Aug 26, 2010

Moon Dough Magic Barnyard


Ok, it has now been exactly one week and one day since we first opened up the Moon Dough Magic Barnyard playset.

The box says "Never Dries Out". I am here to tell you that . . . .

IT HASN'T dried out YET!

If you didn't watch our first initial review on Moon Dough, you can do so by clicking that link up there.
  The product we received was the Moon Dough Magic Barnyard (cute cute!)

moon dough

What's inside the box : 
4 animal molds
one hay bale mold
one fence mold
barn ramp
barn silo
3 packages of colored Moon Dough *yellow, white and blue
1 playmat to catch all your moon dough crummies/niblets AKA MESS!

I demonstrated how the barn actually works in the video but I know some of you don't have time to watch a video . . . .

So, here's what ya do :

After assembling your barn (adding the crank and ramp---SUPER SIMPLE), you will need to choose your moondough color and add it into the top of the barn. 

These are where the animal molds are located. If you don't like the animal that pops up, simply turn the crank until you get another animal. 
Place a clump of moon dough inside the mold.
TIP: Make sure to pack the dough inside by pressing down with your fingers.
Give the handle a crank. It will actually need to click TWICE to form your animal. 
Once the animal is ready it will shoot down the ramp.
Pretty easy, huh?

Now to make your fence and hay bales, You will need to put your moon dough in those molds (packed firm) and twist back and forth to make the molds pop out. Be careful with these, they need a little extra care so you aren't missing ends and pieces!

Guess what? That's it!
Of course, you will want to continue all of those techniques until you have a full barn but you get the idea, right?

This is our first time working with Moon Dough. My kids really enjoyed this playset. 

My thoughts: Cute idea. I love the fact that the Moon Dough never dries out. I can't begin to tell you how many containers of Play-Doh has been tossed out in my house because it dries up so fast. 
Thumbs Up, Moon Dough! The creative process of building and stocking the barn kept my kids busy for awhile, another plus.

As noted in our first video, The smell was unpleasant when we first opened the packages but by the time we played with it the 3rd and 4th time I barely noticed it.

MESSY! (moon dough crumbs on the floor)  But of course, just about anything fun will have a mess involved.

Buy more moon dough! Let's face it, 3 colors is just not enough for creative kiddos.

Don't mix the colors!!! How many times have you said that? Yeah, that's what I thought. Colors were mixed but the kids didn't seem to care. (Blue and White chickens are OK!)

Would I purchase another Moon Dough product? You bet!

You can purchase Moon Dough at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart.

Team Mom supplied the above mentioned product to be used with this feature post. We were not compensated in any other form. The thoughts and opinions on said product are our own. 


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