Jun 30, 2009

Mama Likes

Some of my favorite finds found while blog surfing this past week :

rootin' tootin' cute is this skirt

Little Birdie Secrets has the tutorial posted too!

Just in time for the 4th of July....

Confetti Popper Rockets from AlphaMom


I am lovin' this post from Mindy @ Rolle Call
(It cracked me up!)

How about a little YUM in the TUM?
Check out this Ding Dong cake from Little Momma and Company.

Here's another post that tickled my fancy . . .
top ten myths about mom bloggers from Real Life blog
Have you ever tried to explain BLOGGING to one of your IRL friends (a non blogging IRL friend)?
I don't even try anymore.
They are all :
"What's this thing you call a BLAWG?"

Jun 29, 2009

JUST PLAIN GONE . . . insane that is

You will probably be seeing this face a lot

This mom has gone insane.
Please leave a message after the beep.

That pretty much sums up my morning.
I want to go lay back down and sleep until tomorrow morning.
Do you think the kids would miss me?

(probably deserved a lil punch then)
Oh, sure....grab a knife and a blow torch while you are at it buddy boy.
This was all before 10:00am, I might add.

Jun 27, 2009

This is how we roll

Or swing....
Whatever floats yer boat!
Big swing - - -Lil Swing, Take your pick

Ok, let me rephrase that ....YOU get the lil swing.
Don't make her get all crazy and stuff!

Weeee (is that how you spell it?)
hmm come to think of it, Is WEEEE even a word?
OH.MY. Don't look at those feet!
I can not believe I just showed y'all that.

EEEK! It's those feet again.
To my defense, bath night is not until Saturday.
The hubby is probably so embarrassed right now.

P to the S : Thanks for all the comments this week. Are y'all testing me or something?
*Yeah, let's see her visit all THESE blogs and leave comments NOW.....
Oh, Don't you get me started!
Actually, I have visited many of you already (Sticking tongue out)
I have found some more lovely blogs too!
Thanks again for the love.

Jun 26, 2009

My nemesis


I swallow bubble gum.
There's a confession for you.
Don't stand too close to me.....

I could blow up at any moment.


And the comment of the day goes to... (drum roll, please)
Mindy <---*click* says:
That's why I don't let my kids chew gum... I am totally freaked out about them swallowing it - which we all know they WILL! I don't know why I'm freaked out about it though... people do it all the time and they are fine... I mean physically -- wonder about the mental effects on people?! ;) Bwahahhaha!

The next time your kids swallow their bubble gum, just send them here.
I should be able to cure that!
oooh mommy, that lady is scary

Jun 25, 2009

Comments are like CANDY BARS


and I could eat them all
WHAT? Are your comments not the scratch and sniff kind like mine??
Wow, you are missing out.


I'm baffled....
I'm confuzled....

But what's new, right?
You see, I do a lot of blog hopping during the week and I come across some amazing blogs.
Blogs with great stories (REAL STORIES), Blogs with kickin' crafts, Blogs that make me laugh, Blogs that make me cry (STOP IT!).....
In other words, there are some real CRACK-A-LACKIN good blogs out there.
That's the great part.
The not-so-great part is that when I go to leave a comment I notice little to no comments.
Yes, Yes, Yes
I know that there are 100's of new blogs popping up every day (blah Blah blah).
You can't keep up with them all.
But some of us never even visit new blogs.
We go to the same ones day in and day out.
We leave comments on the same blogs all.the.time.
You may just find some new blog to stalk.

And while I am on the whole "comment" topic...
Do you leave comments?

I can't tell you how many times I have heard a blogger say "I just don't have the time to read other blogs." or "I don't have time to comment."

Let me get this right . . .
You have a blog yet you don't visit others?
However, you desire other bloggers to visit and shower you with hits/comments?

Now I am not going to sit here and say that I am perfect (close but not completely).
There are some times when I just don't get around to each and every comment.
I get darn close though.
It's just a common courtesy.
These folks are taking the time to read our blog posts and comment.
Shouldn't we do the same?

Oh, and before you go all COMMENT CRAZY . . .
Read this post from Scary Mommy, How NOT to comment.
Not all comments make us spit out lollipops and walk on rainbows, just sayin'.

