JUST MAYBE those leaving comments like what I have to say.....
:Hey, a girl has to have HOPE, ya know?:
Mom Blogs
Anyhoo, As I have mentioned in my blog hoppin' post 5 minutes for mom is hosting Say it Foward.
-Basically, it's a way to feature your loyal "commenters".
For my first SAY IT FOWARD post I am going to feature my pal Beki of PamperingBeki.
Beki has been my pal for many years. We got to know each other through ebay on one of the many FORUM/GROUPS that we both belonged to. Now we chat through our blogs and also on Twitter.
I also think we are both up for MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARDS! *hee hee*
So, head over to Beki's blog and leave her a little comment.
(I hear she also gets all MUSHY- GUSHY over comments!)

Go Belly Go **Giveaway**

This giveaway has now ended....
Congrats Nanja! (Just sent you an email)
Thanks to everyone that entered!!

Ah, I can remember it all too well....Pregnancy hormones! It seemed like EVERYTHING got on my nerves especially there at the end of my pregnancies. But nothing got me irritated more than hearing this question : "When are you going to HAVE THAT BABY?" If I heard it once I heard it 500 times. It got so bad that one of my friends bought me a button that said "I'M DUE IN NOVEMBER!" Yep, I wore it to work on a daily basis.

Of course my button wasn't as cool as these POSH necklaces from Go Belly Go :

So before the questions begin you can just point to your cute Go Belly Go maternity necklace and be done with it!
Ah, now why weren't these around when I was pregnant?
They certainly would have matched my wardrobe better than that BRIGHT PINK button I was wearing!
About Go Belly Go :

Want to tell the WORLD your due date?
I have one Go Belly Go necklace to give way to ONE LUCKY MOMMA.
*with YOUR due date*
All you have to do is visit Go Belly Go.
Do you see the cute little pink birds all over her site?
Count the birds and then come back here and tell me how many there were!
**Had to make you work a little, ya know?
Also be sure to leave your DUE DATE in the comment.
If you are not pregnant then please enter the DUE DATE of your pal....the one you will be giving this to.
*1 extra entry if you TWEET this giveaway on Twitter
**2 extra entries if you blog about this giveaway
Just post your links in the comments section.
Looking for more great giveaways?
Check out Bloggy Giveaways. They are hosting their quarterly BLOGGY CARNIVAL and it's happening NOW!

It's Saturday!! Time for a little BLOG HOPPIN'

Do you have something going on?? Be sure to leave it on Mr Linky below and we will be sure to visit!
Let's see what we found today....
Extraordinary Mothers launced this week!
Click on the banner below to check out their NEW digs:

Head over to 5 Minutes for Mom and you may just win this adorable Rocking Horse :

All you have to do is enter their "Horsing Around" photo contest.

MOMDOT is hosting "Saturday Night LIVE" tonight. (They usually do this on Friday's but it has been changed to Saturday this week. Be sure to head over and sign MR LINKY if you will be attending. (fun chats and a live giveaway!)

3 Kids and Us is hosting a Bloggy Baby Shower (we can't get enough baby items!). Be sure to be there starting Feb. 1st.

Now get out there and do your own BLOG HOPPIN'. Don't forget to leave a comment on the blogs you visit. Everyone likes a nice comment every now and again!

And speaking of comments....5 minutes for mom is hosting "Say it Foward" every Friday.
*Leave a comment and meet a new pal!!*
Click the banner below for more info :
Mom Blogs

Jan 22, 2009

Make your own blocks


Don't toss those boxes!! Next time you finish off a box of pop-tarts save the box. You could make your own blocks with them!!

DIY Building Blocks

What ya need:
boxes (we used pop-tart boxes)
wrapping paper

Take your box and make sure it's sealed shut.
Once you tape both ends together then just wrap the box up with the wrapping paper.
(We placed our boxes on the printed side and wrapped because we wanted to paint/color our boxes.)
*You can also purchase colored contact paper and wrap them up.

Once you have the boxes wrapped then you can let your little ones get creative.
Paint them...
Color on them....
Add stickers....
Whatever they fancy!

DIY Building blocks

Whew...What a night (LOST!)

Well, I had been counting down the days, hours and minutes since the LAST episode of LOST ended (last year). IT'S BACK BABY!
Of course, I am soooo LOST but what's new?
This show has me my mind jumping all over the place....
the past
the future
the present or is it the present?
LOVED the HURLEY moments we had last night, DUUUUDE!
Now do we really need to trust BEN?
What's going on with SUN? Is she now working with Widmore now?
*I sure hope not.
It's just a mess on the island....
The Others
Widmore's bad guys
They just can't catch a break.
Am I the only one gagging at the Sawyer/Juliette *sweet* moments??
I just don't care for her at ALL.
Ok, now since they are in the past (at least some of the time)....
Will we see Charlie?

