Sep 30, 2009

The baby shower continues w/ The Pleated Poppy


Congrats to : Celeste

Celeste said...
I'm lovin' checkbook cover #27!
I actually just got some of her posy pins in the mail yesterday!

October 3, 2009 11:13 AM

not poopie (sorry I had to....this is a BABY SHOWER) but P-O-PPY as in The Pleated Poppy.

Where do I begin?
with this :


or what about this:

ooooh ooooh or these?

I'll have one of each, please!!

All of the above "yummies" were created by Lindsey Cheney.
Right along with UBER crafty, Lindsey is also :
(taken from her blog, Imperfect.)
married to an incredibly supportive husband and am mom to 3 littles, 6 and under. My days are full of sewing, home schooling, crafting, snuggling, avoiding the laundry, sneaking bites of chocolate, and wondering "Is it naptime yet?".

The Pleated Poppy . . .
beautiful imperfections of the everyday
(I love that!)

What will you find at The Pleated Poppy?
A little bit of this and a whole lotta cute-NESS!
uh huh
uh huh
checkbook covers, covered notebooks, crayon rolls, posy hairclips, petal pushers, tea towels and so much more.

Lindsey was kind enough to offer up two prizes :
Something for mom
(example of what you can do w/ Posy Pins)
A set of Posy Pins
Something for baby girl
A Posy headband

Worth playing for??

All ya have to do is visit The Pleated Poppy.
Have a looksie around.
Then come back here and tell me what item caught your eye.

Extra entries
Follow My blog via google friend connect - 2 extra entries
Blog about this giveaway - 3 extra entries

This giveaway will end on Wednesday, Oct. 7th.

Don't forget to click the banner below for more giveaways!

Maybe.....Maybe not?


This is trendy, right??

That's all I've got today, folks.

Align Center

Sep 29, 2009

It's a girl (Kailani's baby shower) PRIZES FOR YOU!

And the winner is . . . . .
The Allen Family w/ 127 comments
(She worked hard for her prize, Y'all!)

Chelle was close behind ya with 104.


It's a GIRL!!
Yep Yep
Our great friend, Kailani is having a baby and we are celebrating!
The editors of The Family Review network are throwing a baby shower.
WOO to the HOO !
For those of you who do not know Kailani.....
Well, you are missing out.
She is a super duper gal.
Head on over to An Island Life (that's her blog) and get to know her.
Kailani is also the founder and lead editor @ The Family Review Network.
A lotta Pink
Good Company
Yeah, Yeah....
We have all of that.
But what about the games???
What about the PRIZES???
Oh, we have that TOO!
And guess what?
They're for YOU!

Here's how it goes:
Commenter number one starts with the letter "A". Come up with a word that begins with "A".
(It has to be something that a baby or child would DO or USE etc.)
examples : applesauce (baby's eat applesauce)

The next commenter would take the Letter "B"
and so on...

Of course, I know words will be used more than once and it will probably get mixed up as people will be refreshing. Just remember this is all in FUN!
How the winner will be chosen: Whoever leaves the most comments.
So, if you could put a number after each comment then I would appreciate it.
If not...
Well, it will take me all day to choose a winner!

pssst....when you get to z, start over.

Either way

Even more fun....The game only lasts 24 hours!
I will close comments tomorrow @ 2:30 CST.
The Prizes

One lucky baby shower guest will win the following:

$25 Macy's gift card

1 Phillips Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush
(Hey, I know babies are born with teeth.....but eventually they will turn into BIGGER kids and need this.)

A little bit about this toothbrush:
Sonicare For Kids is an innovative new rechargeable toothbrush designed for kids aged 4-10. The kid-friendly design and features work together to promote good brushing habits. The clinically proven results give you peace of mind during their transition to independent brushing.


Helps kids reach the recommended 2-minute brushing time by progressively increasing time over 90 days.
Two kid-friendly power modes
Provides gentle age-appropriate cleaning; low mode for ages 4+ and high mode for 7+.
Two distinct brush head sizes
Specifically designed to gently clean teeth at key developmental phases.

Total value of this prize pack : $95

Worth playing for??

More giveaways can be found by clicking the banner below:

Sep 28, 2009

She's having a baby


Kailani is having a baby!
We are celebrating.
Click on the banner above for more information.

Check back here later today for some giveaways!!

Sep 26, 2009


Always keepin' it real with you guys . . .