Hey Hey Hey.....That's not all folks
Check out this fantabulous post from tiaras and tantrums. She gives us some great bloggy manners advice and stuff and stuff.

Consider this your public BLOGGY service announcement for the day.

P to the S (P.S. get it?)
Possible ONE DAY in the NEAR future
(uh, you know when I get BIG and FAMOUS)
I may go all DOOCE on ya.
But remember
that I love each and every one of you!
even if I don't respond to your comments or visit you again.
mmm, k?

Seriously, Does she even visit other blogs?

Don't forget to leave a comment.
Totally kidding (COUGH COUGH) Kidding I tell ya.

Jun 24, 2009

A little birdie told me . . .

Ok, seriously did you think I would listen to a bird? I mean---- a squirrel---- maybe--- but a bird?

I just wanted a catchy title for my post.

I have said this before but will say it again.
I am really diggin' birds right now.
Check out these birdie finds :

bird in a cage vinyl from Leen The Graphics Queen

Can you say ADORABLE?
I love this little dish from love art works

Jun 23, 2009

Super Mom in Training

I was in the kitchen one night preparing dinner when the big girl came in to chat...
She was checking out the contents of the fridge and said
"I love eggs and bacon for breakfast."
I immediately replied with
"Me too!" and "Bacon, eggs, pancakes....yum."
"Oh, and those little little hasbrowns that you get at McDonalds, now those are DA BOMB!"

The next morning came.....
They had poptarts (It's what they always want, right?)

That same night the big girl saw a commercial for IHOP and said :
"Yummy, french toast and eggs."
"I love french toast and eggs FOR BREAKFAST."
Of course, I replied with :

The next morning came.....
And as I was taking the poptarts out of their packaging, the big girl comes up to me and says :
"Mom, one morning can you make A REAL BREAKFAST for us?"
"Eggs, bacon and biscuits?"
What a way to make a mom feel guilty, huh?

Ya know what I did?
I ran over to the toaster and heated her pop tart up.
they usually eat them right out of the package w/o being heated

Did I tell you

about all the AWESOME giveaways going on @ The Vintage Pearl blog this week?
Well shoot
Go on....Head over there!

Your girl (That would be ME) will be sponsoring a giveaway on Friday.
Got lil girls?
Then be sure to head over there this Friday for a chance to win something fun and frilly.

Jun 22, 2009

:Gasp: I "WAS" a Kate

Kate as in Well, you know who I am referring to.....
the unpleasant one
The one that yells at her husband, is often annoyed with her children and is just downright nasty? The one that ooozes sarcasm when speaking to her family but ooozes WARM & FUZZIES when dealing with anyone else.

Yes, I was a KATE.
(Except I have cuter hair! Just sayin')
However, it honestly did not even click with me until hearing my husband tell me how pleasant I had been for the past week.
The other day when my son asked why I was being so nice.
(That one really hit me in the gut)
*More like BOING. . . BOING. . . BLUBBER*

You see, I have always been one of those "controlling" types.
I had to be in control.
However, the control issue is slowly but surely dwindling down.
Bit by Bit
I am starting to let go and allow GOD to contol me instead of ME controlling ME.
Ya know what?
It's not that bad at all!
Most of you know by now that I have three wonderful kiddos that try my patience on a daily basis.
*One of them is doing that RIGHT.THIS.MINUTE.*
I have been pulling my hair out for years now.
I had told myself and others that I was NOT having anymore kids.
nope....never....no way....not gonna happen
Oh Boy, Have I told people that!
I was in control of the situation too.
And Obviously controlling that situation was harming me in more ways than one.
Ya see, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and heart issues a few months ago.
I had to be put on meds and everything.
Which comes to my next issue . . .
It was either my health of that little teeny tiny "control" that I took daily.
I knew it was coming.
I was scrambling.
I was worrying.
The more I worried, The more I prayed until one day it just "clicked".
It was like a switch went off.
I suddenly gained a little more patience.
I gained a little more happiness.
WOW, was this my sanity coming back.
Was it that itty bitty "control" factor that was making me this unpleasant to be around?

I would love to say YES and blame it on that but I know deep inside that it was also ME.