Mr. Eko?
The annoying blonde girl.....what was her name? Boone's sister
Ay Yi Yi
Oh, and Daniel....What is his story? Was that his MOM?
My brain is hurting.
It is really HURTING!
What are your thoughts on last night's episode??
The Lost Blog

Jan 21, 2009

The LUCKY ME TEE by Demi Bella (giveaway)

This giveaway has ended....CONGRATS GINNY!
(just emailed ya)
Thanks to everyone that entered!

I was watching this past season's Dancing with the Stars and recall a segment where Brooke Burke and her partner were practicing. Brooke had on a shirt that said Mommy of 4. I thought to myself....I WANT ONE!!

I am pretty sure I am not alone either. I believe every mom should have one of these awesome shirts by Demi Bella. TELL THE WORLD THAT YOU ARE A MOMMY and be DARN PROUD!

The shirts are SUPER SOFT and comfy. I love wearing mine. It also conforms to your body and curves making you feel EXTRA HOT......and all moms wanna feel HOT, right? hee hee!

About Lucky Me Tee by Demi Bella :
Lucky Me Tee was first an idea in 2006 after having my 3rd child. I found when I was out with only my new born, people thought I was a first-time mom. I felt I was always explaining that I was a "Mommy of 3." The day I actually decided to create this company was when I was at my daughter's first cheerleading practice and I heard all of the Mothers asking each other the same questions everyone had always asked me, "Is this your only child?", "How many kids do you have?" That was it! Being a Graphic Designer myself and now a stay at home mom, I decided to design my own shirts. I wanted to create shirts that told your story and made you look good, too.

Would you like a Lucky Me Tee by Demi Bella?
One of you lucky mommas will receive a tee. (customized with your # of kiddos!)
All you have to do is visit Demi Bella, check out the t-shirts and then come back HERE and let me know what style and color you would choose if you won.
Giveaway will end Wednesday, January 28th and a winner will be notified.

*1 extra entry if you tweet about this giveaway on Twitter
**2 extra entries if you post this giveaway on your blog.
(Just come back here with the links)
Looking for more great giveaways?
Check out Bloggy Giveaways. They are hosting their quarterly BLOGGY CARNIVAL and it's happening NOW!

Wordless Wednesday (need I say more??)


For more Wordless Wed. entries click HERE and Here.

Works for Me Wednesday (ironing made EASY!)


Let's talk about getting wrinkles out of your clothing....FUN HUH???
AND NO, we are not going to toss everything in the dryer. GOSH WHO DOES THAT?
ahem......surely not me :wink:
Grab your iron (if you can find it) and then grab some aluminum foil from your cabinet.


Now go find that wrinkly white shirt that refuses to stay wrinkle-free. *you know the one.
Place the aluminum foil under your ironing board pad, place the shirt on the board and start ironing.

The foil will reflect heat so you're actually ironing from both sides at once.
VOILA....Saves time and energy too!!

OR you can just take that same shirt and throw it in the dryer for a few minutes.
Hardy Har Har!
For more Works for me Wednesday tips, Visit Rocks in My Dryer.

Jan 20, 2009

Swaddle Designs ultimate receiving blanket + a giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. (Congrats Leslie!)
*I just sent you an email
Thanks to everyone for entering!!
Swaddle Designs "Ultimate Receiving Blanket"

Yeah, I'm a dork.....but check out this vlog about the AWESOME "Ultimate Receiving Blanket" from Swaddle Designs.
AND YES, I am from the SOUTH. I bet you couldn't tell, huh Y'ALL?

SwaddleDesigns® lead product is the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket® also known as the Ultimate Receiving Blanket®. SwaddleDesigns blankets are designed by a nurse and are 100% premium preshrunk cotton flannel brushed soft on both sides of the fabric. Our flannel meets Oeko Tex Standard 100. Each blanket comes with our exclusive 123 Swaddle® instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket (patent pending). Flannel is the fabric of choice used in hospitals across the USA to swaddle newborns. Our swaddling blankets are larger than typical receiving blankets at 42" x42" square and are proudly made in the USA. Our blankets past rigorous testing for color fastness, piling, and received many awards including a coveted iParenting Media Award for Best Products.

A little about SwaddleDesigns:

SwaddleDesigns was founded by Lynette Damir, a registered nurse and mother of two young children. While visiting families with new babies, Lynette found that parents struggled with swaddling because they didn’t have the right kind of blanket (most were too small or too thick) and they could not remember how to make a good secure swaddle. Lynette wanted to share her knowledge of proper swaddling because she understood that parents needed help when trying to learn how to swaddle. Lynette designed The Ultimate Receiving Blanket® with 123 Swaddle® instructional tag sewn to its edge. Lynette’s blanket has helped hundreds of thousands of new parents learn how to swaddle to calm and comfort their newborns.

