Aug 14, 2008

Good Bites Crustless sandwich cutter

Here's another MOM-Invented masterpiece :
Good Bites Crustless Sandwich Cutter

Yep, we have probably all BEEN THERE when it comes to the "Bread Crust" issue. Some kids will tolerate the crust and some kids ......well, they don't do "Crust"! It can be a hassle trying to de-crust the bread during lunchtime. Of course when one kids gets their crust taken off they ALL want it taken off. AY YI YI! Well, Good Bites Crustless Sandwich Cutter is my new BFF. Not only does it take the crust off of the bread but it makes your sandwich look COOL! There are four different "designs" to choose from : Heart, Halves, Circle halves and Quarters.
Good Bites are kid friendly which means your little ones can now cut their sandwiches on their own. NO MESS which means MOM can relax and not have to worry about cleaning up after anyone.
When you are done....Just pop them in the dishwasher as they are dishwasher SAFE! (Major plus in this household)
What's not to love? These are PERFECT!
Grab a few during your next shopping spree. (They are very affordable too!)



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