Feb 10, 2009


Where Words Come Alive!
Have you guys seen this cute show on PBS KIDS? My kids have told me all about it and I finally got to sit down and watch it for myself.
I find it more and more difficult each day to find a cartoon that my kids can actually watch. I mean seriously, Where are all the classics? The ones we are stuck with now days are either aimed more for adults or just too ANNOYING to deal with.
Whatever happened to the days of getting a little lesson out of television instead of a little HEADACHE?
WordWorld is a pleasure to watch with the kiddos, not only does it provide an excellent source of entertainment but it also TEACHES. You see....
Each "Character" spells his or her name. For instance DOG is a dog with the letters D-O-G as his body. The kids can recognize not only the animal but also the WORD that represents it.
WordWorld is packed with FUN and each show is interactive. My kids were shouting out words left and right.
Kids are challenged to build words by putting the letters in the correct order.
This show is great for pre-school kids and up, especially those just learning to read (like my son).
If you haven't checked it out then I urge you to switch the channel to PBS KIDS and tune in.
You will be laughing and dancing right along with the word world characters!
Click HERE for a complete episode guide and scheduling information.
**Be sure to check out the WordWorld Valentine's Day special airing February 13th!

A little more about WordWorld:
"WordWorld is an adventure series that makes words tangible by introducing preschoolers to a world of words that come alive right before their eyes," said Don Moody, founder and CEO of Word World, LLC. "The novelty of the show is that when a word is formed correctly, it morphs into the character or thing it represents, which makes learning to a read a totally new experience. Our goal is to help preschoolers prepare for reading by telling engaging stories that are fun, sparking their imaginations and fostering a love for words."
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