Dec 31, 2008

The Curse of the Bone Pirates-Nui Island Eco-logical Adventures


The Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-logical Adventures

Author: B.T. Hope

Need a little adventure?

I must say, with school lessons on hold for the holidays things can get rather "blah" and boring around here for the kids.. ....Especially since most of their friends are visiting family during this time.
What's a mom to do?
Well, I will tell you what we did (my oldest daughter and my I).
We read The Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-logical Adventures.
Ok, I will be honest with you. When I told my daughter that we were going to be reading she complained a little saying "It's the holiday.....There is no school during the HOLIDAYS!"
After some convincing she was sold and we started our reading adventure.
A little about the book from their website:

Nui, developer of healthy youth lifestyle food and beverage products and media projects, announced today the launch of Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-logical Adventures ($11.95, retailers nationwide), a new kids book that creatively shares conservation and sustainability messages with kids.

Set in a place deep in the South Pacific Ocean on exotic, fictional Nui Island, Curse of the Bone Pirates has adventure, sinister, lovable characters, twists and turns in the plot, science, discovery and wonderment.
However, it goes where no kids' book has gone before. Woven into its action-packed plot are messages on conservation, sustainability and healthy eating habits.
Lessons on water purification, composting, bacteria use, eating a rainbow color of colorful food, carrots as toothbrushes and dates as electrolytes are revealed to the reader through the eyes of sixth grader Big B "Brett" Harrington as his city-life views and experiences are contrasted and challenged by the Island's environmentally-conscious culture.
"Our goal with Curse of the Bone Pirates is to two fold: Teach kids about the threats to our environment and get them to take action to improve our world at home, at school and in their neighborhoods," said Brian Machovina, author and Nui president and co-founder. "We also want to give them a chance at some serious fun and imagination by taking them on the road trip of a lifetime to Nui Island."
An evil force is destroying the natural wonders of Nui Island, and it's up to three new friends to solve the mystery. When Big B is dragged from his comfortable life and close friends in Chicago by his grandfather's mysterious affliction, he's sure he's going to have the worst summer ever. But soon after arriving in the tropical paradise of Nui Island, he is caught in a web of danger and intrigue. The Maemae reef is dying, his grandfather's brilliant mind has been infected and creepy Island legends are coming to life. Big B and his new friends, Sam and Nalu, rely on wit, courage and strength to unravel Nui's ancient mysteries. What they uncover will help them save the island, restore his grandfather's soul, and break the curse of the Bone Pirates.
I must say, even though I had to PRY my kiddo away from her new toys and she was NONE to THRILLED to be reading over the Christmas break......after about the 2nd chapter SHE WAS HOOKED and to be honest SO WAS I! This is a wonderful book to read with your children ages 9 and up.
Not only will they be unfolding a great new adventure but there is also special ecological messages throughout the entire book.
Hey! You might even learn how to say a few cool new words along the way.
Nui is committed to making a difference to kids and giving back. Nui donates 50% of profits to charities that empower kids to improve physical, social, and environmental health.
From the sale of each copy of Curse of the Bone Pirates, Nui donates $1 to support Healthy Child Healthy World and Surfers for Cetaceans.
Pretty cool indeed!
Purchase a copy of The Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-logical Adventures through their website,

I smell TROUBLE!


So, I am in the bathroom getting ready for our BIG NEW YEARS EVE PARTY (you know....the one down the street with kids in tow.....the one that ended at 10:45pm because Momma was tired!) SWANKY, huh?? lol

Anyway, little princess was beside me in the bathroom combing her hair. She then opens the drawer and takes out two "boobies". (They were actually bra inserts from a bra I ordered some months ago) She holds up her new "boobies" and proceeds to parade around the house showing her BEAUTIFUL BOOBIES to everyone INCLUDING neighbor kids.

Oh, Y'all....she was SO PROUD of her new boobies! She then asked me if she could borrow my mascara.
She's 4 going on 20 and I do believe we have TROUBLE coming in the NEAR FUTURE.

Now her BIG SISTER, on the other hand, could care less about "Boobies". (THANK GOD!)
A little funny: We were sitting down for dinner at my grandmother's house and BIG SISTER raised her shirt up and I quickly told her "BIG SISTER, PUT DOWN YOUR SHIRT, NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE YOUR BOOBIES!"
Her reply: "Well, it's ok......They're just pimples right now."
OHHHH OK! That makes it a little better then.


