Jul 7, 2010

How do you save money?

Stop spending it.

Ok, we all know that's not entirely possible. We have to spend a little money every now and again. I mean, HELLO! We can't feed the kids ramen noodles for the rest of their lives. OR CAN WE? hmmm

It's always on my mind.
Probably because I'm always NEEDING it when I don't HAVE IT.
Ay Yi Yi!

I've been saying the same things for awhile now. 
"We have to budget."
"We have to quit spending so much."
"We have to save MORE."

Obviously it's not as easy for us as it is for so many others out there.

ahhhh . . .

I've been online searching. I've joined forums and message boards for helpful ways to save. I've read Billy money saving tips. I've clipped coupons. Hey, I've even remembered to take some of them to the store!
We did cut back on our cable bill by doing away with the DVR and extra boxes. Do you know how much that hurt? I know....I know....We are saving. No one said it would be easy though.

We don't eat out THAT MUCH anymore.
Vacation? NAH....we haven't taken one in a couple of years

What next?
I suppose we could always sell some junk. ERR...I mean our prized posessions

Give me some more tips!

Psst...Kendi check out these Houston moving companies.
(side note: My pal is moving and was searching for some reliable Austin movers. Anyone else in that area? Can you recommend some for her?)


Before you go, Please leave me links of coupon sites!
The only one that I am familiar with is Coupons.com. I would love to have more.


Liz Mays on July 7, 2010 at 11:59 AM said...

We gave up vacations too, and I miss them! But living life within your means is freeing!


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