Ok, if you have made it this far then I just want you to know that I feel GREAT. I don't lose my temper as often as I did. I haven't been letting the little things bother me.
I am enjoying being ME again and enjoying my WONDERFUL and PATIENT husband and children.
I am letting GOD take back control.
Well, actually he has always been in control but I always tried to block him.


Will the "H" family be expanding?
Who knows?
But I do know one thing.....
If it's meant to be then it will be.
No worries on my end.
Gosh, I still can not believe I just said that!

This probably makes little to no sense to many of you. I just had to type it out though.

And speaking of "KATE".
I must know . . .
Will you be watching for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TONIGHT?
Oops did I just roll my eyes?
If they announce a seperation, Will you still watch?
I have already said it but I will say it again :

Big shout out to Kisses of Sunshine for posting this post. You really got me to thinking and well, that is why I refer to my OLD self as a KATE! As soon as I read your description of Kate, I immediately yelled out "OH NO! I was a Kate.!"

~Ok back to our regularly scheduled program~

Ready .. Aim .. Shoot!

If you walk into our guest bathroom right now your nose would be welcomed by the sweet smell of urine aka PEE.
(Sweet? Maybe that is the wrong word but it's what hubby called it this morning and well....I went with it.)

It smells like a men's urinal in there.
NO, I don't go sniffing around in the men's bathroom but that's what I imagine it smells like.
I "imagine" it smells like that.

*Back to my point*
It stinks!
I have scrubbed the floors with Comet, bleach, and any other cleaner that I could find.
I have also scrubbed the toilet (inside and out).
I make sure the side of the cabinet is wiped down.
All the lil crevices too.

So, today when the hubby speaks of the bathroom I just blame the lil man.
Surely hubby can aim by now.
Lil man comes into the room with us and hears us talking about the smelly bathroom.
He says "Sometimes I shoot inside the garbage can."
Problem solved!
I am thinking about making him clean the garbage can, toilet, floor and cabinet from now on.
I can almost GUARANTEE a perfect shot INSIDE the toilet then.
Whatcha' think?

And speaking of shooting targets, I found these WEE WEE Pals and Tinkle Targets.
Cute concept!
If I ever have to go through the potty training adventure again then I will be sure to grab some.

Mama likes

I guess I could get off of my lazy bum and POST something.
What do you think?
I shall start with my favorites.
Of course, these aren't favorites that I found last week BECAUSE I WAS BEING LAZY and also FORCED off the computer with pesky technical issues.
However, I did find these NEAT-O posts last night while browsing.
(Some were even found this morning.)

Here we go . . .
I am luv luv luving this ribbon topiary from Whitney Caroline Designs.

those plates are rootin' tootin' cute too!

I can't wait to make one of these ribbon lampshades.

This one is from Make It and Love it

Both of these finds were found via Be Different...Act Normal.
I stalk her site daily.
I guess you could say SHE ROCKS!
Ch-Ch-Check it out.
Be sure to check out the UMMY YUMMY french toast recipe before you leave.


luving this parenting advice from Le Musings of Moi
Because they don't give ya an instruction manual when you leave the hospital.


And because I like to waste my day away playing on the 'puter....
I give you PHOTOFUNIA!
Lookie . . .

that's exactly how I look too
ya know, when I go into space and stuff.

Jun 21, 2009

The heat is frying my brain cells

I am not even kidding either.
It is SO HOT.
The heat has totally sucked the energy out of me.


Happy Father's Day!
(Surely you told the men in your life that, right?)
If not then it is not too late.....
Consider this your reminder.

Jun 20, 2009

Mommy Confessions


Oh my goodness.....
How do I even tell you something like this.
:deep breaths:
:hanging head in shame:
That's not the only bad part of this confession.
You see . . .
I also have my children HELP me in hunting down the lil suckers SO I CAN KILL THEM.
Yep, I make my kids run around and around until they find the fly and then armed with a fly swat thingy ma jig or newspaper I creep up on it and BAM!
What kind of example am I setting for my children?

Oh the HORROR!

I also kill mosquitos and ants.
I don't kill spiders though.
I make the hubby do that.
Sometimes I do toss shoes or books at them though.
That's abuse though, right?

Peta says we aren't supposed to kill flies though.
Even though they are YUCKY and ANNOYING and UGLY.
I guess they have feelings and stuff?
What do you think?