Here's a creative way to tell your toddler NO!
Read all about this awesome idea @ Having Fun At Home.
~Just another genious MOMMY!!

New Year....awesome deals

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30% off Women's tops and Men's relaxed-fit undershirts @

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Dec 30, 2008

Dreaming of a tropical destination

Santa always leaves lots of fruit when he passes through and every year there is at least one pineapple and one coconut. Well, we decided to eat our pineapple today and BOY was it YUM YUM GOOD and very sweet.
I love fresh pineapple, don't you? mmmm.....
Have you ever cut a fresh pineapple? If not here is a great link with super directions.
(The kiddos decided that they wanted chunks instead of rings.)

Polka Tot Boutique (hairbow holder giveaway)

Giveaway is now closed....
Congrats Rebecca! (Just sent you an email)
*Thanks to everyone that visited and entered*

Polka Tot Boutique for personalized baby and children's gifts.
They offer custom birthday shirts, initial shirts and aprons, hair bows,
personalized bow holders, wall letters, wall plaques and more!


Shopping for the little ones is so much fun especially when you have online shops like Polka Tot Boutique. Polka Tot Boutique carries a pretty nice selection of creative products such as :
Girl's Wall decor, Boy's wall plaques and decor, hairbows, bow holders, initial shirts, and aprons.

(There's also a few things for mom over there too!)
Each and every item is made with love by a MOM.
(Y'all know I love my MOM MADE products!)
Just about everything within Polka Tot Boutique can be customized to fit your style.

*Want your child's name on a bowholder? NO PROBLEM!
*Little one turning 3? Need a special Birthday outfit? NO PROBLEM!
*Can't find what you are looking for? NO PROBLEM because at Polka Tot Boutique you can get just about anything you want "Custom Made".
We recently received the following products:
For my little princess......An adorable hair bow holder

For my little man.....a cool football cap/hat holder

I can honestly say that both pieces are made with the utmost quality. There are no paint smudges, no dings on the wood, everything is spelled correctly *YES, one time I did receive something FROM ANOTHER COMPANY that had a misspelled word so I always check that! lol
The colors are perfect, The items are cute.....Oh, I could go on and on about our awesome items but most important : My kids love them! I did not even have to argue with them about hanging these two pieces up in their rooms. (Yep, even the little man said COOL! Hang it up next to Darth Vader.) HA!

The little princess needed a bow holder desperately. We were just hanging her bows on a strip of ribbon. THIS IS MUCH BETTER!!
Aren't they awesome?
Would you like to win something from Polka Tot Boutique?
I am giving away one of their awesome HAIR BOW HOLDERS.
**Winner's choice of colors/wording
All you have to do is visit Polka Tot Boutique, browse around and check out all the goodies.
Come back here and let me know which is your favorite item.
Giveaway will end Wednesday January 7th and a winner will be announced.
Can't wait for the giveaway to end?
ENTER COUPON CODE: TYKES at purchase and receive 10% off your order!

Dec 29, 2008

Calling all MINI CHEFS : Zebra Mix is stirring up fun!

Giveaway is now Closed....
Congrats Tammy! (just sent you an email)
Tammy said...
I'm pretty sure the whole baking map idea would be loved by our daughter, she really likes to help me bake, and is always trying to figure out the recipes on her own.

Do your kiddos like to assist you in the kitchen?
(err, sometimes mine like to assist a little TOO MUCH if you get my drift)
Of course, it can be fun to let the little ones explore all things messy and gooey and sugary and.....
Well, even if it's only for a short amount of time! *HA!
Over the Christmas break I decided to get all three of my cutie pies into the kitchen to make our NEW YUMMY Zebra Mix kits.

