Jul 17, 2011

Marketing your blog....GET OUT THERE!

How do you get your blog out there? I'm referring to online marketing. Do you post on message boards/forums? Do you include links in your emails? What do you do? It's very important to advertise your blog especially if you are making any type of income from it. I always try to include my links at the bottom of my emails and I also use facebook and twitter as a way to "get my site out there".

Of course, if this is just a hobby and you mainly do it for family and friends I don't guess it really matters as much. However, with the ever growing blogosphere and the amount of opportunities out there it is very important to market yourself. Word of Mouth, web site search engines, social media and commenting on other blogs is very important to bloggers who are in this to make a buck or two (or you may just want to work with other companies with reviews and such).

Whatever you are wanting to do, I highly suggest building up your audience and getting yourself OUT THERE!

Don't expect to throw up a blog with a few posts and then get something in return.

It doesn't work like that. It takes time....It takes work....It takes patience.


The good news is that if you build it, They will come!

Keep at it.

Start a newsletter, visit message boards and use social media. There are so many tools that will help you. They are not hard to find.

Make sure you have a great content management system  going.

Go all in or NOT AT ALL : )



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