Hey, I actually told my husband that we shouldn't kill them.
We are supposed to hold out a little cup and ASK them to come to it.
Then we give the lil fly a ride (in a cup) to the door and let them just fly away.
My hubby thought I was crazy.
He hates flies more than me.

side note: (but not really a side not because it pertains to this subject)
Did you guys see the president pop that fly on tv?
Peta was concerned about him killing the thing and I was concerned about the
Ya know
The "FLY REMAINS" being on his hands.
All together now . . .

another side note: I have much LOVE (PUFFY HEART LOVE) for animals. I just can't stand flies and other annoying and nasty insects.

Got a Mommy Confession? Join us over at Life Starring the kids & me.

Jun 19, 2009

I ran away

but decided to come back.....
Actually our internet modem was down.
It's back up and running now.
Ya know what?
I didn't even go crazy without the net.
It kind of felt good to not be on this thing LIKE. ALL. THE. TIME.
I did a lot of stuff.
Ok, I lied.
Actually, I didn't accomplish much but it still felt good.

Be back later with something witty to post....
maybe something corny?
Probably just something totally random but I will be back.

Jun 15, 2009

Tweetin' on Twitter (Forgot last week)


SHOUT OUTS to my Twittering pals . . .
(or rather TWEETS that amuse me)
Click on the links and follow these *LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME* tweeters.
P.S. Follow me!
My twitter handle is @trendytykes

@brandybrook Doncha just love 'em??? I think kids are here to teach us patience and we're here to teach them.... well, I'm not sure!

@texasholly I still don't get facebook. (via @VDog)-maybe if you ignore it, it will go away...

@momspective my 4YO- How come you're not looking at me? So I look and after a moment he asks,"Why are you staring at me?"

@mamikaze I am not a fan of sweets #thingsIneversay
I never say those words either !

Check out this video from iJustine.


Jun 14, 2009

I'm cleaning up

Nah, not the house (HOW BORING!)
I am going to be sprucing the blog up a bit, taking down some banners, adding new ones, deleting some links, adding more.....

So, if things look a little Wiggity Wiggity Whack tomorrow then you will know why.

Why am I telling you this?
Heck if I know.
I was just really trying to get up another post because I was at number 666.
(insert evil laugh)
It kind of freaked me out.
Now I am at 667 . . .
Much better!
Have a great night, y'all.
p.s. Don't forget to "FOLLOW" my blog. One of my followers names will be drawn on July 1st for a nifty prize pack.
Go over there to the GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT BOX.
(It is located right underneath my profile, above the SkinCare RX button)

Mama Likes

I came across some pretty interesting reads and finds this past week.
I almost kept them to myself because I wasn't in a "sharing" kind of mood.
I came to my senses though and realized how much I heart you all !

BIG PUFFY HEART LUV to each and every one of you . . .
< 3 < 3
(um, those are supposed to be hearts in case ya didn't know)

This last minute GIFT IDEA by Bloggin' it.

This bird mobile (I am really diggin' birds these days) found via tutus and turtles and design sponge.

The actual instructions and pattern are found here @ spool sewing.

Oh, and I am SO getting my kids one of these NEW Human Toys.

Groovy, huh?

Last but not least is this blog post from Extraordinary Mother.
Have you heard her story?
Check it out!

Jun 13, 2009

Free Ecards


Don't forget DAD next week!
Pssst . . .Father's Day is next Sunday.
However, if you do forget just head over to Free Ecards. You can hook dad up with a free ecard and send it straight to his inbox.

And if you couldn't tell by the name of the website....

the ecards are FREE!

FREE as in NO $$ !
See, I really mean free Ecards....

I have visited other ecard sites before but never been able to add my own music and photos to the cards.
I thought that was pretty neat-o!
They also have an area where you can get free printable cards.
This would come in handy around here because I am always forgetting to buy birthday cards.
Oh, who am I kidding?
I also forget to buy wrapping paper!
Free father's day ecards or even free July 4th ecards.. . WOW!
And if you happen to have a graduate in the family, why not send thank you ecards?

Got-Free-Ecards has got-you-covered.