Zebra Mix makes cooking FUN for Kids and Stress free for parents. You see each kit comes with everything needed to make such yummy treats like : chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites, and my favorite zebra cupcakes. (All you do is add eggs, butter and oil....if needed) Oh, and I forgot to mention that all ingredients are wholesome, clean and organic . **You are probably thinking AND...what makes this kit so special? Well, here's HOW :

Zebra Mix kits also come with what they call Safari Baking Maps.
The fold-out Safari Baking Map includes step by step instructions that turns baking into a fun activity while becoming a touch point for math, science, reading and self-discovery. So along with baking, kids may find a new way to look at time, learn how to read a scientific formula or count in Spanish. But most of all, we love that it helps kids discover confidence, independence and the pride of accomplishment.

The Safari Baking Map had everything in order starting with the "Wash your Hands" part. My kiddos loved marking each box as we completed the tasks. Even my smaller one (Age 4) could understand the whole baking process with us.
There are also little games and puzzles along the side that your child can complete while waiting on the cupcakes to bake. OR YOUR KIDS CAN STAND AT THE OVEN AND WATCH THE CUPCAKES BAKE (like mine did!)
What we made: Zebra Cupcakes and Brownie Bites

What we had left: uh, hmmm.....a few crumbs (oops!)
What we thought: YUM! MUST BUY MORE
A little learning, A lot of fun and 3 happy kids with bellies full of YUM YUMS!

Oh, stop licking your lips....
I am going to offer you some of the goodies (Of course you will have to make them yourself!)

Zebra Mix has offered up a giveaway!
One lucky momma will walk away with a prize pack consisting of 3 Zebra Mix baking kits.

*Brownie Bites
*Chocolate Chip Cookies
*Zebra Cupcakes

All you have to do is visit Zebra Mix and check out their goodies, read about their kits and then come back HERE and tell me what you would like best about their kits. (whether it is the organic ingredients, the learning tools within, you get the point)

This giveaway will end on Tuesday January 6th and a winner will be announced.

My kids need this!


Isn't it awesome?

Post Office card table Playhouse from missprettypretty

You just slip it over a card table and let the kids go wild!

I found it while browsing Etsy....(I heart Etsy!)

**When someone comments on something my daughter is wearing and asks where she got it she replies: "From the mailbox." LOL!

I think we get too many packages here, What do you think? hee hee

Dec 28, 2008

Crayola Scribble and Sing Art Station giveaway

**just sent you an email**
Thanks to everyone that entered!!
Yes, I know.....
Christmas just ended and you probably have more toys than you know what to do with, right?
Well, why not add just ONE more to the toybox?
It's a good one too!

Crayola Scribble and Sing Art Station

TaDoodles Scribble and Sing makes captivating creative experiences for your toddler...and for you! With songs and creative activities, your child will discover the joy of making his or her first mark

The Crayola Scribble and Sing Art Station is perfect for children ages 18 and up. We have this exact same one and my two younger children have had plenty of fun in the short amount of time we have had it.

Each time a TaDoodles character is placed in the center yellow circle, it's recognized by name and color, while the lights above randomly suggest a fun creative activity for your child to enjoy! Sing along as you and your child create together with uniquely designed washable First Marks™ Markers. No caps to lose!

I have a CRAYOLA SCRIBBLE AND SING ART STATION to give to one lucky winner!

***Winner will receive:
1 Art Station
5 Nontoxic Washable First Marks Markers
1 Giant Activity Sheet

~All you need to do is visit Crayola's website, look around at all the amazing Crayola products.
Then come back HERE and tell me which of the products would make your kids go crazy (As if they needed a toy to do that, right? LOL!)
GIVEAWAY WILL CLOSE ON MONDAY, JANUARY 5TH and a winner will be announced.

AH-HA! (Genius) magnetic bookmarks


This is another "genius" idea from flipflops and applesauce....
They look SUPER EASY to make too!

Dec 27, 2008

Ready for a NEW YEAR?


I hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
(I am still trying to clean up the toy aftermath)
I can not believe we are about to enter a brand new year....Wonder how long it will take me to put 2009 instead of 2008 on everything?

Dec 26, 2008

We're having a baby

(uh, NOPE it's not for me) hee hee
My Trendy Tykes is hosting our very first "Virtual Baby Shower" and everyone is invited!
We will be hosting plenty of giveaways perfect for any expectant momma.
-Check back real soon for the offical shower date!!
Plenty of sponsors have already signed up.....
Would you like to be one of them?