The Ultimate Receiving Blanket is also known as the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket®. It is recommended by doctors, nurses, doulas and parent educators. SwaddleDesigns swaddling blankets are a favorite new baby gift and cherished by new parents. New moms fall in love with SwaddleDesigns swaddling blankets because of the quality, colors, and style – and because new parents feel wonderful when they can calm and comfort their newborn.

You can also find other products at SwaddleDesigns such as the zzZip Me Sack, stroller blankets, baby burpies, bibs and the Baby Lovie. (which we are giving away below!) I would highly recommend SwaddleDesigns for your next baby shower purchase.

Now for the giveaway:

Swaddle Designs has generously donated one of their adorable Baby Lovies to one lucky winner.
Baby Lovie® is a super soft security blankie with silky satin picture frame border - perfectly sized for little hands, and features textures that little fingers love to touch and explore. Pediatricians recommend that a young child 6 months and older be given a security object. This small security blankie helps comfort and soothe small children.
All you have to do is visit SwaddleDesigns, browse around and check out all the cute baby items.
Come back here when you are finished and tell me what product you would like to receive at your baby shower (or what product you would like to GIVE to someone at a baby shower).
Giveaway will end on Wednesday, January 28th and a winner will be notified.


Looks like we are headed to the doctor's office this morning.
My big girl is sick and I am sure it's STREP THROAT.
Of course it would be SUPER cold outside today also.

*As soon as I return I will get up our giveaway for the day.

In the meantime....
Be sure to enter our other baby shower giveaways and don't forget to check out my "Around the Blog-O-Sphere" post for more giveaways happening at other awesome blogs!

Jan 19, 2009

NOT ME! Monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

We did NOT have McDonalds for dinner last night and we are NOT having Wendy's tonight. NOPE, we are NOT!

I did NOT eat Dippin' Dots last night around 11:00ish. NO WAY!!

My kids DID NOT destroy their playroom. (Sweet angels)
@@<---me rolling my eyes
and I did NOT tell the kids I was going to put all their toys at the curb today.

I did NOT stay up practically all night because I was scared being home alone. *I am soooo NOT A WIMP!


**I do NOT use a lot of !!!'s either.
or .....'s

Itzy Bitzy by Zutano **Giveaway**

This giveaway has now ended....
Congrats DAWN (just emailed ya!)
Thanks to everyone for entering!!

Teeny Tiny baby clothing....
It was probably my favorite thing to receive when I had my baby showers. I loved holding the clothes up and imagining my little one wearing them one day.
I remember hanging every little article of clothing up nicely or putting it away only to run to the closet the very next day and oooh and ahhh over everything again!
If you are expecting or already have small children then you MUST check out our next sponsor.

A little about Zutano:
Zutano Licensed Products are inspired by a love of babies and a belief that each baby's individuality can be celebrated. Catering to the speciality market, Zutano makes that celebration possible. As an industry leader in comfort, fun and fashion, Zutano's Baby Basics have a well-deserved reputation for innovation and versatility.
From Baby Basics to Toddler STYLES, Zutano is definately the place to shop for "originality" and "Eye Popping" designed children's clothing.

I must say the BOLD, FRESH and FUN styles caught my eye from the beginning. The color palettes were awesome and right up my alley......
I can almost guarantee that if you were to show up at the next baby shower with Zutano clothing, You would get some oooh's and ahhh's!!
Would you like to win some Zutano clothing?
(Save it for your baby or give it as a gift)
Zutano has sent us some of the CUTEST clothing from their Itzy Bitzy line, especially for Newborns.

ITZY•BITZY is Zutano's premier line of newborn and preemie clothing. This adorable and very special collection has been meticulously designed to fit brand new babies weighing between 4 and 8lbs. Uniquely organized in 6 sweet print/solid/stripe families, of 8 body styles each, itzy•bitzy comprehensively provides every garment a newborn will need in its first delicate days of life.

One lucky MOMMA will win the following :
1 cute kimona top (snails print)
1 pair of leggings to match
1 short sleeve wrap body (snails print)
1 pink/white striped gown and matching hat

All you have to do is visit Zutano and check out all the super sweet clothing designs.
Come back HERE and leave a comment about your favorite piece of clothing.
*1 extra entry for posting this giveaway on TWITTER
**2 extra entries for posting about this giveaway (on your blog)
This giveaway will end on Monday, January 26th and a winner will be notified.

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