Jun 30, 2010

Online Schooling

I've got a question for you homeschooling moms. Are you the ONLY one providing education resources to your child/children or do you use some sort of online schooling as well?
I have been doing everything myself (with the help of curriculum and computer software, of course). However, my oldest will be going into the 6th grade this coming school year and MATH is wiping this momma out. 
*Yes, even with the teacher's manual.

I've been looking into several sources for online schooling....
Online School Solutions being one of them.

I clicked on my home state and found out that there is a privately licensed online school, The Keystone School.
It looks like they offer a couple of tuition packages for Middle School (the one I will need) and High School.
You can choose a full year or half year courses.
Full year being 36 months and Half Year being 18 months

You can also choose the individual course plans.
Since we have no issues (at the moment) with any other subject then I think we will be able to go the "individual course" route. *MATH*
What do you think?
Do you have any experience with an online school program?

I like the idea of using online schooling as a supplement to what we are already doing. Actually, it may come in even more handy during high school years. Let's face it, Momma's brain isn't what it used to be.

The tuition amount seems fair and payment plans are available.

Like I said, we have been doing fine on our own but I do believe the further we go the harder it will get. I guess I need a good backup plan. (Kind of like insurance?) lol
I don't want to mess my kiddos education up, ya know?


Tracy on June 30, 2010 at 3:40 PM said...

When I lived in Missouri there was an excellent online school for kids. It was originally setup for kids who were going to drop out so they could continue while working or something. But then they opened it to homeschool kids.

Anonymous said...

Check out this curriculum, it really takes the strain off us mamas but provides great quality education! Robinson Curriculum. We have just finished our first year and after 12 years, I feel like I'm not chained to the desk anymore and my kids aren't using me as a learning crutch either. Most of the books we get for free on Amazon.com and download using a Kindle app to our computers and Ipod. I can answer any questions you have.

Nicole on July 2, 2010 at 12:10 AM said...

I'm actually focussing my master's degree on this issue and I'd lean toward online schooling. I know that a number of states have high quality virtual education programs (Florida and California seem to have a lot going on).

Hope that helps a little. My studies are concentrated mostly on Canadian programs so I'm not entirely sure what's available in the USA.


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