Jun 29, 2011

Creating html forms

I'm not going to live. HTML anything makes me cringe....not because I despise it but rather because I have no clue what I am doing.

For instance, Today I needed to place a link on my personal blog BUT the link needed to be on my homepage ONLY. What did I do? I scoured google, bing and any other search engine that I could think of just hoping to find some html knowledge for this html impaired person.....uh, Yeah....ME!

I spent 2 hours typing in my search only to come up empty handed. I can't even tell you how many different html codes I tried.


Does html coding make you batty too? Please tell me that I am not alone.
If you are a website owner/blogger then you know how much we depend on our online forms. Heck, some of us have forms for everything...media contact forms, mailing list form, press release forms etc.

This is just how it is now a days (I sound like my grandma!)

"Well, back in my day we used to have this thing called a FILING CABINET."


Ok, enough chit chat...

Looking for an easier way to create online forms? Check out Adobe Acrobat. It will help : )



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