Jul 23, 2010

~Trendy Mom~ Sleek and Smooth hair

Yeah Yeah....
I know. The blog is MY TRENDY TYKES. It's all about the kids....BUT doesn't mom deserve to look super FAB standing next to her Trendy Tyke? Uh, YEAH!
That should actually be a rule.

Let's talk hair. My hair is neither straight nor curly. It's rather IN BETWEEN with a side of frizz. 
In other words  ~ugh~
Due to this ugh-ness, I prefer to straighten my hair with a flat iron.

karmin flat iron

I have tried many different types of flat irons. The one that I am using now is a pretty expensive one and I love the way it straightens my hair however, I wish that it was a little wider so I could straighten more hair at once.
AHEM...I can be a little impatient at times.

Question? What type of flat iron do you use?

In the market for one? I highly suggest checking out some flat iron reviews before making your purchase. 
(BELIEVE ME....the most expensive one does not necessarily mean THE BEST) 
Also, you pay for what you get. REMEMBER THAT! *I have tried the cheaper ones too (wink)

I was browsing through the reviews on All Reviews.com and found the Karmin Titanium Review and the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Review.
Both of these received raving reviews.
They both have everything that a great flat iron should have . . .

 lightweight, scratch resistant and produces an even distribution of heat, prevents static electricity, smoothes and seals the hairs cuticle and adds shine
straight hair

I'm curious to see if anyone has one of these? What are your thoughts?
Uhh....Where am I going with this post?

That's it.
Research before you buy.....that goes for anything.

Also, if you straighten your hair with heat *flat iron* how do you protect it? What products do you use?


Dawn Parsons Smith on July 25, 2010 at 5:40 PM said...

I've been using "It's a 10!" Miracle Leave-in Hair Product for about a year now and LOVE it! It's does so many things! Best of all, it protects hair from flat iron damage! It's a bit pricey, but a wee bit goes a long way. I won't use anything else! It's amazing!


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