Jul 7, 2009

OFF! PowerPad lamp *review*

I'm not a big fan of the summer months.
Not only does the heat cramp my style but the bugs annoy the YOU KNOW WHAT outta me.
Bugs as in . . . mosquitoes and flies
Y'all already know how I feel about the flies but let me tell you that those mosquitoes.
(blood that is)
My kids love to go outside and play which usually means MOMMA gets dragged out there too.
I try to find a nice shady spot to sit in when I do venture outdoors.
However, those NICE and SHADY spots seem to be the hangout choice of mosquitoes also.
On any given day I am bound to get bitten at least a few times.
I despise mosquito bites.
Mosquito bites are NOT fun when it's time to go to bed.
You get the point, right?
Why not use bug spray?
I hate the smell and hate the greasy feeling.

When I had the chance to review the OFF! PowerPad lamp, I was all "WOO HOO!" ...
"No more icky greasy sprays to worry about."
Would it work?
DARN SKIPPY it worked!
I lit my little candle and placed the lamp a few feet from where I was sitting.
The odor was not overwhelming and it kept the mosquitoes away.
Now, I am not going to say that I did not get ANY bites.
I did have a couple but that was probably because I moved from my confined area more than once.
I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome though.
Did ya know that the OFF! PowerPad lamp has more repelling powerful than 15 citronella candles or buckets combined?

A little bit about the OFF! PowerPad Lamp:
One tiny PowerPad® mat repels annoying mosquitoes from up to 15ft x 15ft – an average patio or deck. Compare that to just one sq. ft. from a citronella candle. Simply activate the pad by lighting the candle and enjoy proven protection from mosquitoes.

The Lantern is similar to the Lamp, but includes a convenient 4-foot pole so that you can place it anywhere in your yard.
Protects an area up to 15x further than citronella candles or buckets

The heat from the candle activates the repellent pad, releasing proven protection from mosquitoes. In fact, there’s more repelling power in one little pad than 15 citronella buckets combined!

Each candle + pad combo provides up to 4 full hours of protection. Each refill pack contains three pads and three candles, providing up to 12 total hours of repellency per pack.

Relightable! The candle and repellent pad are designed to work together. So if the candle is extinguished, simply relight the candle to reactivate the repellent pad. When not in use, please follow the proper storage instructions. Prolonged storage of repellent pads in outdoor conditions may decrease effectiveness.

A special thanks to The Family Review network for this wonderful review opportunity.



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