Dec 10, 2008

Uneaks (Customizable footwear)

So, you are shopping for a pair of shoes. KID wants the bright pink shoes with the furry creature smack dab in the middle of the shoe and MOM wants the basic white pair that have extra support for that growing foot. What do you do?? Do you give in to the bright pink shoes even though you know they will not go with anything in the closet JUST TO PLEASE THE KID? Or do you say UM, HELLO? Mom has the $$ so we are getting the comfy white ones?

I can only imagine the car ride home....."wahhh MOM these shoes are so BORING!"


Well, what if I told you that you could please your kiddo with cool (NOT BORING) shoes and have the comfort you know your child needs for those growing toes.

Uneaks-Customizable footwear will ROCK your SOCKS off!


U*neaks new customizable footwear unleashes children's imaginations, creativity and expression. Join in the fun!
U*neaks are sneaker style shoes with clear side windows and specially designed double-sided socks that feature fun and fashionable designs. Pair the shoes and socks to unleash your imagination, match your mood and express your style.


When I first saw "Uneaks", I thought to myself....These are some cool looking shoes and definately UNIQUE!

Then I started searching through the various designs.....

"Hmmm....I think I will choose the White Paris Lace."

"They will go with everything."
(oops....see, there is the MOM in me again!)
Well, these are definately not your average shoes though. You see the sides are CLEAR/See Through so that you can see your socks.
Do you see where I am going here?
Depending on the socks you wear, the design will change daily!
*You can also buy cool socks at

Your child can have a style all their own EVERY day of the week.
The possibilities are endless!
My daughter loves her new UNEAKS and has already received many compliments on the shoes.....So, I guess you could say she is "Uneak"!
Now I have to buy my son a pair....
hmmm, gotta find a pair that will go with everything :wink:
Retail price: $34.99-$39.99 (shoes)
$4.99 (socks)
Uneaks may be purchased at


Consumer on January 28, 2009 at 9:57 AM said...

My son absolutely LOVES his pair of uneaks. His friends now have to get a pair too! Love your blog...


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