I don't lie.

Did I really just post this above the SKINNY JEANS post?

Why, Yes....Yes I did.

Sep 25, 2009

Skinny Jeans . . . Yeahhhhhhh


Let's talk about "Skinny Jeans" for a minute.

Skinny jeans seem to be all the rage.
Everywhere I turn, I see SKINNY JEANS.
Here Skinny Jeans, There Skinny Jeans.....Everywhere Skinny Jeans

I am constantly hearing "Put on your SKINNY JEANS."

Question: What am I doing wrong?
Obviously my "Skinny Jeans" didn't come with instructions.
What's the trick?
I don't even FEEL skinny wearing them.
I mean, HELLO! I had to unbutton them just to eat my cheeseburger the other night.

That can't be right, Can it?

Skinny jeans . . . My.Rear.End

Sep 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen (13 blogs to check out)

Slackers Unite!
(We have to stick together.)
I've been so exhausted.
I've been terribly lazy too.


Here's 13 blogs that you NEED to check out . . .
Not tomorrow.
Right Now, slackers!

Samster Mommy

Crafting, Cooking and Chaos...sounds like my life.
Ok, maybe without all the cooking and crafting.

Spaghetti and Bagels
Insanity at it's best
Girl! Don't I know?

Project Mommyhood

Inside Out Style

Peekaboophotos (yummy photos!)
ahem...someone needs to update!!

angie warren photography (more yummy photos!)

Cookie Mondays....Ice Cream Sundaes
More eyecandy

Yeah, I made that.

Step Inside

Baby Bangs

Rookie Moms

A Southern Accent

Mommy Brain

Uh, when I first started listing these blogs I didn't have a "Theme" in mind.
IT seems as if they are all MOMMY BLOGS so we will go with that as our theme . . .
13 Mommy blogs
Yeah, that's it.
If your blog is on here and it's not a mommy blog.
You should be one (a mommy).
I added a man's blog on here.
I don't think I did.

I'm tired, y'all.

Sep 22, 2009


The kids have managed to call every stray dog in the neighborhood over here.
They are rolling around.
Slobbering all over the place.....
Fetching the ball
The dogs are watching them too.

It's been raining for 40 days and 40 nights.
The dogs are wet.
The dogs stink.

I just know that their "STINK" is going to rub off on my kids.
It's not even bath night.
They're gonna stink for a whole FOUR MORE DAYS.

Have you hugged an elephant today??



It's Elephant Appreciation Day, y'all.
Show some love.

I'm celebrating Elephant Appreciation Day by watching a little Elephant drama unfold on the good ole T.V.
Ok, maybe it's not DRAMA but it is pure cuteness.

Africa’s Elephant Kingdom and Queen Of The Elephants (Animal Planet)

A little bit about the dvd:
Explore the life and death struggle of the two surviving elephant species when Africa’s Elephant Kingdom and Queen of the Elephants arrive on DVD for the first time October 13 from Genius Products and Animal Planet. In Africa’s Elephant Kingdom, follow the largest land mammal and its extended elephant family as the clan travels across the vast, life-threatening African plains and struggles to find food, water and a place to build a stronger family. In Queen of the Elephants, conservationists and activists Mark Shand and Parbarti Barua – the only female mahout (elephant handler) in India – draw awareness to the elephant’s plight in a perilous 300-mile journey across the county atop the backs of elephants. From global warming and environmental changes to human expansion and resource depletion, Africa’s Elephant Kingdom and Queen of the Elephants explore the frighteningly small toehold that the elephant species maintains in the world as its way of life is threatened. Both specials will be available on one DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.95.

Celebrate Elephant Appreciation day with me!
Well, 3 of you.....anyway.
I have a copy of this dvd for 3 lucky friends.
BIG GIRL did eeenie meeenie miney moe and chose :
Ladybug Mama of 2
Haus of Girls

Congrats ladies!!


Oh, and tomorrow is Checker's day.
September 28th is "Ask a Stupid Question" day.
(I'm getting my questions ready now!)

Hey, I don't make this stuff up.

