Aug 23, 2008

No more DROOPY DRAWERS here thanks to Dapper Snappers!

I can proudly acclaim that my children no longer have "Droopy Drawers"!
You see, I used to dread shopping for two of my three children.

Well, if I buy pants that fit in the waist then they are way too short and if I buy pants that are long enough then they are WAY too wide in the waist.
For instance my oldest daughter is 9 and she can still wear some 7's. The ONLY pants that fit her just-right cost nearly $60.00.
I would much rather spend $60.00 on a complete outfit rather than one pair of pants. KWIM??We have tried various belts (most are too big), we have tried pinning the pants with safety pins (looks odd) and I have even tried making my own ribbon belts but she has a hard time with the D-Rings.
We were helpless.....

UNTIL DAPPER SNAPPERS came to the rescue!

Dapper Snappers is another MOM-INVENTED product. (THE BEST INVENTORS are MOMS!)
*A small piece of elastic (many colors to choose from) that has a few button/snaps
*All you do is insert the DAPPER SNAPPER to the back belt loops of your child's pants
*Adjust to desired fit and comfort
The pants or shorts will NOT sag any longer!
I tried the Dapper Snapper on my little man who also suffers from DROOPY DRAWERS syndrome....hee hee
The shorts he is sporting in the photo were bought nearly a year ago and they are still nearly two sizes too big.
Well, I inserted the DAPPER SNAPPER and he was able to wear the shorts for the first time yesterday!!!
I am VERY happy with my Dapper Snapper and plan to order more in various colors.
SAY BYE BYE to sagging pants.
No more HASSLES with belts during potty time.
TOSS OUT those safety pins.
Buy Dapper Snappers RIGHT.NOW!!
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