Just send me an email and we would love to feature your "BABY" product!
*email addy is on the left sidebar (very top)

Dec 25, 2008


Giveaway winners have not responded.....
If I do not hear from you by Saturday 12:00pm CST then I will have to choose different winners for the following giveaways :
RibbedTee T-shirts (Still waiting to hear from 3 winners)
Creative Vado Pocket Cam (Still waiting to hear from 1 winner)

Dec 23, 2008

Gumdrop Cookie Shop (custom decorated cookies)



That's about all I can say right now.
(mainly because my mouth is full of YUMMY sugar cookies)

I received a "Happy" package yesterday of the yummiest sugar cookies.

The package came from Gumdrop Cookie shop.

A little about them:
Each batch of gumdrop cookie shop decorated cookies is hand-made to order and finished with a signature design or a customized design of your choice. we can add any photo, image or design to the top of a cookie so, you can decide what are your favorite custom cookies from the gumdrop cookie shop.
Gumdrop cookie shop custom cookies are perfect for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, wedding shower favors, baby shower favors, party favors, kids birthday favors, bat mitzvah favors, bar mitzvah favors, sweet sixteen favors, cookie gift baskets and more!

I love the idea of custom decorated cookies. They would definately make great party favors for the kiddo's next birthday party! I can just imagine their excitement as they see the cookies with their face on them.
Beautiful, YUMMY, Couture cookies. Head over and design some for someone special OR yourself!

VERY last minute gift idea (Think GRANDPARENTS)

My parents are SO hard to buy for. So, I usually do something creative with the kid's photos every year. Here is what I did this year :

I think I spent a total of $6.00 (frames were on sale!)
All you need:
Photo Paper
Black Paint
Photo frames
Oh, and a side profile PHOTO of each kid.
*Have your child turn to the side and snap a photo.
Enlarge the photo (I can not remember my size dimensions but make the HEAD big enough for a 8x10 piece of photo paper)
Once you have printed your photo, Cut out the profile....
Turn it over and paint black
Allow to dry and then place it on top of another piece of Photo paper.
She will go gaga over her new Silhouettes!!

Dec 20, 2008

Pedoodles shoes

Ok, I will admit it....I tend to choose style over comfort when it comes to my own shoes HOWEVER things are a little (ok, a LOT) different when it comes to my children.
I want them to be comfortable at all times.
HOWEVER, you don't have to give up STYLE for COMFORT with Pedoodles shoes!
Pedoodles shoes are constructed with premium TOP GRADE leather.

This flexible, breathable, natural material helps to promote healthy conditions around developing feet.

Their lightweight and extremely flexible soles provide protection, durability, and traction -- important for outdoor use.

Pedoodles flex naturally and form to your little one's feet and guess what NO LACES TO TIE!Oh, did I mention the CUTENESS FACTOR?? These are some of the cutest shoes I have seen.

When I was browsing the site, I immediately knew which ones my little princess would go gaga for.....

Yep, I was right!

As soon as they arrived she took them out of the bag and put them on her little feet. She told her Daddy they were her "Twirly" shoes. (Whatever that means?)

Here's a little big about Pedoodles:
*Soft, top-grade, genuine leather construction
*Exclusive PedFlex™ sandal soles provide durability and traction outdoors
*Comfortable, flat leather footbed for proper foot development
*Simple Velcro closure keeps shoes securely on feet, no laces to tie or come undone
*Super-flexible, lightweight design promotes healthy conditions around developing feet
*Unique Pedoodles styling works well as a casual or dress shoe

I just know that you and your little ones will love these shoes.

Visit to see all the different styles they have to offer.

Check out these cute elves


I love this little ELF activity!!

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman is always coming up with brilliant and CRAFTY ideas. Be sure to check this tutorial out and all her other ideas.

Start a new tradition over the holidays....