Sep 21, 2009

Over and Over again

I pushed my BIG heavy dining room table over to one wall in my dining room.
Why? Because the lil boy that I babysit is learning to walk and he needs room to do that.
Why can't he walk in the living room?
Well, because there is too much for him to get into plus it opens up to my breakfast/kitchen area.
Breakfast/Kitchen area = Big NO NO!
Get all that?
Back to the dining room . . .
Look at the picture below
See that chandelier/light fixture thingy?
Well, it is right in the center of the room.
It's pretty low too.
Ya know how many times I have hit my head on it?
about 5
Do I know it's there?
Do I still get right up under it and hit my head?
OVER and OVER again
It's heavy.

Why am I telling you this?
Beats me . . .
Maybe I'm bored?
Maybe my darn head hurts!

Can you spot my kitty in the pic?
What about those two tiny pieces of white paper in the floor.
Pieces of paper that no one has picked up yet.
They are driving me nuts just looking at them in the pic.
Maybe I will pick them up.
Maybe not.

Happy Monday!

Come together with Macy's (Cook for a cause) GIVEAWAY

This giveaway is now closed....
Thanks so much for entering!


Charity/ccboobooy said...

I tweeted.
September 27, 2009 8:07 PM

Macy's is pledging to feed 10 million people suffering from hunger through fundraising program, Come Together.
Would you like to help?

COME TOGETHER invites the public to rally around the cause by hosting special dinners in their homes and asking their guests to pledge a donation to Feeding America. In return, Macy’s will match these donations dollar-for-dollar until the total goal of 10 million meals is reached.

Ways to help:

· HOST - Friends and families across the country can host dinner parties from casual to formal, send invitations and manage party details including themes and recipes on
In lieu of bringing traditional host gifts, guests are suggested to make a donation to Feeding America.
· GIVE - Donate $1 directly at any Macy's register, one dollar provides dinner for seven.

· SHOP- Macy's customers can shop for the cause and get special savings in-store on October 17, when Macy's hosts a national Shop For A Cause day.
A portion of the $5 in-store ticket sales will benefit Feeding America.
(for more information click on the banner above)

Get out there and SHOP! SHOP! SHOP!
Donate! Donate! Donate!

Remember, October 17th is National Shop for a Cause day. So, don't spend all your money BEFORE then!

Want an extra $25.00 to spend on National Shop for a Cause day?
I have a Macy's gift card for one lucky person.
All you have to do is leave me a comment below.

~extra entries~
1 additional entry for the following

*following my blog via google friend connect
*posting about this giveaway on your blog
*tweeting this giveaway on twitter
Just come back here and let me know which one(s) you have completed for your extra entry.
This giveaway will end on Monday, September 28th.

Sep 20, 2009

Keeping 'em TrEnDy with SUSHI ?

Oh.My.Goodness. Y'all !
I have found these c---uuuuu-test lil shoppe on etsy.

fortune cookies for the feet

sushi socks, anyone?

Dogs can be trendy too, ya know?

Click on the pictures and SHOP SHOP SHOP!

It happened.....

I gave in.
I can not believe it.

Facebook quizzes.....
I took 3 of them.
(hanging head in shame)
1 of them told me that I should be living in the 50's.
The other one....Well, it told me that I SHOULD be living in California.
The last one . . .
Uh . . .
It told me that I knew WAY TOO MUCH about Spongebob.
I took facebook quizzes.
I also played a game.
Can you believe it?
I can't.
The very reasons that facebook ANNOYS my socks off and I gave in.

What next??
Sending virtual hugs or even worse . . .
plants for your LIL GREEN PATCH??


Sep 17, 2009

Say bye-bye to icky germs with Lysol (giveaway)

This giveaway is now closed....
Congrats goes out to :

The Perfect Trio
The Perfect Trio said...

i'm actually kinda freaked out about the H1N1 right now!! it's going around nashville...

kngmckellar said...

I am a follower


Back to School . . . Back to Germs!
Just think about it.
Lil Bubba has to get out of his bubble (What? Your kids aren't in germ free bubbles?) and enter the school.
EWWW! He has to touch the same door that every other GERMY kid touches.
He then has to proceed to his classroom and sit in a desk.
A desk that has been sat in my OTHER germy kids.
oooooh I don't even wanna think about Lil Bubba dropping his pencil on that ICKY FLOOR either.
I mean, there's no telling WHOSE FEET have walked on that floor.

