Apr 26, 2011

GoGo's Crazy Bones ~PARTY~

Everyone loves a good party, right?

We had the opportunity to host a GOGO'S CRAZY BONES party this past weekend and the kids and parents had a blast!

About Gogo's Crazy Bones: 

Gogo's are small colorful characters that come in hundreds of colors and designs, each one with a unique name, design, personality and special ability. Kids of all ages have fun collecting, trading and playing with Gogo's Crazy Bones!

We had been seeing the commercials for awhile now but until our party package arrived, we had no clue as to what to expect. 

GoGo's Crazy bones come packaged together with a mini gogo's crazy bones figure and a sticker.
Each sticker has a number and you match the numbers up with the one's in your Gogo's Crazy Bones collector books. Collect all to become a Gogo's Bones CHAMP (As my kids like to call it). 

You can also trade gogo bones and battle with each other.

About our party:

Decor... We went with BRIGHT and VIBRANT COLORS (Reds, Blues and Yellows)
I hung balloons and added streamers to the doorway as everyone walked through.

I also had the dining room set up as a GOGO'S CRAZY BONES battle area.

Upon arrival, all the party guests received a gogo's crazy bones book with 3 gogo's crazy bones figures/stickers.

We had a few battles and challenges and the winner won NEW Gogo's Crazy bones.

After the challenges were over we had refreshments which consisted of mini cupcakes/oreo stuffed brownies and juice.

Then we ventured outside since it was a nice day.

I had set up a scavenger hunt for the kids to earn MORE Gogo's Crazy Bones.

In the end, I think every kid went home with a good amount of Gogo's Crazy Bones and everyone had a blast!

My kids can't wait to buy more : )

I have a video of our festivities and as soon as I get my video working again, I will add it too.

Special thanks to Child's Play PR for the party packs!
We were not compensated in any other form.



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