Jan 26, 2009

Hammer Toes....a great way to start my morning

So, it's MONDAY. I stumble out of the bed at 6:30 just like every other Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday oh and we can not forget Thursday and Friday too! Anyhoo.....I turn on the tv for my minute of "Smartness".....you know.....The NEWS. What is going on today?
Well, apparently one of the "special investigators" is trying to get to the bottom line regarding his "HAMMER TOES"?
YES, I said HAMMER TOES and I will say it again ....
Honestly, I can not believe I typed anything with the letters T-O-E-S on my blog. BUT PEOPLE WE NEED TO GET ANSWERS! I mean we are talking about HAMMER TOES.
The product they were testing :
Pampered Toes
(yes, I had to come to my computer and check the product out because I am all about being just a tad bit SMARTER! Afterall, it it's on the NEWS then it must be important, right?)

They want us to tune in tomorrow. DRATS! That's how they lure people in.

Actually, this may be BREAKING NEWS. I am pretty sure when they get the answer they will just run it along the bottom of my screen.
I am waiting in suspense!

**I did learn something this morning. I had no clue what a "Hammer Toe" was until I did a search. Let's just say......They are not toes that belong to MC HAMMER!


Anonymous said...

Muahaha! I wasn't sure if they belonged to the MC type either. I'm so glad I know better now.

Unknown on January 26, 2009 at 9:30 AM said...

hahahah that is hilarious.


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