Ay Yi Yi!
What's a mom to do?
Well, I will tell you what to do.
You greet Lil Bubba at the school door with a can of Lysol and you disinfect him.
I am not kidding.
Take that can of Lysol and SPRAY.
SPRAY until you can't spray anymore.
But Wait.
Just to make sure that you get all of the germs.
You follow him around the house with your Lysol disinfecting wipes and you wipe down everything he touches.
And then.....
You do the same thing the next day.
and the day after....
and the day after that...
How many school days are there anyway?
Send school germs packing by encouraging your children to drop their book bags, take off their shoes and leave their coats at the door when they walk in. Send them straight to the sink to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds (long enough to sing Happy Birthday twice!) while you spray their bags with Lysol Disinfectant Spray to help kill bacteria they may have picked up from the school bus, the playground or the classroom. – Lysol Disinfectant Spray effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces, including the family couch! – For more information, check out the Lysol Back to School Information Center at

Got germs?
You need Lysol.
I'm a lover of the bacon.....
The Swine flu?
That's another story.
Wash your hands and Spray that Lysol before entering my home, please!
2 of you will have the opportunity to stop germs in their tracks.
I have Lysol gift packs to give away!
Just leave me a GERM FREE comment below and you could win a 12 oz. can of Lysol and 2 40ct containers of Lysol Disinfectant wipes (one for home and one for the classroom).
2 Extra entries for my followers.
(Cuz I can't have you hanging around me with all those icky germs)
Just tell me that you are a follower.
Follow me (that google friend connect thingy) to get your extra entries.

This giveaway will end on Thursday, September 24th.

If you give a mom a moment

If you give a mom a moment . . .

She could very well turn this
Align Center into this

instead of this

If you give a mom a moment . . .

You just might be able to find your floor again.

would always be like this

If you give a mom a moment . . .

She would greet you at the door like this

and NEVER like this

Just sayin'
What would you do with a moment? Visit Mama Kat and link up in this week's Writers Workshop.

Sep 16, 2009

Confessions of a Greedy Mom Blogger pt.1

It's been said that bloggers only blog for the free STUFF.
Heck, I won't deny it.
I will even give you PROOF of my greediness.

Consider this my tell-all book

Here's how my story begins
A long long time ago (not really that long ago) . . .
When we moved into our VERY FIRST house, our neighbor (from across the street) came over to introduce herself. After she commented on how TOTALLY AWESOME we were and how LUCKY she was to have us as neighbors, she said . . . .
"I have some mulch over there that I am not going to use it. Do you guys want it?"
I was all "HECK YEAHsssss"
I mean, afterall it was FREE!

She backed her truck up into my driveway and dumped the mulch right there on my front lawn.

Me: "WOW! Thanks so much for the FREE mulch!!"

She left and Hunky Hubby was all :
"Uh, you do know that is DIRT, right?"
Me: "Yep!"
Hunky Hubby: "Why do we need dirt?"
Me: "I dunno." but "IT WAS FREE!"
Hunky Hubby rolled his eyes and walked inside.
There I was . . .
Standing there with my FREE DIRT.
hmmm.....What shall I ever do with all this dirt?
I didn't even have flowers in my flower beds yet. Actually, I didn't even have beds for my flowers yet. All I had was a stick in the middle of the yard. (pathetic tree)Eh, it didn't really matter.
I mean . . . .IT WAS FREE.

As I stood there with my mind just-a -wandering, something caught my eye.
It was our other neighbor working in his flower beds.
Yep, knees deep into the ground
Hands covered in dirt
the look of pure frustration on his face.
I heard another voice in the background.
"Honey, I need to run to the store." she said
"We are going to HAVE to buy mulch."
He interrupted....
"But Sweetie Pie, We have no more money."
They both sighed.
Then it HIT ME
I now knew what I was going to do with the FREE MULCH ! !
I would scoop it up and place it around my pathetic stick of a tree.
Afterall, those types of trees always look better with a mound of dirt surrounding them.

my free dirt . . .
Obviously my dirt giving neighbor didn't like those OTHER neighbors or she would have given it to them.

So, that's how it began.
My greed.
My quest for all things free.
Uh, you know....the reason why I blog.
the same reason ALL bloggers (especially MOMMY bloggers) blog
What? You haven't heard??
And here you were thinking it was because I was a bored housewife with little to no connections with REAL PEOPLE.

to be continued...

Sep 15, 2009

I make the FLY LADY cringe


I sweep my kitchen floor every day.


Every single day, I sweep right past this clear plastic looking thing.
I also sweep around some plastic looking grapes that are underneath the breakfast room's table.
This has been going on for WEEKS.


