Nov 4, 2010

Diecast Toy Vehicles-Brief history

Diecast toy vehicles have been in existence for many years. They were first produced in the early 1900’s. They are created by pouring a liquid or molten material into a reusable die or mold where the material is left to harden into the desired shape. Original diecasts were made from a lead or iron based alloy. However, over time, the alloys based on these two metals proved to be unsatisfactory, as they would split or shatter for no obvious reason as they cured or aged. Eventually, what was discovered is that by using zinc as the primary ingredient and mixing it with small amounts of copper and aluminum this solved the problem that occurred with the original models. This zinc formula is still widely used today when creating diecast products.

The first manufacturers to produce diecast toy vehicles in quantity were Meccanco, which manufactured Dinky Toys in the UK, and Dowst Brothers in the US who created Tootsie Toys. After World War II, the toys became increasingly popular and Lesney Products and Company, Ltd created all different types of die-casts. One of their most popular product lines they introduced was their Matchbox series in 1953.
To this day, diecast toy vehicles of all different scales and manufacturers have become popular and valuable collector’s items.



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