I think this would be a great time to start that tradition. Maybe you will need something to do once all the gifts have been opened, the meals have been eaten and naps have been taken. (hopefully I get one of those this year!)
Bring on the fun....
We are a game loving family. My husband and kids like video games but I am more of a BOARD game player. It's just so much fun sitting around the table with family or friends and enjoying your favorite game.
I thought I would share a couple more GIFT IDEAS perfect for GAME NIGHT.
We have both of the games below and they are SUPER FUN!
*Guess What I AM! by Techno Source
Guess What I Am! is a tabletop game that puts a hilarious new twist on a classic guessing game. Place your face through the space of the mystery card, transform into one of 30 silly characters, and let the guessing begin. Roll the die to ask yes or no questions like “Do I play sports?” or “Do I have fur?” to narrow down the list of possible characters. The game’s guessing exercises encourage role play and also help develop deductive reasoning skills. Keep track on the tally pad and cross off the characters to figure out who you are. First player to guess correctly wins. It features four games in one and is simple enough for kids to play alone or with their friends.
Are you a MONKEY?
What about a COWBOY?
OH, an Octopus!
~ This one was a huge hit with my son and youngest daughter (5 and 4). They definately got a good laugh out of figuring out "What" everyone was.
For ages 3 and up
Retail price: $17.99
Available at fine retailers nationwide including: Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys R US.
Ok, this next game is my oldest daughter's favorite (10).
We have played this game 4 times since it arrived (2 days ago!) hee hee!
Disney Wheel of Fortune by Pressman Toy
Two all-time family favorites come together for the first time with Pressman Toy’s Disney Wheel of Fortune. Disney classics like Cinderella and Snow White and Disney·Pixar blockbusters like Cars and Toy Story combine with the game show that ha s been entertaining families for over 25 years – Wheel of Fortune. The game also features specially designed game pieces, including a Mickey Mouse spinner wheel, as well as Disney puzzles and money.
While we all love the Original Wheel Of Fortune game, It's just much more fun with Disney characters. (Ya know?) Everything is pretty much the same except w/a Disney touch ....Spin the MICKEY MOUSE wheel, choose a letter and solve the DISNEY-THEMED puzzle.
*Movie titles
*Song titles
and more....
For ages 6 and up
Retail price: $25.99
Available at : Toys R Us

Alrighty, there you have it....Two of our favorite games! I just know that these would also make great gifts for your little ones. Head out and grab one OR BOTH. HURRY....Time is running out. (5 days and counting!!)

Label it with LABEL DADDY

I can recall a time MANY years ago
(When my oldest daughter was 3)....
We had went to a "Meet and Greet with Santa" event held at my mom's job. When we walked in, there was someone to greet us and take coats so we did not have to lug them around. At the time it was not very cold here but my daughter had a CUTE sweater on. We gave the sweater to the cheerful greeter and went about our business.

When it was time to leave, We get up to the greeter and ask for our sweater. She goes back to check and CAN NOT FIND IT! She had given it to another family.....HELLO? Did they not notice it wasn't theirs? Or Maybe they had one like ours? Needless to say, we never saw the cute sweater again.
Ever had moments like that?
Well, if you have trouble identifying your kiddo's clothing then I highly suggest LABEL DADDY labels.
Never loose another jacket, sweater, or hat again. Machine washable. No sewing or ironing is necessary, simply a peel-and-stick label. Many different colors, fonts, and icons to choose from make these labels not just great for mommy but great for kids too!!! All Label Daddy labels are made in the US. Order your labels today, you’ll help your lost jacket find its way home, plus you’ll be supporting products made in the U.S.A.
See...if we would have Label Daddy labels then they would have clearly seen that the sweater they were taking WAS NOT THEIR OWN! My daughter's name would have solved that little issue.
You can use Label Daddy labels on clothing, sports equipment and shoes.
**They would also make great labels for sippy cups since they can be washed OVER and OVER again!
Never again will you have to say "Whose coat is this?"
LABEL everything with Label Daddy Labels!
10% off your next purchase at :
- Just enter code: Scotty upon checkout.

Dec 18, 2008

RibbedTee Giveaway winners

I thought I would make a new post for the winners because there are a few that I did not have email addy's for.
RibbedTee would like to thank each and every one of you for such creative taglines. There were so many to choose from that they decided to choose 11 winners instead of 10!
Also, RibbedTee is giving everyone that entered this giveaway a 15% discount on future orders.
Just enter code : MyTrendyTykes at checkout.
Congrats to:
The Lady Riposter

Julia (no email)
I like the V-Neck top in black. "Constantly Comfortable, Classically Chic."


soon to be MRS. K


kim (no email)
a ribbed tee shall flatter theeloving the black v neck ribbed tee!!!!


mom2boys (no email)

I love the v-neck in black."Better fit, better you, a better world."



