Dec 20, 2008

Label it with LABEL DADDY

I can recall a time MANY years ago
(When my oldest daughter was 3)....
We had went to a "Meet and Greet with Santa" event held at my mom's job. When we walked in, there was someone to greet us and take coats so we did not have to lug them around. At the time it was not very cold here but my daughter had a CUTE sweater on. We gave the sweater to the cheerful greeter and went about our business.

When it was time to leave, We get up to the greeter and ask for our sweater. She goes back to check and CAN NOT FIND IT! She had given it to another family.....HELLO? Did they not notice it wasn't theirs? Or Maybe they had one like ours? Needless to say, we never saw the cute sweater again.
Ever had moments like that?
Well, if you have trouble identifying your kiddo's clothing then I highly suggest LABEL DADDY labels.
Never loose another jacket, sweater, or hat again. Machine washable. No sewing or ironing is necessary, simply a peel-and-stick label. Many different colors, fonts, and icons to choose from make these labels not just great for mommy but great for kids too!!! All Label Daddy labels are made in the US. Order your labels today, you’ll help your lost jacket find its way home, plus you’ll be supporting products made in the U.S.A.
See...if we would have Label Daddy labels then they would have clearly seen that the sweater they were taking WAS NOT THEIR OWN! My daughter's name would have solved that little issue.
You can use Label Daddy labels on clothing, sports equipment and shoes.
**They would also make great labels for sippy cups since they can be washed OVER and OVER again!
Never again will you have to say "Whose coat is this?"
LABEL everything with Label Daddy Labels!
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