Apr 1, 2009


I just can't help myself when it comes to bubblewrap. I MUST POP IT and when I say that I mean I MUST POP EVERY BUBBLE or else.......I die.
(Well, maybe not die but it drives me nuts)
Gotta Pop? Click here and take the BUBBLE POP challenge.
Try some of these techniques to become a real pro:
Method and Style
  • Single-pop #1 - using thumb and index finger to squeeze individual bubbles.
  • Single-pop #2 - using thumb and index finger and a "rolling" motion to squeeze the bubble to the side.
  • Single-pop #3 - using any finger or object to smash a bubble against a surface such as a table.
  • Multi-pop #1 - using less precision and popping many bubbles at once with fingers.
  • Multi-pop #2 - crushing handfuls of bubbles in the fist.
  • Multi-pop #3 - rolling and then "wringing" a sheet of Bubble Wrap.
  • Multi-pop #4 - smashing (with fist or other object) many bubbles against a surface
  • Foot-Method - walking on, trampling, or stomping on the bubbles.
  • Creative - any novel means of popping the bubbles, such as rolling in somersaults over them.
Don't forget the bubble wrap etiquette either:
  • Don't pop someone else's bubble wrap without permission. This could lead to Bad Things Happening to that person..
  • Don't pop bubble wrap in quiet public places (like libraries) unless you want it confiscated.
  • Don't pop bubble wrap in a store if you haven't paid for it. They get cranky when their rolls of bubble wrap are all limp.
  • It is always good form to offer to share your bubble wrap.
  • Giving your bubble wrap to children is good for Karma points.
  • Chicks dig bubble wrap. Always bring it along on a date.


Katy on April 1, 2009 at 8:56 AM said...

LOL...that's too funny! I used to be that way...however now my kids have taken over the bubble popping! :o)


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