Aug 12, 2010

Protect your child against harmful everyday radiation

Protecting the little ones (tykes) remains one of the most important mom tasks in any given day.
in any given hour
in any given MINUTE


You start thinking about protecting them before they are even conceived.
You START protecting them before they are even born.
You stress over their health and well-being until you kick them out of the house. 
errr, I mean....until they grow up and leave on their own. YEAH, totally on their own. (wink)

It's a tough job but we can handle it.
Of course, there is all kinds of help out there.
NO! I am not referring to over-bearing AUNT IDA or the countless safety lessons you get from Grandpa Dan.
There are so many websites and blogs and companies and so on dedicated to nothing but keeping your child safe. 
There are so many products out on the market today geared towards your child's health and safety.
A lot more now than when my children were babies...

Here's a great company to check out:

What is it? Well, Belly Armor is a company that enables expecting mothers and families to carry on with everyday activities while protecting against the harmful effects of everyday radiation. Protection is the primary objective of Belly Armor and will not be sacrificed or compromised.

How? Through products such as the Belly Tee and the Belly Blanket.

belly blanket

More info? The Belly Blanket is made of a soft cotton integrated with a RadiaShield protection fabric. Once draped over the belly during pregnancy it serves as protection against everyday radiation.
(Think: laptops/cellphones)

Read about the health risks of radiation during pregnancy right here.

Now, don't you think that extra protection would be a benefit to you and your lil bambino baking every so comfortably in your belly?

Where were such products when I was pregnant?

The Belly Tee offers the same protection only in a wearable form.

In their words:
Belly Armor by RadiaShield is the definitive resource for information and tools to protect children in the womb and newborn children against the risks of everyday radiation. Made with RadiaShield® fabric and the highest quality textiles, Belly Armor products provide baby-soft comfort, convenient safety, and guaranteed protection.
belly tee

Belly Armor products are Effective, Convenient and Stylish. 

Visit their website for more information.

If you decide to purchase any one of their products use code trendytyke for 10% off your purchase.

Go on, this is your child's health we are talking about!

For readers in NY, you can purchase Belly Armor products at: 
Metro Minis, Located in the Upper East Side at 821 Park Avenue at 75th Street

For readers in San Francisco, they can purchase Belly Armor products at: Nest Maternity, 
Located at 1839 Divisadero Street (was chose as "2010 Best of the Bay Maternity Store" by Bay Area Parents Magazine)



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