Sep 9, 2010

Let's make a Squinkies necklace!!

Check out the squinkies jewelry tutorial over at Treasures for Tots.

I told y'all these things were going to be popular!

Do you have another creative use for Squinkies? Add your link below.


Amanda on September 10, 2010 at 5:21 AM said...

These remind me of something similar I had when I was a kid called Charmkins. Even my 3yo wants Squinkies. Every time he sees commercial he says, "I can play with those?" My response is always, "Sure, if you had some."

Anonymous said...

These do remind me of the Charmkins I had as a child! Well, except Charmkins weren't squishable. They were sold in little jewelry sets like one on each side of a pair of sunglasses, or on a bracelet. I still have some of my Charmkins and they still smell good! Both my toddlers have Squinkies and love them. One bad thing is the tendency for them to want to chew on their squishy texture, and I've found one in the contents of a diaper! Get the houses and play sets for sure, because these little guys get lost so easily. Overall, a very cute and trendy new toy (and for once something without batteries!!!)


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