May 28, 2009

Tweetin' on Twitter (Shout Outs)

SHOUT OUTS to my Twittering pals . . .
(or rather TWEETS that amuse me)
Click on the links and follow these *LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME* tweeters.
P.S. Follow me!
My twitter handle is @trendytykes

@queenvanna it's not funny when she says "i put marker on your cushion. we need a deep clean."

@pamperingbeki 3 ply toilet paper is SOOOO much better than 2 ply, according to my 9 yr old. #I'vestoopedtotweetingabouttoiletpaper

@LilBirdChirps sometimes life is just nuts. that's all. I need more caffeine...yes, that will help.

@bjenna Treadmill time... Again?!? How did that happen so fast?

@dianamarie wishes she had the confidence to skip around the house nekked as the day she was born like her kids to. Just seems so ... free



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