Mommy Confessions (IMA CHEATER)


Is this thing on?
Um, can ya believe that I did not post one single thing of silliness yesterday?
Today I bring you another MOMMY CONFESSION . . .
Confession, not Confusion.
I'll save that one for ANOTHER day.

What's your confession, Linda?
You know that thing that EVERYONE ELSE'S KIDS do but not mine.....no way NOT THEM?
For instance, when they are racing one kid will take an itty bitty shortcut just to get to the finish line quicker.
Or when they are playing a game and they don't like the number that the dice rolled for them.
What do they do?
Well, of course they ROLL AGAIN until they get a better number.
Don't you shake your heads.

And what does this have to do with YOU, Linda?
Oh yeah....
It's all about ME today.
I cheat when reading bedtime stories.
My kids have this mentality that BIGGER is always BETTER so they always seem to pick the Biggest book that they can find.
BIGGER meaning the one with the most pages.
Do you see where I am going with this?
I start with the best of intentions, I really do.
AND THEN . . .
we get to page 3 and it all goes downhill.
Ya see, I start making up my own story.
My stories usually start like this :
There was a beautiful princess that had a rockin' mom, they all lived happily ever after . . .

or DID I?
I discovered that many books now come with CD'S.
Could this be the answer to my prayers?
because I still have to turn the pages
sometimes I would become distracted and forget
which meant
the lil tykes would be all "MOM!" "MOOOOOOM"

So, the next time you pull out SNOW WHITE and start reading it to my kid and she says
"That's not how the story goes"
Well, it's all because of ME.
I am so ashamed.
Ok, maybe only a little but I am still ashamed.

What's your mommy confession?
Link up over at Life starring the Kids and Me and let us know.

Jun 11, 2009

Have you ever . . .

Have you ever just felt so "blahhhh blahhhh blahhhhh" that all you want to do is sit on the couch (in the corner) and stare off in space with that "DUHHH" look on your face?

I am doing that.
I am doing that right.now.
except I have a laptop opened in front of me and I am typing up this post . . .
which means that I am really not sitting here with that DUH look on my face at the moment

I just can't get it together this morning.
I guess that explains why the poptart box ended up in the fridge.
Chilled poptarts, anyone?
I heard that they were pretty good!

I went back to sleep on the couch this morning and had ANOTHER dream about snakes.
What is up with that?
It must mean something.
Am I going to be eaten by a 50ft long snake someday?
Gosh, I hope not.
My neighbor knocked on the door and woke me up, thank goodness.
I stumbled to the door and tried to compose myself.
He asked if he had woke me up.
Yeah, I totally told a lil fib.
I didn't wanna look like some sort of slacker or anything seeing that it was 9:30!

And since I titled this post "Have you ever" . . .
Have you ever visited a blog and just couldn't leave?
Well, that means YOU ARE A STALKER!
Feel free to stalk me anytime though. I AINT SKEERED!
just sayin'
I found myself on this blog, Thrifty Decor Chick.

I dare you to click on that button.
I'll tell ya one thing :
I totally stalked that blog last night.
I went and read just about every post and clicked on every photo.
She takes goodwill finds and turns them into works of art.
She's a pro at mold, yall.
(ok, maybe not MOLD but she is a pro at molding)
and the things she can do with spray paint . . .
She even makes tables!

What a SHOW OFF.
(in a good way of course)
Check out Thrifty Decor Chick.
Go on....
I want all of you to feel as lazy as I do right now.

Jun 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Insert Pshyco theme music)


Should this pose scare me?

For more Wordless Wednesday pics visit the Wordless Wednesday hub and 5 minutes for mom.

Jun 9, 2009


We have two bathrooms in this house, right?
(Well, we could have had three but at the very last minute I told them STOP! I want that to be an office instead.)
I guess you could say that I do my best work in the WAS GOING TO BE bathroom.
And I know that no one asked for that little tidbit but I like to ramble if you couldn't tell by now.

ANYHOO . . .
Two bathrooms (REAL ONES) and my kids only like to use ONE. The one they like to use is usually (OK ALWAYS) the one that someone else is using.
Did I just confuse anyone? Because when I read that it made no sense what so ever.

Oh well . . .
Today the little man went into the bathroom to do his BIZNESS and here comes princess holding herself and whining that she had to GOOOOOOOOOO!

