Jul 7, 2008


When I was younger we would play with a little contraption called a "Cootie catcher". Do you know what I am talking about? Although you may have called it something else it still served the same purpose.....fun times!

Making one is fairly easy and you can add your own little tidbits. For instance, We would add colors on the top and then numbers on the inside flaps. You would choose a color and spell it and when it landed on the the numbers you would choose one and lift it to reveal a question or "fortune". Ya know.....something like...."You are going to marry a ROCKSTAR!" just something fun like that.

I recently received a CAHOOTIE in the mail. CAHOOTIE is just like the homemade versions except they are WAY more colorful and cool.

There are numerous Cahootie's to choose from like :
Sporty Girl
Birthday Wishes
Truth or Date
Wishes and Dreams
Each one has it's own theme and comes with re-useable stickers that are added to the "flaps". The stickers can be changed out every so often.

We have the Birthday Wishes one and my kids loved it!
They applied their stickers and went to town asking questions and having fun.
Even the neighbor kids got in on the fun and did not want to put it down.
It also brought back some childhood memories for me.

You should definately check out CAHOOTIE for your own lil ones. They would make great gifts for the next birthday party.


Lisa Knight on July 7, 2008 at 7:14 PM said...

That is so cool. We used to make those ALL THE TIME!


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