May 5, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday


So, I walked outside today and (TOTALLY) felt like Snow White or one of those other princesses that talk and sing with animals.

You see, I was going to take a dirty diaper (HEY, "IT" Happens) to the garbage can and as soon as I turned the corner there were three squirrels and two bluebirds frolicking around the trees. I almost broke out into a song followed with a little jig but then I heard the kids screaming so my fairytale was over.
I am not really that good at singing anyway.
However, I can bust a move (more like bust a gut) with the best of them.
Just sayin'
Oh, and no that wasn't my diaper I was tossing.
It was the kiddo's that I am babysitting.


I have eaten 12 Snickers candybars (full sized) in 9 days.
If you do the math....I had 2 on some days.
I did not share either.
I feel a little guilty.
(about eating that many NOT the sharing part)

Speaking of OINK OINK...
We had breakfast for dinner last night.
I cooked bacon.
I also cooked sausage.
I am so glad that you can't get the "Swine flu" from eating pork.
I would hate to give up pork.

Oh, and since I mentioned "SWINE FLU", check out this hilarious video from IJustine.
She cracks me up.
I ain't afraid of NO SWINE!!


resplendentlife on May 5, 2009 at 4:30 PM said...

I was totally trying to use swine flu to get my hubby to give up pork, but he isn't budging either.
*shakes head* You pork lovers.


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