Aug 11, 2008

Flippee-The Toilet Shield

I am amazed at so many of the products on the market today. However, the ones I am most thrilled about are the one's created by MOMS! Afterall, MOMS know the dilemma's we face everyday with raising children and running a household.

So, I just knew I had a great product in my hands when I noticed that the Flippee was created by a MOM just like me!

The dilemma: nasty stains leftover from ACCIDENTS due to potty training

Now say it with me..... "AH-HA!" "How come I didn't think of that?"
The Flippee toilet shield was created by a mother of three boys who grew tired of having to clean up ater all those "missed target shots". Oh, you know what I am talking about especially if you have a little boy. They aim ONE WAY and it ends up going in another direction resulting in a big mess.
With the Flippee toilet shield you want have to worry about the mess. The Flippee is installed via suction cups on the side of the toilet and you can raise the shield before "POTTY BREAKS".
Once he is done with the shield it can then be lowered back down under the toilet.
It also has a "Drip Lip" that prevents any excess from hitting the floor.
My son is 5 and still has trouble hitting the "target". Heck, my husband has trouble too (But that is a story for another day!) lol
I installed the Flippee Toilet Shield very easily and showed the lil man how to properly use it.
The first day, I noticed that he would leave it up after using the bathroom but he soon got the hang of it and started lowering it after use.

Guess what? I don't have to clean my toilet as often and the lil man is actually using it like a game. He tells me that he tries not to hit the shield and if he does hit the shield then he loses. HA!
I was so thrilled with this product that I had to show my neighbor. She came in and immediately asked where she could purchase one for her son.
I'm telling you ladies....This is a must-have product for all little boys.

*Prevents odor and germs
*Saves you time cleaning hard to reach surfaces
*Easy to handle
*Creates Awareness with physical boundaries
I only wish that I had this when we first started potty training. They have all sorts of potty chairs and seats designed to go on the toilet but nothing specifically for little boys. It took my lil man awhile to adjust to standing instead of sitting on the toilet. If I would have had this product we could have bypassed sitting altogether.
Head over to Flippee and order your Flippee Toilet Shield today!


Teresa on August 11, 2008 at 1:09 PM said...

Very interesting!

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Laura on August 11, 2008 at 1:23 PM said...

I have a two year old, that's brilliant!

Sewing-Chick on June 8, 2009 at 11:46 PM said...

I can't wait until my son is out of diapers! I have a Christmas list going already, and I just added this to it for sure!
Thanks for the bloggy love by the way!! Your blog is great :)


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