I honestly have no clue.
Surely, someone is going to claim these items, right?
They are going to pick them up JUST LIKE THEY BROUGHT them in here.
They are going to pick them up and take them back to where they belong.

So I leave them there.
I mean, I sweep around them.
Sometimes I even move them around with my broom so I can sweep under them.
What I haven't done is PICK THEM UP.
Until today . . .
I don't even know what the clear plastic looking thing is. I have stared at it numerous times and I still don't know what it is.

I actually picked these two items up and tossed them in the garbage.
It only took me a few weeks though.

Anyone else do this?
come on, be honest
Do you dust AROUND items instead of UNDER them?

So, I do all of the above . . .
Ya know what annoys the HEE HAW outta me?
Going to my grandmother's house to see that someone has painted.
That doesn't annoy me.
They paint alright.
They painted around the picture frames and wall hangings....not UNDER them.
That annoys me.
Sweeping or Dusting around objects does not annoy me.

Seriously, think of how much harder it is to paint around a photo frame! edging is a nightmare


Oh, and remember that SOCK ??
Someone finally picked it up after a few days.
It wasn't me..... I vacuumed right around it.

Sep 14, 2009

Elmo's World . . .All About Faces dvd giveaway (LIVE)

And the winners are :
Cherry Blossoms
The Allen Family

Like I said, I dig dedication.
Congrats girls !

I am kind of diggin' LIVE giveaways.
It's so much easier on me, ya know?

Today I am going to be giving away :
Elmo's World: All About Faces dvd
~3 copies~

A little bit about the dvd :
A delightful “Elmo’s World” compilation, the DVD features three separate episodes illustrating different parts of the face and the significance of taking care of each one in a fun and entertaining way.
In “Elmo’s World: Mouths,” Elmo and his friends love all the things they can do with their mouths; whistle, brush their teeth, and if you're Cookie Monster, eat cookies! Kids will also learn how to wink like Dorothy and why they should get their eyes checked regularly in “Elmo’s World: Eyes.” The third segment, “Elmo’s World: Noses,” teaches children all about noses through “The Tournament of Noses Parade,” how to smell a flower, and much more!

Did you know that there is a certain way to blow your nose?
brushing your teeth makes your mouth HAPPY HAPPY?

I learned a thing or two, also.
This one is really fun and a great teaching tool for the lil ones. My kids especially loved the game at the end. You can mix and match the parts of the face to create your own character.

Wanna win?
All you have to do is leave a comment below.
You can leave as many comments as you would like to.
(just make sure that you are not posting before or after your own posts)

Yes, I will be choosing the winner by my "eenie meenie miney moe" technique.
Giveaway will end today (September 14th @ 3pm CST)

Special thanks to bhimpact and Genius Products for another fun review/giveaway opportunity.

Sep 13, 2009

Mama Likes (gettin' her craft on)

I found some goodies this week . . .
Check them out

Modge Podge shoes from Make it and Love it

Clothes line hair clip holder from Nested

Poppy Boutonniere tutorial via Grosgrain Fabulous

Awesome blogs!

Sep 12, 2009

This is ME being NOSEY

Let's do a little snooping today . . .
What have my "peeps" been up to lately?

Awww! I love this post from THAT GIRL @ That Girl blogs
Yesterday was her wedding anniversary. Head on over and say Happy Anniversary!

Melissa @ Overwhelmed by his blessings saw amish kiddos at the local wal-mart. SHE DID! She has the pics to prove it.
I am also intrigued by the amish lifestyle.

HEY! Granola Mom's blog is having a birthday very VERY soon and we are going to get presents! (Well, some of us anyway.)

Mama Belle gets all POLITICAL on us and stuff.
Got a giveaway? Be sure to visit Megan @ Daily Essentials and Deals and add it to the list.


Beki is trashy. 'Nuff said

Last but not least . . .
Check out my newest follower, Mandy @ Campbell Family Party of 3
:Waves: Hi Mandy!

Sep 11, 2009

I'm crafty.....uh huh

9 comments day is finally starting to wind down.
I have started and stopped this post a kazillion times and finally have a chance to finish it.
I am participating in this ROUND ROBIN hosted by Amy of Keeping Up with the Schultz Family.

