Feb 10, 2011

Hurry! 4 days remaining....

Anyone out there like me?
Oh you know the type....

Uh, How shall I put this?

Someone who waits to the last minute to shop for a holiday

Yeah, that's what I am.

Every single holiday, I am running around picking up the leftover candies and stuffed bears. Even on Halloween, You can find me scouring through the costumes just hoping to find a full ensemble. I.AM.BAD.

What are you getting your loved one for Valentine's Day this year.

You do know that it is in 4 days, right???

I'll give you a little hint about what I want.


Did you read that sweet hubby? hmmm??

I'll tell you who has the best chocolate candies.

See's Candies

MMMM I can almost taste them now.

Have you ever bought from them before? 
Of course, their candy is good enough to eat any day of the week and not just on Valentine's Day.

Come to think of it, I may go ahead and place an order now.

A girl can buy her own Valentine's Day gift, right?

(We'll just give the receipt to hubby.) :snicker:



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