Dec 30, 2011


Check out these adorable snowmen . . .

cute snowman donuts via Little Inspirations

snowman gumball favors from Nothing but Country

snowman soup (my favorite)

Here's a cute snowman lunch/bento idea

Dec 22, 2011

Cookies for Santa

Creative ways to serve cookies for Santa . . .

(They also make great gift ideas!)

Cookies for Santa by

Micro Santa cookie box by papercookies

Cookie dough gift ideas from Country Living

There's still time . . . (Christmas gift ideas) YOU CAN MAKE!

rosette Christmas tree by

under the mistletoe silhouette by Welcome Sunshine Home

handmade coasters by beneath my heart

Dec 20, 2011

How to make hairbows

Here's some new hairbow design ideas for you to try!

gingerbread playdough


This would make a great stocking stuffer for someone special !

Fun times!

Dec 1, 2011

Don't eat the reindeer!

Remember Don't Eat Pete?

Well, check out Don't eat the reindeer!

Postpartum depression

Do you or someone that you know suffer from Postpartum depression?

Ok, that sounds like one of THOSE commercials.

I just recently had our 4th baby. Hold on...
Meghan, Connor, Reagan and Kennedy- Yep, that's 4.

Sometimes I lose track. haha

I have always heard women talking about postpartum depression but never really experienced the "baby blues". Well, that is until baby number 4.

2-3 weeks after having Kennedy I started feeling rather blahh...
I didn't want to eat.
I was not sleeping.
I was moody.

 Yeah, postpartum depression had come to pay me a little visit. There were a couple of times where I told my husband that I had completely SHUT DOWN.
I was not content anymore.
I had a Eh, whatever type of attitude towards everything.

It was just NOT ME!

While my case was very mild and controlled without medications, I know that there are some out there that need the meds. 

Have you ever suffered from postpartum depression or any other type of depression?
How do you handle it?

Please know that there is depression help out there.
Maybe you need to search through the depression medication list?
Maybe you can control it with prayer?
Friends, Family? Maybe they can help you cope.

Control it and do not let IT control YOU!

Nov 30, 2011

Fun NEW hair bow tutorials to try


Ribbon Puff tutorial aka pom pom hair bows

Have fun !

Nov 26, 2011

Are you prepared for an emergency?

What would you do if an emergency came up RIGHT NOW.
Well, after you panic and run around like a mad woman, that is.
Surely I am not the only person to do that, right??

What I mean is...

Are you prepared? (whether it be a storm, hurricane, flood, fire or other emergency)

How is your food storage looking?
Do you even have food stored up?

I'll be honest. At this moment, we are NOT prepared for an emergency.
This is something that I would like to work on.
I will just pray that it's not too late and that I still have time to actually work on it.

Emergency preparedness is very important. Everyone should take not and GET PREPARED if they are not already.

Not sure where to start?

Try for more information.

Nov 25, 2011

Trimming the tree

Now we are moving on to my favorite holiday!!!

I love Christmas time. I love the colors of Christmas, I love the excitement of Christmas, I love the treats.... 


Check out these nifty Christmas ornament ideas and try one or all with your family this season.

I am sure they would look awesome on any tree.

I am a sucker for silhouettes. These silhouette ornaments would be ideal for my tree.

photo ornaments are always a great idea (Grandma loves these!)

I could not resist posting this one . . .hehe

paper ornaments are always a hit at my house (so easy to make!)

monogram ornaments?? AWESOME!!

Question :

Real tree or Fake tree?

Nov 21, 2011

When I think of dried foods my mind often wanders off to the grocery store. I think about all of the times I walked past those dried bananas hanging on the shelf.

I don't really think about other dried foods but there are SO MANY available.

Do you purchase  freeze dried foods? For what purpose?

Do you buy them just because you like to eat them or do you buy them in case an emergency comes up?

I am sad to say that I have not prepared my family in case an emergency comes up.
I really should start thinking about doing this.

You never know when something will come up.

Check out Prepare Wise for an assortment of freeze dried foods.

Nov 14, 2011

Need more YUMMERS for Thanksgiving?

Check these out....

They are pretty darn cute too, eh?

Look! Adorable : )

and another . . .

Nov 9, 2011

Free Thanksgiving printables

Here's some fun and FREE Thanksgiving printables for you and the little tykes to print out  . . .

Nov 4, 2011


It's almost Turkey Day! Can you believe it? Oh my...
That also means that it's nearly time to start dealing with those pesky twisty ties aka Christmas Morning.

Where has the year gone?

Oh yeah, I spent most of it pregnant! Now I spend most of it changing diapers and nursing : )

Get your GOBBLE ON with these fun finds :

paper bag popcorn turkey via One Charming Party

Wouldn't this be a cute little favor or decoration?

Turkey lightbulb

These turkey rice krispy treats are simply adorable via Kelloggs

Pilgrim Hat cookies, YUMMY! via Sinful Southern Sweets

Nov 2, 2011

MyBaby,org (Reviews on the BEST baby products on the market)

Ah, Do you remember when you first found out that you were pregnant? The things that came across your mind were: what doctor should I choose, how much weight will I gain, which brand of prenatal vitamin is best...

6 months into the pregnancy other things pop into your mind . . .
What will we name the little tyke?
Will I bottle feed or breastfeed?
What is the best baby swing on the market?
What about monitors? Which is the best baby monitor?

Ay Yi Yi!

Who knew there would be this much "thinking" to parenthood? lol

I have done this 4 times already and still I find myself questioning everything.

How do you know that you are getting a great product?
Well, you do your research!

By research, I mean read other's reviews on products that you are searching for.
Sure you could scour the 50 million blogs out there trying to find the right one OR you could log on to is the one place to find reviews on just about any baby product on the market.
The internet's newest and most complete site for real reviews by real moms of the baby products you want most!
 Whether you are searching for the best price, the safest or the most useful product they have it covered!

Since we are looking for a new carseat for Miss Kennedy, I decided to log on and search through the best convertible carseats reviewed and after reading their thoughts, I think we have it narrowed down.

Visit today for the latest reviews on strollers, carseats, feeding and so much more!


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