May 23, 2011

Customized Signs and Stickers

There was a time when I wanted to open my own daycare center right here in my home. Yes, I was that crazy! lol

The only problem that I had was advertising. I mean, word of mouth advertising can only help you SO MUCH.
Our local newspaper is a very small one and I am pretty sure the only people that get it now days are the older crowd. *No offense

I was always trying to come up with ways to advertise so that everyone could see my ads.

I had thought about a customized sign at one point. However, I live out in the middle of nowhere so I don't think they would have helped much.

I put up flyers at the local library with no luck...

Custom stickers may have been a better option. I could have just stuck them all over the city. Ok, maybe not! lol

I ended up getting pregnant again and the daycare was a definite NO NO!

But now I'm wondering....
How do you go about advertising your business (if you have one)?

How do you advertise to EVERYONE?
Have you ever thought about the impaired? How would you go about advertising to them?



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