Mar 12, 2009

Thursday 13

Happy Thursday everyone!
(It's a very cloud and rainy Thursday here)
Remember on Tuesday the weather was like THIS? Well, today it is more like THIS except instead of snow there is freezing rain. YUCK!

Have you ever played that game "I've NEVER"??
Well, I am going to list 13 things that I have NEVER done before.
Here goes...
1. I have never eaten sushi.
2. I have never been skiing (water or snow)
3. I have never broken a bone.
4. I have never smoked a cigarette (or anything "smokeable") lol
5. I have never dyed my hair.
6. I have never seen The GodFather. (I am like the only one, right?)
7. I have never been to Graceland and used to live right down the street from it.
8. I have never had my wisdom teeth removed. (Never had issues with them either)
9. I have never had my eyebrows "professionally" plucked. *Gosh, I hope I am plucking them right! eeek
10. I have never had a pedicure either. I don't want anyone touching my feet. I am NOT a foot person. EWW!
11. I have never been on a cruise (would love to though....HINT HINT)
12. I have never been on an airplane. I am scared! *I will hop in the car, on a train or on a boat just not a plane.
13. I have never played Scrabble or Yahtzee.

Ok, it's your turn.
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Anonymous said...

Except for 7 and 9 I've done all of them.

That Girl on March 12, 2009 at 5:07 PM said...

hi, I have never done alot of those things either!

Peggy on March 12, 2009 at 7:48 PM said...

I would highly suggest getting a pedicure! Treat yourself to a good one! They are so awesome. I am not a foot person either but you get over that really quickly once they start the massage! Go for it girl!

Unknown on March 13, 2009 at 3:39 PM said...

Fun list. Now you need to get out and try to do all 13. Happy TT.


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