Jun 27, 2011

Cute sandals and flip flops are a MUST-HAVE for summer

I love a cute and comfy pair of flip flops.

I love being able to slip them on and run out the door. 
I also look forward to flip flop weather more than ANYTHING when it comes to dealing with my children. 

You see, when it's warm outside....I don't have to tie shoelaces, I don't have find matching socks. Flip flop wearing weather ROCKS : )

When it comes to kids flip flops, they MUST be comfortable and able to withstand just about anything. My kids are rough on their shoes.

Do you have a favorite brand of flip flops?

Aren't these adorable?
(via Havaianas)

For womens flip flops, I tend to choose style before even checking the comfort factor.
So, when I actually find a pair that is cute and comfy...I tend to stick with that brand all the time.

Are you like this?

Do your husbands wear sandals or flip flops?
Mine usually DOES NOT however, I have been known to get a pair on his feet if we go on vacation. He also has a pair of flip flops beside the door for when he has to take the trash out or something like that.

Is your man like this? Why don't they like to wear sandals?

There are some pretty MANLY mens sandals out there.

I just wish he would step out of his comfort zone aka TENNIS SHOES and wear some.

Check these out...


Mommafo on July 7, 2011 at 10:38 PM said...

Danny calls them 'mandals,' and no, he won't wear them either. :)


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