May 25, 2009

Flea Market FOR REALZ

I went to a flea market over the weekend.
It was definitely a "FLEA" market. I counted 6 different booths with nothing but puppies.
It was not just one breed of dog in each little fenced off area but more like 7-8. There were all kinds of puppies....just about every CUTE breed out there. I was amazed. Not at the cuteness but rather that these people had so many breeds to sell.
I just couldn't wrap my mind around the whole ordeal.
Oh, and people were buying them up like crazy.

I also found out that you should never take a "crafter" to a flea market.
I probably annoyed the poop outta my sister.
Everytime she would pick something up, I would say
"Oh, I can just make one of those for you."
"OH.MY, They want that MUCH for such an easy project!"
Yeah, I was pretty obnoxious.

I was this close to running back to the car to grab my flip video camera. They had music blaring on the outside and a whole bunch of "older" peeps were getting their groove on.
I was SO gonna blog that!
Just didn't feel like walking back to the car.

Even though I didn't buy anything (other than a fudge bar), I did enjoy my day away.



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