Apr 16, 2009

Where do babies come from?

No, I am not asking this time. I did finally figure out the answer believe it or not!

Our oldest asked this question last night. Actually, she phrased it like "How do babies get inside your belly?"


I just said "God puts them there." That will work at least until she gets a little older.

When she asked me that I immediately thought of the time I was VERY pregnant with our youngest. I just happened to be teaching Team Kids at our church. (4-5 year olds) Well, the kids were just amazed at my big ole belly and they wanted to rub it and ask all kinds of questions. Questions like...."When is the baby coming out?", "How old is the baby?", "Is it a girl or boy?"
Of course, Miss "L" was going to top all of those questions. She asked me HOW DID THAT BABY GET IN YOUR STOMACH? ohhhh geeee THINK FAST LINDA!! I of course said "God put the baby there." Miss "L" stood there for a moment and then asked "Was GOD at your house?"
Thank goodness it was time to GO!
My son has it all figured out. He thinks I ate him. That's how he got in my tummy.



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