Mar 28, 2009

Bright Star Kids wall stickers and graphics

Gone are the days of BORING PLAIN WALLS.
Gone are the days of sweating over a nice paint job.
Gone are the days of dealing with messy wallpaper.
I have discovered Bright Star Kids wall graphics!
They make decorating kid's rooms SIMPLE and FUN. I was never really a wallpaper lover and Painting gives me nightmares. (Let's just say we had a bad run-in with a gallon of BLUE paint.) However, I love decorating. And let's face it, If you have kids then you are probably going to change their rooms around a few times before it's all said and done.
I mean, they can't live with baby blocks on their wall when they are teenagers. It's just NOT COOL, MOM!
Bright Star Kids makes your transition run smoothly. They have a wide selection of wall graphics and applying them is the easiest part! You just peel and stick.
Guess what? If you ever get tired of them, Just remove them with a simple "peel".
These are so easy to apply even the kids will enjoy decorating their room.
A little about Bright Star Kids :
Bright Star Kids is a rapidly growing Australian business that loves to create premium removable Wall Graphics (perfect for decorating kids rooms) and fun Personalised Kids Labels (great for keeping track of your kids belongings). You might also like some of our other products, with our Wheelie Bin Labels and Bag Tags being really popular.
We love to give our customers fantastic service, making sure that every order exceeds our very high quality standards and is sent out from Bright Star Kids within 1-2 days of receiving your order. We've also re-designed our online store to make it even more fun and easy-to-use, so that you'll be able to get the products that you need in the least amount of time.
Besides wall graphics, they also offer stick on labels, iron on labels for clothing, bag tags and labels for your home.
I had a hard time deciding what I wanted. I really REALLY wanted one of their fancy wall graphic kits but decided to go with the Chalkboard dots instead.
We had been searching for the right chalkboard to go in the kid's playroom and kept coming up empty handed. I knew these would be perfect as soon as I saw them!!
We just stuck them on the wall and the kids started drawing on them. They could also be used in your kitchen (like above).
One more think I would like to add about our Chalkboard dots is that we have already moved them twice and they still stick like new!
*This is great because I am always changing things up.
Ok, I have told you about their amazing products but I would also like to tell you about the wonderful customer service that I received when working with Bright Star Kids.
They are very prompt and courteous in emails and if you have any questions DO NOT HESITATE to ask. They will definately get back with you.
Also, since these items were coming from Australia, I was expecting them to take a little longer than normal. BOY WAS I WRONG! My product was here in a snap.
I would definately recommend purchasing your wall graphics from Bright Star Kids.
~Right now purchase more than 2 kits and get up to 25% off.~
**This review made possible by the Family Review Network.


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