Jul 1, 2010

Ask more questions....Save more MONEY!

Did you know that you could be saving up to 35% on your business insurance right now?

**Do I sound like a commercial yet? lol

Yep, it's me talking about SAVING MONEY again.
It's become quite the little addiction searching for areas to cut corners.

We all know about coupons but did you know that you could save money on things like car insurance, car payments and even credit card payments?

It just takes a little searching and maybe even a few questions but it is possible.

For instance, We called the company in which our car is financed through and they helped us with our monthly payments/finance charges. ALL WE DID WAS ASK!

Get on your computer, people!
Pull up google and start searching.

For example: Search Ohio home insurance savings to find companies in your area that may just offer the same coverage for a lower payment.

South Dakota business insurance got you seeing red? Change companies and start seeing green again. Call around. Search the web. ASK!

Cable bill too much? Call them before you cancel. They are usually willing to work with you. You may even be able to get the same channels for less. (been there DONE THAT)

See a tv in the department store but it's not within your budget? Speak with the Sales Rep. There may just be rebates and discounts that are not advertised.

Before you shell out the dough....ASK!
You may just RECEIVE for LESS.

Have you ever "haggled" your way through a sale?
I'd love to hear about it.



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