Catherine KingChuparkoff
I have sent emails to everyone except the ones in RED. So, if this is YOUR tagline please contact me asap to claim your prize.
*My email addy is at the top left sidebar.

Dec 17, 2008

I'm playing with my food tonight! (Giveaway)


Giveaway is now closed....

Congrats "REEVA" !! (I just sent you an email about your prize)

Thanks for entering this giveaway!

Yep, my momma always said "Food is meant for EATING not PLAYING with", but I am going to override that rule and play with it anyway! HA...TAKE THAT!

Well, maybe I am not actually playing with it but I am designing my own FRUIT ROLL-UPS. You know....those yummy fruit-flavored snacks that all kids love (and even some MOMS).

You can design your own too! Just visit and go to the "design center". There you will have the option of choosing from many different templates or you can add your own messages and even your own photos.

I am pretty sure you will be the COOLEST mom on the block if you presented these to your child as a snack.

They would also make great PARTY FAVORS.
I decided to add my three kiddo's photo to our fruit roll-ups. (They have no idea that they are coming so it will be a nice surprise when they see their own faces on the snack!)
The design process was fairly simple....Just choose a CANVAS, upload your photo and VOILA! You have created your very own fruit roll-up.

Would you like to design your own FRUIT ROLL-UPS?
I am giving away ONE box of Fruit Roll-ups for you to personalize.
All you need to do :
Visit My Fruit Roll-Ups website and tell me which design you would choose for your fruit roll-ups. (comment here)
Giveaway will end Wednesday, December 24th and a winner will be notified.
Thanks My Blog Spark for the awesome review opportunity!

Childish Clothing by Skye Hoppus

Ok, I know that there are plenty of shops in the mall that caters to the "small ones". There are plenty of stores that sell some CUTE STUFF but don't you want little SUZIE or BILLY to stand out? I mean....Sure, the clothing is cute and probably even "Trendy" but DOES IT ROCK?
I'll tell you about some clothing that ROCKS and that is Childish Clothing by Skye Hoppus.
They offer some of the "Hippest" and "Hottest" products for children and expectant mommas.
Childish encompasses all things fabulous - from comfy, fashionable styles to feel-good and flattering fabrics....from preppy to punk with a nod to mod - to straight-up rock star style. childish fills the gap where other brands fall short.
Skye Hoppus,a former MTV executive married to Mark Hoppus of blink 182 debuted Childish back in 2003 and here it is 2008 (almost 2009) and the company is still going strong! ROCK ON SKYE!
Say goodbye to teddy bears, soccer balls and typical kids' trends and step into a world of hip, cool, head-turning, street-stopping fashion!!
My little ROCKSTAR was lucky enough to get two pieces from the collection. It was such a hard decision choosing which clothing items we wanted but in the end we chose the Whitney 5 dress and the Arianna 6 leggings. BOTH ARE SUPER CUTE err I mean SUPER HIP (wink) and very comfortable.....always a factor for this momma! As soon as we took the clothing out of the box, My little one said (with excitement) "I have Monster clothes!!" as she pointed to the COOL skull buttons. HA, Monsters! She is still tickled over them.
If you are looking for Ultra trendy clothing choices for your little ones then I highly suggest checking out Childish. You want your KIDDOS to stand out NOT blend in, right?
Oh, and for all you HOT MAMAS out there.....
Childish also has some HOT maternity wear. *Kind of makes me want to get pregnant all over again.....just to look cute. (Notice I said KIND OF!) hee hee
Ok, head over to Childish Clothing and buy something for your little STAR.
Need last minute gifts? Shop now and save 40-75% on everything!

Dec 16, 2008

Capture holiday moments with the Vado Pocket video cam


Congrats KATY (Chocolate Thoughts)

Katy said:

I would like to win this camera.I just visited the website mentioned and thought the wireless keyboard would be nice. I could use one of those too.thx for the giveawayKaty
December 16, 2008 7:59 PM

Send me an email Katy....Enjoy the Vado Pocket cam!

