Nov 7, 2010

Wet, Wacky, Squishy, Slimy and FUN....Orbeez!

I kept hearing about these "Orbeez" things. So, I just had to see what the big craze was all about.

So, just what are Orbeez? They’re creative new activity toys you can bounce, build, design, display, flick, race, soak, show, stack and squish! As we say…”Soak ‘Em, Squish ‘Em, Show ‘Em!” The fun of Orbeez is as unlimited as your imagination.

Orbeez start off as teeny tiny hard balls and when placed in water they grow up to 100 times their volume and become squishy and bouncy!

We received the Magic Orbeez Maker. (pictured above)


* 2,500 Orbeez in 9 Colors
* 1 Magic Orbeez Maker
* 1 Play ’n Display Tray™
* 1 Activity Booklet

Basically, You pour one container of Orbeez into the container and then add water. 
Once the Orbeez are given adequate time (2-3 hours) they will expand right there in the water.
You then lift up on the Magic Orbeez Maker and the Orbeez will dispense into the Play 'n Display tray.
I suggest lifting very slowly as the Orbeez will flow out like crazy and go bouncing all over the place.

After you make your orbeez then you are free to create and play as you would like to.

Create works of art (kits sold separately)

The Orbeez will stay plump and large for weeks if they are stored in a closed container however they do suggest to toss them after a few weeks due to the possibility of mold processing.

My kids enjoyed making their Orbeez. 

Mom's thoughts: They are neat. They are also slimy and wet! Just make sure you are careful when taking them out of the container as they go EVERYWHERE! I stepped on one the other day and found a few under my kitchen cabinets. 

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We received the Magic Orbeez Maker to be used with this feature post. (From PR company) We were not compensated in any other form.



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