Jul 27, 2011

Building your own website

If you see my head start to spin.....RUN! Run far far away. Building a website takes a lot of patience and understanding and neither of those have ever been in my vocabulary.

Ever heard the statement "If you want something done right, just do it yourself."?



Why does it frustrate me so much then?
I know I'm smart, darnit! lol

Even with all these super easy to follow tutorials and advice, I am still coming up frazzled but I will get this done. Oh YES....YES I WILL!

We will just overlook the fact that I accidentally put my pages in protected mode. (smile)
FTP Clients, HTML, CSS, Javascript Blocklist...Ay Yi Yi!

My head is spinning but I can do this.


Have you ever built your own website from scratch? Does it get easier?
Will I ever do this again?

One more question? Where are my local stored objects? lol

Don't mind me, I will be ok.

err I hope!


Working Mommy on August 27, 2011 at 4:03 PM said...

You are a much braver soul than I...good luck with everything!!



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