(testing our Vado Pocket cam)

See it...

Shoot it...

Share it...

It's that simple with the Vado Pocket Video cam from Creative.

GONE are the days of the big bulky video cameras.

Now when your kiddo does something cute you can just whip out this ULTRA SLIM and very SLEEK Vado Pocket Video cam and capture special moments right then and there.
NO thick instruction manuals to read.....
No cords to worry about....
No cassettes/cd's to take out...
All you do is turn the Cam on, Record, and then plug it into your computer's usb slot, download and share with your family and friends.
So easy!

I also love the fact that there are no batteries to install or extra battery charging packs to worry about. You charge the Vado simply by plugging it up to the USB slot on your computer. *It charges while you browse the net!

Once the Cam is fully charged, you can record up to 2 hours of video.

The rather large (2 inch) screen makes it easier to see what you have recorded. If you don't like what you shot then simply delete and start again.

~Now of course you aren't going to get "MOVIE" quality recordings but this is a great way to share videos with family and friends through email or via your blog.

*Vado Pocket Video Cam may be purchased at Wal-Mart and

*Colors available: Pink (my favorite color) or Silver

*Retail price: $99.99

Would you like to WIN a Vado Pocket Video Cam???


The VERY GENEROUS Creative Labs is giving away (1) PINK Vado Pocket Video Cam to one very lucky reader.

All you have to do is :

-Visit Creative, Browse through all the other wonderful products that they have to offer.
-Come back here and tell me about something you found.
**Want an extra entry?
**Blog about this giveaway on your blog and then come back here with the link.
I would like for you to capture some SPECIAL holiday memories this year SO, I am going to end this giveaway on Friday, December 19th.

(hopefully, we will get the winner's info and be able to ship in time for Christmas delivery!)

Become a "fan" of Vado!
Join their special facebook group for up-to-date on product info, chances to win Vados and accessories, and share videos with other Vado fans. Their page can be found at if you have a Facebook account.

and counting.....

Are you counting down the days until Christmas?
My kids have been counting down the days since LAST Christmas!

Well, if you don't feel like standing in long lines over the next few days then visit ONE PRETTY THING and get some great ideas for Handmade gifts.
You can make something for EVERY one on your list.

SHAKE, RATTLE and ROLL with Critter Conga


Critter Conga from: Parents®

Get ready to dance because I HEAR music!

Critter Conga is a new toy from the popular Parents toy line. (If you have NEVER had the opportunity to play with a toy from their line then you are truly missing out, my friend.)

A creative approach to music-making...

With Critter Conga, Your little ones will have everything they need to play beautiful "Safari" sounding tunes.


monkey rainstick

crocodile cabasa & clacker

twister hand drum (my favorite)

giraffe maracas

10 bell tambourine (which also serves as the lid for container)

leopard conga (also serves as storage for all musical instruments)

hornbill water whistle (my kiddos favorite)

antelope slide whistle

elephant ocarina

Now, as you can see there are a lot of little "noise" makers in this kit. Your kiddos will be creating music for HOURS and HOURS at a time.

**My husband said this would make a GREAT GIFT.......for someone elses kid! HA

Seriously, this is a great way to let your little ones express their creative side.

Music is good for everyone!

recommended ages: 12 months and up

Where to purchase: Costco

Dec 14, 2008

Candy wreath


Make your own Candy Wreath by visiting Skip to My Lou.

(Directions on her blog!)

Dec 12, 2008

Let's meet a blogger


I know....
I know....
TOYS, TOYS and more TOYS!
(Believe me, I feel as if a toy store has exploded in my dining room.)
But I must get these GReat (gift) toy ideas to you before it's too late!
However, I will come up for air long enough to tell you about a great blog that I have been admiring for quiet some time now. Heck, Maybe I have just been living under a rock and you guys already know about her?? Probably so!
If you have not paid her a visit YOU MUST DO IT RIGHT NOW! I was just over there for the first time this week and laid my eyes upon some REAL TREATS.
Like this :
And these:
Oh, and we can't leave this one out :
Scared ya, Didn't I???
Now head on over to Little Momma and company to see what she's been up to this week.
Now go on.....I have to get back to the TOYS!

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