Dec 3, 2008

Drool be GONE with Ritzy Bitzy baby bottle bibs

Tired of leaking bottles, milk stains and wet clothing?
Get the Ritzy Bitzy baby bottle bib.
Baby Bottle Bibs are a new, convenient and innovative way to keep your baby comfy and dry during bottle feedings. They are made with ultra soft and highly absorbent plush microfiber and the absorbent collar not only holds it in place, it soaks up bottle leaks too! The Baby Bottle Bibs™ fit on baby bottles of all brands and shapes, they can even be used to keep the mess away when your baby learns how to drink from sippy cups. Their compact size allows for easy transport--just toss them in your diaper bag and go! Most importantly, they keep you and your baby dry!
Where were these when my kiddos were babies?
I hated leaking bottles. Even if they had bibs on the bottle still leaked so badly that everything was soaked at the end of feedings.
So, as soon as I saw this product I just KNEW I had to tell everyone about it.
Check out my "tester" below...

He says "BUY RITZY BITZY Baby bottle bibs"!

How it works: You just slip the bottle bib over the bottle top and start feeding baby...

If anything "drips" from the bottle is it caught on the bottle bib and absorbed. See the little flaps? They are great for protecting the clothing if anything escapes. I found out that you can also tuck them under the baby's chin for extra coverage.

The baby bottle bib can be tossed in the washing machine at the end of the day and you will save yourself many clothing changes!

You can purchase the Baby Bottle Bib at the Ritzy Bitzy website and it comes in blue or pink.



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