Me : "Um, I know this is going to sound crazy but why don't you use the OTHER bathroom."
Princess : "NOOOOO! I want to use the one he is in."
(insert eye roll at this time)
Princess is holding herself, pounding on the door saying "LET ME IN!"
Now there is more whining and HERE SHE COMES.

Princess : "MOooOOmmA" (that's how she says it)
Me : "Yes?"
Princess : "He said he has LOTS and LOTS of pee to get out."

Next time I will give her a roll of toilet paper and send her outside because obviously that would make more sense that actually USING the other bathroom.
Ya know what I mean?

Jun 8, 2009

A penny for your thoughts


While checking my inbox this morning, I noticed an email from one of my blog supporters.
(I PUFFY HEART emails from blog readers....they are the bomb diggity, just sayin')
The email was a very pleasant one.
ya know:
Hey! How ya doin'? Love the new posts. You are TUBULAR! You ROCK THE HOUSE!
*I totally snuck those last two in there just to make myself look cool. You don't mind do ya?
Anyway, there was a question at the end.
Will you be hosting any more giveaways?

Ah, Giveaways.
Giveaways are tons of fun but WOWZA can they also be a big pain in the boo-honky.
(my word for RUMP)
Most of the giveaways that come my way are brought on by a review of a certain product.
If you are a review blogger then you know what all goes into a review.
Sure, there are bloggers that slap a few sentences on their blog and say "DONE".
I am not talking about those REVIEWS.
Those are eh, ummmm....
Well, those are quiet annoying to the rest of us.
And pssst.....
Guess what? THEY DO READ THEM. (Gasp, who would of THUNK IT?)
Reviews just to get to a giveaway can be tons of work.
After PROPERLY reviewing a product you have to add photos and links and double check the post to make sure it looks ok.
Then you have to plaster the review/giveaway on various forums, media outlets, blogs and so on.
Add it to twitter.
Post it on facebook.
You get the point, right?
THEN you have to monitor the comments or entries.
When it's almost time for the giveaway to end, you are going to want to RE-PLASTER it back on those boards/sites so it can be seen for last minute entrants.
We haven't even got to the part where you have to choose a winner only to find out that the winner never put his/her email addy in the contact info.

Tired yet?
I am.
Just thinking about all of this makes me wanna put a "GONE FISHING" sign up and ya know. . .
GO FISHING or something.
No wonder a lot of us go through the "blog burn-out" phase.

WOW, where was I?
Will I be hosting more?
Yes, I will be hosting giveaways in the future.
However, I am being a lot more selective when posting them.
I will admit that I love the traffic each giveaway brings my way.
It is pretty awesome.
But . . .
I want blog readers NOT visitors looking for a free package of hot dogs.
Does that make sense?
I want you to come here because of my CHARM and GOOD LOOKS (insert bwahahaha laugh here) not for the free hot dogs.
This has been weighing heavy on my mind lately.
It's the reason that you have been seeing more of me and less giveaways.

Whatcha' think?
Building relationships with other bloggers/learning something new/a getaway from the normal routine

Headbanging with Bret Michaels

Now this is classic!

flowers make me happy....HINT HINT


So you really REALLY want fresh flowers....
You go around sniffing flowers and oohing and ahhing certain arrangements.
You are not alone sister....
What's a girl to do though?
I will tell you what to do.
You give him a little hint with Hint Cards.

A little about Hint Cards from California Cut Flower Commission:
As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” However, in a recent survey conducted by the CCFC we found that 42% of women don’t receive flowers as often as they would like. That’s why the CCFC has come up with a “Hint Card” to help deserving moms, such as yourself, drop a hint to that certain someone that they would like to receive a beautiful bouquet of the world’s freshest flowers, California Grown flowers! These Hint Cards incorporate a little romance or a little humor and are the perfect size to be left under pillows, inside lunch bags, stuck on mirrors, tucked in billfolds, placed on plates or just delivered from hand to hand.
My suggestion . . .
You choose your favorite HINT CARD and place it right on top of the tv remote.
hee hee
Oh, and if he needs a little hint on where to get fresh flowers just tell him to visit California Cut Flower Commission. They offer some of the best cut flowers and exceptional quality.
AND NO, you do not have to live in California to enjoy these beauties.
I was recently gifted with an amazing bouquet of fresh flowers and they were transported with the utmost care. They arrived as fresh as the day they were cut!

