Jun 9, 2011

The joys of email

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Ah, the joys of email...

I would much rather use email than speak over the phone. It's true!
I can speak my mind, get it all out and over with with one click instead of sitting on the phone listening and listening and then listening some more. Maybe I'll get a word in or maybe I won't?

That sounds rather horrible, doesn't it?
It's not that I don't care about what the other person has to say. It's just that I am a mom....
A very busy mom with little to NO time on my hands.

I would rather get it over with in a matter of seconds.
Because let's face it, Moms may only have seconds at that moment.
Kids don't understand "meaningful conversations with other adults".

I've been doing the "email" thing for some time now. I'm like a pro, ya know? lol
However, I came to the realization that not ALL emails users are pros. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Let's take my mom for instance (LOVE THAT WOMAN)...
But when she first got a computer and started emailing....
It was like pulling teeth trying to explain it to her.

"Where do I put the pictures?"
"How do I change the color?"
"Did you get it?"
"What about now?"

Ay Yi Yi!

It took us awhile but she finally got the hang of it. Phew! lol

I am thrilled beyond words (on an email) because now we can communicate at all times without having to worry whether or not the other is busy.

She is able to send photos and receive them.
She is able to LINK recipes instead of type them out.

Heck, She may be ready for a fancy phone with email.

I'll just have someone else explain it to her! haha

Ok, maybe she's not ready...

:  )



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