What's this thing called a ROUND ROBIN, you ask?
It is time to post something fun on your blog that you would like to share with other bloggers like a craft idea, fashion tips, a recipe, a "Meme" you may have on your page, a giveaway, if you have a business show off what you have, or anything your little heart desires. It can even be an old post you may have that you want to share. Just remember to keep it clean. I do not want anyone getting hurt. After you have your idea ready come on back to my blog and link up. Then keep coming back to see more ideas, learn something new and even meet some new friends.
I totally lifted that blurb from Amy's site.
I hope she doesn't mind.
Do you mind?
: )
Here's my contribution :
fall decor

a candle.... stuffed inside a fish bowl looking thing with candy corn dumped on top
If ya wanna get all fancy and stuff.....
Plastic leaf looking garland wrapped around the bottom
I whip up two of these bad boys in like 2 minutes flat.
I then shove all the JUNK off of my bar and place them on top.
I also go all MARTHA STEWART at christmastime too.
I just replace the candy corn with peppermints and the plastic leaf looking garland with a red berry garland.
I know....
I know....
I ROCK this decorating stuff.
Anyhoo, that's one of my ideas for fall decorating.
You can totally steal it if you want to.
That's probably how I got the idea in the first place.
Just sayin'

Head over to Amy's blog and participate in the ROUND ROBIN.
Hey, if you participate I will give you 2 extra entries for the next 2 giveaways.
Just link up over there and then come and let me know.

P to the S: I would NOT recommend eating the candy corn once you have lit your candle. Well, unless you like that SMOKEY flavor.
NEVER EVER put your hand into the bowl while the candle is lit.
That will stop your candy craving in it's tracks.
Not that I would know....

Yoplait Whips gift pack giveaway (LIVE)

Thanks for visiting and entering this one, guys!
I did allow the BIG GIRL to choose a winner.
She chose . . .
tiff snedaker

tiff snedaker said...
Big fan of Yoplait, it the prize package looks yummy!
September 11, 2009 10:54 AM

Funny: I asked her why she chose Tiff and she said "Because she wants it."
I said "Well, they all WANT IT."
She said "Yeah, but I want her to win."
Okie Dokie
Congrats Tiff!!

T.G.I.F !!
Let's start this weekend off right.
Let's have a giveaway!
You can enter as many times as you want.

The prize:
Yoplait Whips! prize pack

You will receive the following:
Yoplait Whips! (of course)
popsicle molds
12 color changing spoons
a nice cooler bag

Have you tried Yoplait Whips! yet?
I have heard that they are yummy as a frozen treat. Just pop them in the freezer for awhile and VOILA!
It's like eating frozen yogurt.
I mean
It is yogurt.
It is frozen.
FROZEN YOGURT, who would have "thunk" it?
I didn't take the time to freeze my Yoplait Whips! though.
I couldn't wait.
I am impatient like that.
I would also like to tell you that I am all healthy and stuff and I eat yogurt as a supplement for lunch or something like that.
I can't.
I eat my Yoplait Whips! with a side of cheeseburger.
Is that bad?
Well, I am bad then.

About Yoplait! Whips: Yoplait® Whips!® is a whipped yogurt so unbelievably fluffy, so incredibly light, it's an extraordinary experience.
Yoplait, the only leading yogurt with vitamin D in every cup!

*currently available in a variety of delectable flavors Strawberry Mist, Chocolate, Key Lime Pie, Orange Crème, Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon Burst, Peaches 'N Cream and Raspberry Mousse.

Wanna win??
Just leave some comments .
You can leave as many comments as you would like to.
(Just make sure your comments are not directly above or below each other.)
I will end this giveaway sometime today.
I'm not sure the exact time.
I am a rebel like that.
The winner will be chosen by doing eeenie meeenie miney mo.
My blog, my rules.

Sep 10, 2009

I aint afraid of no ghosts!

But I am afraid of other things......
Afraid, Scared and just plain petrified.
Since you came here, then I guess that means that you want me to tell you all about these things, right?

