Aug 26, 2008

No more tears during bathtime w/ Lil Rinser


If you come to my house during bathtime on any given night then you will probably hear a lot of screaming coming from the bathtub. The Lil Princess acts as if someone is torturing her. You see....She DOES NOT like to wash her hair. NOPE....NO WAY!

She screams and squirms and tries to jump right out of the tub. I have to literally hold her down and rinse the shampoo out of her hair while trying my best not to get any in her eyes.

Well, not anymore. Lil Rinser is a great little device that will help me contain the monster at bathtime. It fits right on your child's head like a hat (Well, half of a hat) and all you do is pour the water right on the Lil Rinser. It will shield the shampoo/water and your kiddo will walk away with NO TEARS.
We tested our Lil Rinser out tonight during the "DREADED" bath time. My princess didn't quiet know what to think of it but once she noticed that her face was not getting wet she said it was PRETTY COOL!!
Thanks to Lil Rinser, I can now get through a complete bathtub session without flipping my lid.
You can order your own Lil Rinser on their website :


Anonymous said...

I love the Lil Rinser. My daughter flips when water drips down her face and this little jewel has made hair wash days 100% easier.

Sprout Soup on August 29, 2008 at 8:57 AM said...

That's pretty cool! I might have to get one for my 2 year old who hates having his hair washed.


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