Would you like to give your man the hint?
I can send you 25 hint cards to get your point across.
All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me WHERE you would place your hint card.
The first 25 to leave a comment will receive the Hint Cards from California Cut Flower Commission.

*special thanks to The Family Review Network for this lovely opportunity*

Jun 6, 2009

Mama Likes

The week's are just zooming by, aren't they?
Here are my favorites from this past week.
I urge everyone to post some of your own favorites and give out some linky love!

*I HEART this big ole blog-o-sphere*

Lovin' this felt flower headband by bubbaloubands aka BLOG BABY

(well, more like BABY MAMA but you get the point, right?)
Now clicky click the linky link!

This post from Southern Fried Momma....Things I have learned from being a Mother
especially #'s 4, 8, and 10

This idea for a SUNDAE BAR from Be Different...Act Normal. I am going to try something like this for the kids and their friends soon.

And I also had to giggle at this post from Mommy Needs a Time-Out
(For Sanity...Press One)because I believe we HAVE ALL BEEN THERE!

And for all you HOT MOMMIES out there, this AWESOME tutorial for removable ruffles to go on your heels or any other shoe.

Tutorial was posted on ....Love Maegan back in May but I just stumbled across it this week so it still counts as my "weekly find".

Don't forget to add me as a "google friend" to have your name entered to win the first giveaway on July 1st. More details coming soon!

Mommy Confessions (IMA HOG!)


I am joining Mommy Confessions this week over at Life starring the Kids and Me....

In Victoria's own words:
As moms many of us have things that we would like to get off our chests or that we would just like to confession. So here is the place to do it!
So head on over there and link up.
I want to hear something really juicy!!

Here's my confession this week....

It's true.
I hide goodies from the kids and eat them late at night.
Hey, my kids get enough junk throughout the week.
I am entitled to some snacks too, right?
When I mean I hide these.....
I have boxes of candybars hidden in the very top of my cabinets.
(and these aren't the funsize candybars either)
I don't dare bring them out in front of my kids.

Another Confession:
Sometimes I bring these candybars out and eat them while the kids are in another room.
However, If I hear them coming I either hide it behind a pillow or I shove the whole thing in my mouth and turn my head.


I am trying to save their teeth.
YEAH, that's my excuse!

Jun 4, 2009

Tweetin' on Twitter


SHOUT OUTS to my Twittering pals . . .
(or rather TWEETS that amuse me)
Click on the links and follow these *LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME* tweeters.
P.S. Follow me!
My twitter handle is @trendytykes

If I worked out then *didn't* eat cookies, I would most likely be skinny.

@BOREDmommy My 2yo daughter wanted to play duck, duck, goose. So she starts going around us and says, "DUCK, DUCK, GHOST!" and takes off running.

@emihill "You better start praying for a maid because I am sick and tired of trying to clean up after you." #mommyism

@babysteph Our post office has a duck outside wearing a yellow raincoat. [Indiana]

Jun 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday GO DAD GO!


Want more Wordless Wednesday?
Visit the Wordless Wednesday hub, 5 Minutes for Mom and Mom Dot.

Jun 2, 2009

My friends are winners!

Ok, I finally figured out Google Friend Connect. I'm not usually this slow....REALLY!
Anyway, go over there and add me as your friend.
You can find my little banner/box thingy over there on the side bar.
Starting in July, I will be hosting special giveaways for my pals.
Each month I will draw one name to win a cool prize.
I will be announcing next month's giveaway prize very soon!!

Things that annoy me

Things that annoy me :

Kidz Bop cds
Ok, Why?
Sure....I like to hear my kids sing. It makes me smile. However, kids singing songs that were originally sang by adults? That is just kind of creepy to me. Not only is it creepy to me but it is just annoying.
HAVE YOU SEEN THE COMMERCIALS? It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.
Do I want my girls singing Pussycat Dolls "When I grow up?" uhhh not until they are a lot older than 4 and 10!
Seriously? Lil girls singing a song about wanting BOOBIES and boys thinking they are SEXY?
ummm NO
Or would I want my song singing songs about looking a girl in the eyes and telling her that he is madly in love? He is 6 for goodness sake. He only loves his mom and it better stay that way until he is like 25!
Most of those songs are just plain annoying when grow-ups sing them. Why on earth would I want to hear a kid's version.

side note: Why did I go to their website? Why oh Why? They even have videos uploaded of kids singing their songs and little girls dancing around.

