Sep 1, 2010

Shred Sled Shox Scooter

I believe every other kid in the neighborhood received scooters last year during Christmas time. Ya know who didn't receive one? MY KID.

Of course, he never said anything about wanting one until he saw them zooming by on their slim and noisy ones.

Yep, I could hear every little ding and turn.

Soon, the neighborhood kids grew tired of their tiny scooters and laid them curbside.
(Isn't that how it always goes?)

Months went by....
Newer toys and gadgets came in and out of the house....

Those scooters? Well, they were now buried under big boxes in their garages.

UNTIL . . . 
2 weeks ago
Because 2 weeks ago my son received a BRAND NEW red wheeled Shred Sled Shox scooter.
No, they were not running for their scooters in hopes that they would all zoom down the street together.
They were actually HOPING that my son would trade his ride for their ride.


Have you seen this thing? (Shred Sled Shox Scooter)

It's still slender and small in size like the other scooters.
However, this one....
Well, it's special!
It has bigger wheels.
Yes, this momma noticed.
You can't even hear it coming down the road. It's one smooth ride.

The Shred Sled Shox scooter also features a special state of the art shox deck which enables far more cool tricks.
I haven't seen another scooter like it.

Add this one to the Christmas list.

Price? $59.99
For ages 5 and up

Special thanks to Team Mom for this awesome review opp. We were supplied with one Shred Sled Shox scooter to be used for this feature post. We were NOT compensated in any other way. The opinions above are entirely my own.



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