Feb 20, 2011

Heavy Machinery

I watch a lot of things on tv. A LOT OF THINGS If I'm flipping the channel and something catches my eye then I will stop and watch. The same thing applies when I am in public. I have always been slightly amused or curious (whatever you would like to call it) by warehouses. No, not the warehouse in general but more of what happens INSIDE the warehouse/factory. 

I remember taking field trips as a kid and I was always amazed at the conveyor systems. It was just something so neat to watch a product slide from one station to the next. Yes, I also watch my groceries slide down the counter. Maybe I'm weird? Don't answer that!

Seeing the product slide down from one area to the order picking system was just a big deal back then.

It seemed like there was a machine for everything. One to put the product in it's package, One to inspect, One to print and apply shipping label....It was just task after task all handled by machinery.

Does anyone else find this fascinating or am I just crazy?
I'm pretty sure those that work in that environment are shaking their heads right now.



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