Clean House (as in the SHOW on Style Network)

I actually do like the show. However, I always have to watch it with the MUTE button handy.
Two words for ya : ANNOYING VOICES (and I hear them in my sleep)
Two names for ya : Niecy & Trish
Girlfriends, PLEASE!


Here's another T.V. related annoyance, Tyra Banks
Do I really need to say more?
Come on....
Why does she have a talk show?
I saw a promo just the other day for one of the upcoming shows.
The show was titled "He cheats...Take him back or dump him?"
Here's the kicker: There would be a jury to decide the couple's fate.
UM HUH, yeahhhhhh
Because I always let others decide how I think.


Oh, and here's one that amuses me.
Have you ever been to one of those "Top Sites" websites?
Ya know, the ones where you can add your website and it get's ranked according to visits to their site from yours.
I belong to a couple like Mommy Blogs Top 100 and Mom Bloggers Club Top Blogs.
I love these sites because I have found some great NEW blogs from them however, when you click the banner it brings up a screen that says :

The part that amuses me : If you were tricked into visiting this site ENTER HERE.
I finally clicked on that button the other day.
I will be honest, it took me a few minutes to actually PRESS that mouse pad. I kept going back and forth.
DO IT....NO, DON'T....DO IT, Ya know ya want to....NO, It's a trap.....DO IT!
YES, I had always been scared up until now.
I was brave on this particular day though.
Guess what happened?
Well, I am not telling you.
You will just have to be brave and push that button yourself!

What annoys you?

Jun 1, 2009

We call him the Snake Slayer

There was a snake in MY GARAGE last week.
Uh huh
About 2 feet away from where I was sitting minutes before it was found
We had just cleaned up the bikes and toys as the rain started.
I sat down to fold a little laundry and the little man asked if he could go in the garage to draw on the chalkboard.
I said sure.
A few minutes later I hear BIG GIRL screaming at the other kids.
Somewhere in between the screams I heard "SNAKE".
I jumped up and ran but before I did that I yelled "SHUT THE DOOR!"
(this time it was OK to yell!)
Um, I didn't want that snake getting in MY HOUSE.

We then went out the front door towards the garage and proceeded to toss things where the snake was.
Let's see...
We tossed a rake.
We tossed a shoe.
We even tossed a chair.
The snake did not budge.
I was determined not to let that snake get out of my sight.
So, what did we do?
We waited.
We waited and we watched.
We waited and we watched until my husband got home from work.
(I won't even tell you that we waited and watched for ONE HOUR. Nah, you would probably think I was crazy. OH, and I won't tell you that it was raining either.)
Woo Hoo! Daddy finally arrived.
He jumped out of the car and grabbed the snake with his bare hands.
After swinging it around a few times over his head, he then proceeded to squeeze the life out of it.
You don't believe me?
Ok, it was more like he grabbed the closest thing around which happened to be a VERY DULL SHOVEL and then he did a little choppy chop on that ICKY thing.
Hey, the kids were very impressed!
But before tossing it in the nearest ditch I did what any good blogger would have done . . .
I yelled out :
"WAIT!" "I need a picture."
Check out my hunky hero and his kill....

Heck yeah, I am so blogging this!

A little fun in the sun

Summer time around the "H" household means lots of outdoor playtime.
One of their favorite activities is drawing on the driveway with CHALK.
So, a big bucket of sidewalk chalk is a MUST-HAVE during the summer months.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a LIVE Crayola giveaway hosted by From Cribs to Car Keys.


The loot:
Crayola GIANT sidewalk chalk
Crayola 3D Activity Chalk Kit
Crayola Rainbow Rake

My 3 kids PLUS a few neighbor kids have been enjoying these goodies since the day they arrived.
Yep, Momma got out there and did a little creating too!

Special thanks to From Cribs to CarKeys and Crayola for the good times.

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