Since one of the writing prompts over at Mama Kat's blog is "Scaredy Cat" then I suppose I can talk about them.
:shake those heebie jeebies away:
Ok, I am ready.
Things that scare me:

1. Public Restroom doors
(Yes, I know that public restrooms in general are scary.)
Scarier---doors with broken locks
And please don't give me that "Oh, I NEVER use public restrooms." speech because when ya gotta GO ya gotta GO. Have you ever tried to use the toilet while trying to keep the door shut with either your hand or foot?
What's even scarier---having your child hold the door shut.
"Ok, honey....All you have to do is stand against the door for mommy."
Kid- "SUUUURE!" "But who is that next to us"?
"What are they doing over there?"
(opens door)

2. Those security alarm thingys at all department stores.
To prevent a full fledged panic attack.....I make everyone else carry the bags.
I don't want that alarm going off when I walk by....ya know?
Seriously, someone could actually think that I am stealing deodorant or even more embarrassing . . .
toilet paper
I can't have that.
One time I bought some capri pants at Kohls because they were on clearance for $3.00.
Paid for them
Made it out the door and to the house
hung them in my closet (where they stayed for months)
But that one day when I decided I wanted to wear them . . .
Guess what?
I debated taking them back.
Yep, I debated that for months and months.
Nah, that would be too scary. The alarm might go off.
Even though I had the receipt and everything I COULD NOT BRING MYSELF TO GO BACK THROUGH THE BEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEP thing.
I thought : Maybe if I wrap the security thing up in foil???
Yeah, it would prevent the BEEEEP BEEEEEEP thing from going off.
I still didn't take them back.
They have now been in the closet for over a year.
Cute capris, too.

side note: BIG GIRL used to be scared of BEEP....only her BEEP was the smoke alarm.
(The smoke alarm sound when the battery needs to be changed.)
She must get that from me?

3. I am scared of my kids embarrassing me in public.
(Even though I should be used to it by now)
Kids can be scary.
That's probably why we don't go out in public very often.
My heart just can't take it.
My threats and bribes do not work on them anymore.

Ok, that's just a few of the things that scare me.

I would love to know what YOU are scared of.
Just don't mention anything scary like diet pepsi or generic mayo, OK?

Sep 9, 2009


from March '09
because I am up to my eyeballs in state capitals and parts of the human body at this moment . . .
my brain is FRIED

That's what I really want to do with my kids . . . Lock them up and toss the key. NO, not because they are driving me BONKERS (That's a story for another day) but because I am scared for them.

Remember when we were kids?
We could hang out in the neighborhood with the other kids as long as we were home before dark, we could turn the tv on without our moms going in panic mode, WE COULD NOT go to R rated movies, We enjoyed the occasional Happy Meal without worrying about obesity.
And NO we did not have the option to get 2 % milk or apple slices

I know there was crime back then but you just didn't hear about it like you do now.
I have to go outside with my kids at all times because you just never know who is lurking around the corner.

I have to make sure they don't watch the BAD cartoons.
(BAD CARTOONS?? What ever happened to the Smurfs?)

I have to make sure to fast foward most of the commercials that come on regular tv.
I have to BAN certain barbie dolls and these things too.

And then I have the INTERNET/CELL PHONE issue to look forward to.
MySpace, Facebook, Sexting, chat rooms, Cyber Bullies......
Ya know, as much as I love my computer/internet sometimes I wish there was NO internet.
I can honestly say that I am glad that myspace and facebook were not around when I was a teenager. I have heard about the horror stories that surround some of these teens and I just don't know how I would have handled those issues back then.
I am one of those types that can get easily offended and my feelings can get hurt very easily too.

I DO NOT WANT MY KIDS TO DEAL WITH THIS but is there a way around it??
In this day and time?

What are your thoughts?

Do you wish we could go back in time?
(Hey, the cartoons were better!)

Philippians 4:6
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Sep 8, 2009

It's DON-KEY !

The Lil Princess was playing with Donkey (from Shrek) this morning before breakfast.
I asked her if DUNKEY (ya know, that's how Shrek says it) wanted a poptart too.

She said :

I said:

She said:

I said:

She (getting pretty irritated with me at this point) said:

Me: (hee hee)

She says:
"Momma, you make my head hurt."

My job is done.

Sep 6, 2009


Here's some of the sites that I stalked yesterday :

Moda Bake Shop
Check out the rose lantern. I am thinking about doing a few of these for the Lil Princess.


I want to make some of these cute cowgirl cookie jar mixes for my gal pals.

I also found another neat blog to LOVE ON.
Raising Olives
Check out these Rain Gutter book shelves.

I would love to put some of these in the BIG GIRL'S room.

Design Dazzle
Design Dazzle
lovin' this Bold, Black, White & Red nursery


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